Passions Update Wednesday 3/21/01



Passions Update Wednesday 3/21/01

By Joey

Harmony’s Hospital
Grace once again tries to get Eve to tell TC the truth abut the son she had with Julian Crane. Eve is pretty sure that her baby had died at birth and that if he were to be alive still, she would know. She then goes to Chad and asks Chad his birthday to compare that with of her baby’s. She comes back to Grace and tells her that his birthday is no where near Chad’s!! Grace then warns her that he might not even know when his real birthday is. Eve then reminds her again that if she saw her son on the street she would know him instantly! She then has a flashback to when she first saw Chad and realizes that there was indeed something familiar about him!! *Yikes* Meanwhile, Chad and Whitney grow even closer. Whitney offers to talk to Chad’s mother for him and he is completely taken back that he would do such a thing like that! He asks if she is for real and she ask him if he really has to ask!! *Awwwww* The grow even closer and then decide that they will just “be friends.” Next thing you know, the two grow closer and share a passionate kiss! *Awww* All while the computer blinks “Search 100% complete!!” *Looks like the results are in!*

The Crane Archives... It’s Raining!!! It’s Raining!!!
Sheridan looks at Luis completely confused that he wants to stay and look for something he thought he saw. She tries to rationalize with him in that the guards are on their way! Luis then looks around trying to remember what he saw. He then gets on a ladder and tries to reach above and up on to the shelf where the file rests on his father. He just about falls off the ladder and Sheridan begs him to just leave. Just then Sheridan hears her brother Julian and the guards coming. The next thing that we see is Julian outside investigating and the guards with their guns drawn. They enter and Sheridan and Luis quietly exit with her mother’s diaries. Julian then gets another call from his father and Alistair tells him to look for the diaries. He searches the whole place and they are gone!! Alistair then tells him that it was infact Sheridan Luis who were in there and that he should check to make sure that the file on Martin is still there. Back at the cottage, Sheridan and Luis are in dry clothes and reading the diaries. Sheridan thinks that she stumbles on a clue! She says that her mother felt one night that Alistair had said something ‘disturbing” at dinner. Luis then looks at the diary and notices that pages are torn out! Luis then gives up hope when he realizes that the diaries were read and all the pages with clues were torn out. Meanwhile, Julian tells his father that there is nothing to worry about because the diary pages were torn out. Alistair that ridicules his son again and demands that he checks the file on Martin Fitzgerald. The scene then shoots back to the cottage and Sheridan tries to comfort Luis. Just then Luis jumps up and claims that knows exactly what he was looking for in the archives and where it is!

Under the Pendulum
Kay and Miguel really believe that they are going to die. Kay confesses to Miguel that she deserves to die and the he should go save himself. He once again tells her that he won’t leave her. The hold hands once again and Miguel tells her to believe in the love that Miguel has for Charity. Meanwhile Timmy and Tabby fight and Timmy makes it quite clear that he is on Hecuba’s side from now on! He tells Hecuba that maybe the should help the fire under Tabby along. She then zaps the wall to let air in to feed the fire. She then asks Timmy about the Mar-timmies she was promised. He then leaves the cave to go get the ingredients. Hecuba falls asleep on the couch infront of Tabby in the pot. Tabby watches her magic mirror that is set on Kay and Miguel. Timmy then sneaks in and cuts the ropes under Miguel’s hand! *Timmy to the rescue!!* Miguel then claims that it is love that saved them and he saves Kay just in time! The two then set off to find Evil and kill it, against Kay’s better judgment. Timmy returns and Tabby is delighted!! She claims that she should have known better!! Timmy then tries to free his princess.... just as Hecuba begins to wake up! 
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