Passions Update Thursday 3/15/01


Passions Update Thursday 3/15/01

By Joey

Harmony’s Hopping Hospital
The hospital was busy today!!! Ethan and Theresa fill out paper work for their blood tests today. Ethan runs into the problem of not knowing what name to use for his last name. He stops Theresa before she can suggest using the name “Bennett” and kids around about what last name to use, with doing his best impression of Elvis. *LOL this scene was hillarious!!* Just then it hits him as to what name he is going to use!! He decides that he will take his mother’s maiden name: Winthrop. Theresa is over joyed with the sound her new last name and the continue to fill out the paper work and go to meet up with Chad.....

Meanwhile Chad, Whitney, Eve, and TC await the results of the DNA test. Chad is very anxious and notes on how the suspense is just killing him. Just then a nurse rushes in and informs Eve that Sam Bennett is on his way with Grace who fainted in their home. Eve and TC rush out to meet Sam and Grace. Whitney stays with Chad and comforts him as they await the results of the computer’s search. Sam walks in with Grace and tells her to lean on him. She coldly says that she been “all these years and see where it has gotten” her. *Ouch, Sammy is lucky if he gets to sleep in the doghouse tonight!* A look of devastation comes across his face as his weak, yet bitter wife sits down in a wheelchair. Eve checks her vitals and notes that she is fine. The two leave so that Eve can take a better look at her in a hospital room. While there, Grace wants Eve to tell TC the truth about her baby and Julian. Eve once again refuses claiming that TC could kill Julian and lose all respect for her. And she couldn’t be more right, as TC and Sam talk outside. A sorrowful Sam notes how his life is falling apart, with a wife that hates him, another son that hates him, his missing niece, and a family that is falling apart. They then move on to other subjects... Julian Crane. TC tells Sam that if he had the proof that Julian was the one who almost killed him, he would infact kill him!! Sam doesn’t want him to talk like that, but TC tells him that he can’t help it...because that is how he feels about Julian. *Oh My!*

Meanwhile, Theresa and Ethan meet up with Whitney and Chad to tell them the good news about his new last name. Whitney pulls Theresa on the side and asks her if she has told Ethan the truth yet. Theresa coolly says that she is waiting for when they are married to tell him. *Talk about securing your future!* Ethan then announces his new last name and the four engage into a conversation about Chad’s parents. Chad assumes that his father is a racist because he dumped his mother because he didn’t want a “black son.”

Close Calls At The Crane Archives
Julian looks up at all of the files pulled out and shouts “What the Hell?!!” He then comes to the conclusion that Ethan must have been at the archives. His father calls him and belittles him yet again, all while Sheridan and Luis hide behind the filing cabinets! Julian then asks the security guard if Ethan was there today and he tells him that he was, “to clean out his office.” Julian then decides that he has to de-activate Ethan security card. He goes to do so and Sheridan and Luis are relieved. Then all of a sudden Sheridan becomes aware of his claustrophobia. *Uh-Oh* Julian then gets ridiculed by Alistair again as he decodes Ethan’s card. Alistair makes note that he could have thrown Ethan and Theresa in there for a few days and take them out in body bags. Julian calls his father cold and heartless and Alistair agrees. Then we see the Oxygen dwindle within the vault as Sheridan clings to Luis, frightened of being within the vault.

Inside the Mineshaft
Kay is forced to watch Miguel declare his love Charity as Hecuba’s demons come even closer to taking her back to Hell. The frantically try to free Charity of the ropes but it appears to be no use. She tells Miguel to save himself and he swears that he won’t leave the love of his life. Miguel and Charity’s love then keeps the demons back for a little bit and Charity begs Miguel to make love to her. She claims that if she is going to die she wants to at least have the memory of having Miguel make love to her, much to the demise of both Kay and Timmy and Tabby.  
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