Passions Update Tuesday 3/20/01


Passions Update Tuesday 3/20/01

By Joey

At The Crane Archives
Sheridan cradles Luis’ lifeless body. Luis gets lifted up in the air thinking that he is dead and does not want to go. Sheridan begs God to not take Luis away and when she gets really desperate she begs God to let her die with him. Luis can’t believe what he is seeing. He tries to fight the light that is lifting him up in the air. Just then he notices a file that says “Martin Fitzgerald” on it, on the highest shelf in the archives. Just then Luis slips back into his body and rushes up out of Sheridan’s arms. He tries to remember what he saw but gets distracted when Sheridan wants to get out. Luis then sets off the sprinkler system that automatically opens the doors to the archives. Sheridan is over joyed and they are just about ready to get out when Luis says “No!” *Hmmm what could it be?*

Harmony Hospital
At Harmony’s Hospital, Grace once again tries to get Eve to tell TC the truth about Julian. They come out of the room to see and hear a furious TC yelling at Chad. TC over-heard Chad saying that Julian is his father and he is furious!! He tells Chad that if he is his son he has to move out right away, stay away from them, and his daughters! *Ouch!!* Whitney tries to explain to her father that Chad was only guessing that Julian could be his father based on what Crystal had said. TC tells her to be quiet because it has nothing to do with her!! *Whoah* Chad then explains himself and TC once again reminds him that if that is true, he is to have nothing to do with his family because Julian is “pure EVIL!” He then apologizes for his sudden outburst after Eve explains that there could be no way that Julian is Chad’s father. TC says that he hopes so... “for everyone’s sake.” Meanwhile, Julian notes that there is something very familiar about Chad.... and then his father calls to belittle him about the fight he had with TC. He tells him that he could have easily killed Julian and that he should be thankful for Chad Harris. Alistair then tells Julian that he should be careful because it wouldn’t be a good thing at all if TC found out about his relationship with Eve. Alistair then belittles Julian again and demands that he gets Eve to tell Luis about Sheridan’s confession. Just then the alarm goes off in the Crane Archives and Alistair is notified via computer. He tells Julian to get on over there ASAP!!! *Uh-OHHH Shuis!!*

In The Mineshaft
Kay demands that Hecuba lets go of Miguel as Timmy and Tabby watch on. She tries to explain to Hecuba that Miguel is good and deserves to live but Hecuba doesn’t want to hear it. She then taunts the two who are tied up under the swinging pendulum. Kay then tries to get Miguel to leave. He says that he won’t leave her at all and Kay feels better that they are going to die together holding hands. The two try time and again to free themselves but it just won’t work! Hecuba then reappears in the cave just as Timmy and Tabby were about to leave!!! She taunts them and says that they can’t leave and then Timmy turns his back on his princess!! He then butters up Hecuba, saying that everything Tabby did was nothing compared to what she has done! Tabby can not believe what she is hearing and is completely furious with Timmy. Timmy tells her that he was only doing what she taught him to do: look out for herself! Hecuba is pleased that Timmy is now on her side and absolutely loves it now that he is! She then goes to kill Tabby and he says “WAIT!! Do it slowly!!” Hecuba cackles and ties Tabby up to a post with ropes in a pot of hot water!! 
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