Passions Update Monday 3/19/01



Passions Update Monday 3/19/01

By Joey

Round Two at Harmonyís Hospital And Down And Dirty In The Mineshaft!
While Grace tries to convince Eve yet again that she should tell TC about her past with Julian, TC and Julian engage in an all out fight controlled by what would appear to be Evil Charity!! Miguel and Kay look on helplessly as Charity reminds TC of all the pain that Julian has caused him. TC throws Julian up against the wall, his eyes still glowing and starts to punch at his sides!! He then gets even more angry under the influence of Charity and begins to choke Julian!!!! Chad and Whitney walk on the scene and Chad tries to get TC to let go. Grace finally gets Eve to tell TC the truth and they walk down the hall, with Eve being as prepared as she will ever be to tell the truth. As they walk down the hall they see Chad trying to break up Julian and TC. TC at this points has a choke hold on Julian, swearing that he will kill him!!! Meanwhile in the mineshaft, Kay decides that the only thing they can do to stop Charity from trying to get TC to kill Julian is to destroy her. Miguel says that he canít do that because he loves her too much and it really isnít her. Charity then threatens to kill Luis once Chad finally gets Julian and TC apart. Miguel comes over to her and begs her not to do anything and she informs him that she already has!!!! *Oh Nooo!!* Then back at the hospital Julian calls TC a crazy ďblack bastard!Ē *Ohh myyy gosh!!* Eve then takes TC into another room where they try to sort out the whole mess. TC says that he has no idea what happened at all, because he usually keeps his hatred for Julian under control. *Hmm that sounds like pure Evil was behind that!!* Grace tries to tell them that it is infact Evil and it is out to get everyone. Back outside the room, Julian tries to hand Chad some money for saving his life. Chad corrects him and says that he wasnít saving him, but TC. Julian warns Chad not to bite the hand that feeds him. As he walks away, it dawns on Chad that Julian Crane is his father!!! All the meanwhile, Kay hits Evil Charity in the head with a boulder and knocks her to the floor. Miguel runs to her side and Charity disappears and Hecuba reappears. They canít believe it and demand to know where Charity is!! Then with a snap of her fingers, Hecuba has the two on a table under a pendulum, claiming that they will die.

At The Archives
Sheridan panics as the vault begins to lose more air!! Luis then tells her to calm down and look for a control panel that they can get into to stop the air from being sucked out. Sheridan locates a box and Luis opens it up to pull a fuse. Sheridan tells him to be careful as he is uncertain which one he should pull. He decides he is going to pull a short one and winds up electrocuting himself!!! *OH NO!!* He then goes through the wires again as he jokes about getting a shock. Sheridan is on the floor crying hysterically and Luis turns around and tells her that they are going to make it out alive. Sheridan seems to not hear him and as he comes closer to her, he sees Sheridan cradling his body in her arms. He goes to touch her and his hand goes right through her!! Luis canít believe it!! He think that he canít be dead and tries to comfort Sheridan again who is begging Luis to not leave her. He tries to touch her shoulder and once again goes right through her body!! Then all of a sudden, Luis gets lifted into the air and fights to stay away from a white light that appears to have come to get him!! *Oh no!!! *tear*tear*tear*!!!* 
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