Passions Update Friday 3/16/01



Passions Update Friday 3/16/01

By Joey

Harmony’s Hospital
Alistair calls Julian to belittle him once again and asks if he has spoken to Eve yet. Julian tells him that he is already on the case as he heads for the research department where Eve is suppose to be. Alistair who then changes subjects asks if he had seen Sheridan and Luis. Julian says that he hasn’t seen them and Alistair asks him once again if he is sure that no one is in the archives. Julian reassures his father that no one was there and being that he deactivated Ethan’s card, no one has access to their secrets. Alistair then comments on how it seems that Sheridan and Luis have just disappeared and he gets nervous. Julian then tries to pass it off and Alistair ridicules him again!! He makes a comment to the effect of, “Now Ethan is giving me a headache.” He then says to Julian that he is nothing but “Sam Bennett’s bastard son!” Julian tries to stand up to his father again (whoah, twice in one day!) and defend Ethan. Alistair reminds him that he can’t trust anyone who isn’t a Crane by blood. *Talk about standards! lol* Julian then runs into Ethan and says that there is something “they must discuss about the Crane archives.”

Chad, Whitney, Ethan and Theresa all anxiously await the results of Chad’s DNA test that is only about 25% done. Then enters Julian who almost tries to intimidate Ethan and tells him that there are “serious consequences” for the way he was so careless with the security card and for trespassing in the archives. Ethan then blurts out --thinking that he caught Sheridan and Luis-- that it was his fault and not “their fault!!” Julian then becomes suspicious and demands to know what is going on. Chad then tries to stand up for his friend and says that they didn’t do anything wrong at all, that all they did was open the door and looked inside. Julian at first is completely appalled and then totally livid that Ethan would open up the vault for “these people.” *You mean people who actually have blood running through their veins instead of ice?! lol* Chad then steps in again and says that they didn’t do anything wrong because no one went inside. Julian then begs to differ and asks how the files were disturbed. Just then, the nurse comes in asks Chad how the test is coming along in which he responds, “very slowly.” Julian then becomes even more angry and demands to know who is doing such an expensive test. Julian then becomes even more livid when he learns that Eve was the one who authorized the test! Whitney then stands up for everyone and tells Julian that if he has such a problem with it that he should take it up with her father! *You go Whit!* Julian the immediately backs off and then Ethan wants to know why it is he is scared of TC Russell. Whitney then explains that she doesn’t know why but she knows that he is afraid of him. Chad then says that he knows why...and its “because Julian has seen him mad before.” Chad then wishes that Eve would get back soon so they could speed up the process of the test. Chad then turns to his friends and thanks them for their great support. Ethan makes note that when Chad first came to Harmony, they didn’t have much in common at all. “Now they are in the same boat: being broke and having issues with their fathers.”

TC and Sam are outside discussing the matter of Julian Crane yet again and Sam asks TC to stop talking about killing Julian because as a man of the law, he would have to arrest TC for making a threat. TC then gives the classic line and tells him to slap the cuffs on because he meant every word of it, and lately all he has been thinking about was killing Julian!! TC once again tells Sam to put the cuffs on and Sam declines, pointing out that he would have to arrest a lot of people in Harmony who has wanted Julian Crane dead --including himself! TC has a flashback to the carnival when the fortune teller didn’t reveal the name of the person who destroyed his tennis career! TC then goes completely crazy and claims that he will totally tear apart the person who was responsible for his accident if he ever gets the proof. After blasting Whitney and Chad for the “expensive” DNA test, Julian bumps into TC outside and knocks him down!! TC falls and holds his knee in such pain. The men share insults and then finally stop to realize exactly who it was they ran into! TC blasts Julian, calling him a bastard and saying that he has “done it again!!!” Then (at just about the closing of the show) TC lies on the floor in excruciating pain, his body completely filled with rage and his eyes glow just like Evil Charity! He then jumps up and grabs Julian by the throat!! *WHOAH!!!*

