Passions Update Wednesday 3/14/01



Passions Update Wednesday 3/14/01

By Joey

And The Parents Are....
Eve is totally prepared to find out Chad’s DNA results. (After all, this will prove once and for all that her baby died years ago.. right?) TC meets up with them to lend his moral support for Chad. Eve once again reminds everyone that there is a possibility that they might not find out anything. An optimistic Whitney says that it is Chad’s best and only hope at the moment to find out who his parents are. Chad is still uneasy about finding out the truth about his parents because of what has happened to Ethan. Then he gets mixed feelings about the whole scenario; he doesn’t know if he is more afraid that Eve will find his parents or that she won’t! *Awwwww Chad!!* TC reassures Chad that anyone would be proud to have a son like him and even goes as far as to tell him that he wants to go with him to see his parents if he decides to... “to see the look on his father’s face when he finds out that he has a great son like Chad...” Eve then goes and explains how the DNA process works to a very anxious Chad. “The suspense is killing him!!” Eve then processes Chad’s DNA through a computer and does a search for any matches of his DNA.

Speaking of Babies....
Grace begins to mourn her baby’s death all over again and is extremely upset that she didn’t “get a chance to tell everyone what she was going to name him.. ‘Jack.’” *Awwww Grace!!* Sam comes in and tries to comfort her. She once again turns away from him and they get into a heated argument again as Jessica listens outside the door! Sam tries to defend himself and show that he is hurting over the whole matter as well, not blaming Grace at all for her emotions. Jessica then rushes in hysterical and begs her parents to stop their fighting. Sam says he is sorry to Jessica and that her and Grace shouldn’t be fighting like that to begin with. Jessica then turns to her grieving mother as she goes through a box of baby’s clothes and tells her that she shouldn’t be straining herself, saying that she can do it along with Kay when they get home. Sam then takes Jessica out of the room and Grace becomes even more upset over the loss of her baby. A worried Jessica asks Sam if her parents are getting a divorce and Sam reassures his daughter that they aren’t. He says that he will explain everything to everyone, once Charity is safe back at home. Sam then goes back to Grace who is holding an outfit and decides that it would be best if he left.

Grace stops him and asks him not leave. Sam comes closer and tries to take the outfit away from her and she starts up all over again, screaming “NO!!!!” Grace yells at Sam again, claiming that he will “never take anything away from her again,” and Sam once again tries to defend himself saying that he never meant to hurt her at all in anyway. It almost goes in one ear and out the other because Grace is just not hearing it today as she keeps yelling and blaming Sam for the loss of her baby. Sam, sensing that Grace is over doing it, wants her to lay down. Grace shouts out him that she is totally fine... “so fine that she has enough energy to chase after a baby boy!!” Sam begs Grace not to go on, that their baby had died and they can have another. Grace becomes even more ticked and shouts, “another child??” throwing Ethan right in Sam’s face, and passes out cold on the floor!! *Oh My!*

Crane Industries
Julian calls his father from his cell phone on his way to the Crane Archives to get his mother’s diary. At first Alistairlikes the idea but doesn’t hesitate to pass up a chance to ridicule his son. Julian gets angry and shows signs of actually having a backbone as he stands up for himself to Alistair. *Go Julian, Go!!* He tells his father that he is tired of always being accused of messing up, that he has made lots of money for Crane Industries and Alistairreminds him of “all the money he has cost Crane Industries.” Alistairthrows all of Julian’s mistakes up to his face: the women, the gambling, his drinking... everything! He then asks Julian if he has any idea at all about how much it takes to “send one of his bimbos to medical school because of his mistakes?!” *Hmmm could that be Dr. Eve Russell?* Julian gets even more rowdy with his father and Alistairgoes as far as to threaten to kill his own son!! A startled Julian asks his father if he would really even kill his own son and Alistairtells him that as long as he keeps Sheridan and Luis apart, he will never have to find out what his father will do. *Wowzers!* Julian then goes to swipe his security card through the door to access the archives, realizes that he left it in his office and leaves to get it.

Meanwhile, Sheridan and Luis have gotten into Crane Industries!! They get to the archives and hope for the best. Sheridan then goes to swipe the security card through the door and gets busted by two security guards!! *Yikes!!* Sheridan turns around and faces the two of them and they bashfully apologize to her once they realize it was her! They had thought that there was a problem and talk to her about how she “must know how the Mr. Cranes feel about the archives!!” Sheridan then makes them feel even more stupid when she ask “well they certainly didn’t mean me?!” *lol* They agree with her... you know being that she is a Crane and all (lol) and then get worried when they realize that Sheridan might report the little mishap to her brother and father! At first Sheridan makes them feel as if they are going to get into big time trouble but reassure them that she won’t tattle. Sheridan becomes even more confident as the two leave and Luis tells her to not be so sure of herself as he sees Julian walking down the hall!! Sheridan and Luis both run and hide but not before dropping the security card on the floor, right at Julian’s feet! After realizing that he left his card at the office and goes to get it, Sheridan and Luis come out from their hiding from Julian. Sheridan comments on what a close call that was and they go to swipe the card through again! Sheridan comments on how nervous she is and that “even though she is a Crane she feels like she is doing something wrong.” Luis explains to her that she only feels that way because of the backwards rules and standards that Alistair has. Sheridan decides that it is time to break a few rules and tries to swipe the card through again with her unsteady hands. “It doesn’t work!!?” Sheridan then says that she is so sorry for getting Luis’ hopes up and Luis takes a shot at swiping the card through and it works!! An excited Sheridan and Luis enter the archives and go through tax returns dating back to the 1960’s. Sheridan asks “how will they get through it all?” Luis reassures her that they will go through it file by file and being that there are two of them, they can get anything done. Just then Julian accessed the vault, looks up and says “What the Hell?!!!”

Hell You Say? (Speaking of Hell)
A joyful Hecuba is completely amused with herself. She is over joyed with the way she buried Miguel... so much that she “rewinds” it and watches it again!!! Tabitha turns to Timmy and warns him that they are next! Timmy stands up to Hecuba and lets her know that he feels what she is doing is wrong! He says that she should at least let Charity and Miguel say goodbye to one another and it gives Hecuba a “brilliant” idea. Hecuba then decides to let the two find one another, let them think that they are being saved and then pop their bubble of joy by destroying them after all! Meanwhile Kay and Miguel continue with their search for Charity. Hecuba casts a spell and Miguel hears Charity’s voice calling to him. He finds Charity tied up to beams in a “hall of mirrors.” Miguel looks around and sees dozens and dozens of Charities. He follows her voice through the hall of mirrors and finds her!! Kay then begins to scream for Miguel as he frees Charity from the ropes. Back in her cave, Hecuba then the classic “spell” from Snow White with a little twist: Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Who is the greatest witch of them all? And she wants Tabitha to give her the answer!! *lol* Tabitha then tries to get on Hecuba’s good side and say that she has never been able to pull of the mirror spell. Hecuba tells her to save it because that won’t make her go any easier on the two of them. “The only way they will be saved is if Charity and Miguel are saved.” Timmy informs Hecuba that Miguel loves Charity just as much as he does and that he won’t stop until he finds her. Hecuba tells doll-face that’s exactly what she is counting on. Just then she opens the portal to Hell again and the demons try to get Charity back! Miguel begins to scream at the demons, claiming that they can not have her!!! 
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