Meanwhile, Grace tries to get Eve to tell TC the truth about her past. Eve admits that she is afraid of what it will do to her family and what TC will do if he finds out she had a son with Julian Crane. Grace once again tries to convince her that she should tell TC the truth, regardless. Eve then tells Grace that there is no way should could tell TC the truth about Julian because of his temper. She feels if she tells TC about Julian, she will be handing him a life sentence in prison for Julian’s murder!! *Yikes!* Then in comes Sam to check on Grace. He tries to kiss her but she coldly turns away from him. Sam backs away, knowing that it is the best thing to do at the moment, but carries a look of devastation on his face. He then says that he is going to go call Father Lonigan to see if there is a development with Charity. Grace then goes off on him again, and claims that he never listens to her. “Father Lonigan is right. Charity is in Hell!!!!” And that the same Evil that tore apart their lives is keeping their niece in Hell. *Someone listen to this chick!* Sam then parts from the room and prays to God for help in getting his wife back. Eve sends TC to check on Chad. After TC leaves, Grace then tries to get Eve to tell TC the truth.

Time Is Ticking In The Archives
A very nervous Sheridan wants to leave the archives immediately. Luis tries to comfort her and asks why she wants to go so soon, because they haven’t found the diaries yet. Sheridan then worries about getting Ethan into trouble with the security card. Luis then tries to comfort Sheridan by telling her that she has nothing at all to be worried about. He reminds her that the diaries are hers rightfully since they were left to her in her mother’s will. They go through the files and Luis finds “diary number one.” He turns to Sheridan and tells her that if there is something in those diaries that implies that Julian and Alistair had something to do with his father’s disappearance, he is going to make them pay. Sheridan totally understands, using the old saying “an eye for an eye.” Sheridan then begins to read her mother’s diary and is overcome with emotion when she learns of her mother’s unhappiness with Alistair. Her mother notes that she (Sheridan) made all the painful year worthwhile and Sheridan is touched deeply. Luis comes over and lends his support.

Luis then finds the other three diaries and they go to leave and can’t!! *Harmony, we have a problem!* Luis then tries to swipe the card through and it scans and denied. Sheridan then becomes very upset, screaming and crying as she realizes that the vault is air tight and they are locked in!! Sheridan begins to hyperventilate and Luis tries to calm her down. He says that he needs her to be strong for him and that they will make it out of there! He says that he will use his cell phone to call someone but Sheridan tells him that they walls are “lead-lined.” Sheridan then points to the Oxygen counter and tells him that they are going to suffocate in there!! *Oh no!* They sit down by the door and Sheridan recalls her brother and father saying that there is an “air pump” in the vault and that the air will be totally sucked out. Sheridan knows that they are going to die in there.

Love In The Mineshaft
Charity begs Miguel once again to make love to her today. Kay is devastated she is going to have to watch Miguel and Charity make love for the first time. She takes it as her punishment for getting involved with Hecuba. Kay isn’t the only one who has a watchful eye on the two. Timmy and Tabby are watching all of them through Hecuba’s mirror. *Speaking of Hec, where is she???* Kay then becomes completely livid that Charity and Miguel are about to make love!! She then begins to break the mirrors that surround her so she can get to them and stop it as Timmy and Tabby cheer her on!! The way they see it, is that if she stops them she will be “buying” Timmy and Tabby more time. But she would be signing her own death certificate as well. Kay screams for Miguel and he hears her cries. She finally makes it to where the two are and Charity is more than annoyed! Miguel turns to Charity and tells her that he is going to set her free by cutting the rope with a rock. He finally gets her loose and Charity demands that Miguel makes love to her... here and now!! *Whoahh Charity!!* Charity won’t take “no” for an answer and just then Evil Charity returns as her eyes becomes that familiar glowing red. She claims that she will be fine once Miguel makes love to her. After a protest from Kay, Charity gets even more angry and tells her that she has had enough of her, and begins to choke Kay! Kay then tells Miguel that they have to get out of there before she kills them and he ask Evil Charity what she wants. She then begins to talk strangely. --All about Evil and its reign in Harmony!-- Just then the show closes with TC with his hands around Julian’s throat!  
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