Passions Update Tuesday 3/13/01


Passions Update Tuesday 3/13/01

By Joey

*****Addition to yesterday’s episode, March 12, 2001***** So sorry everyone!! But in yesterday’s episode update I totally forgot to mention that Luis and Beth actually talked. Luis saw that there was a contest for the Island getaway and decided to register while Theresa was paying for her muffin. Luis talks to Beth comments on how it has been a while since they had last seen each other. The moment is more uneasy for Beth than it is Luis. Beth says that he looks happy and that she is glad. Luis smiles and says that he is happy and Beth exits. Theresa then asks Luis why he didn’t tell Beth that she was happy with Sheridan, he looks over at Sheridan and tells Theresa that there was no reason to say with who because Beth already knows. *Hmmm!* --------------------------------- End of Additional Recap-------------------------------------

Quiet Corners At The Book Cafe
Theresa once again asks Ethan if she should go give Sheridan the security card and he is dead-set against it. He does not want Sheridan to have to go through the same heartache that he has been going through with his family and thinks that the best thing to do is to destroy it. Just then Sheridan and Luis are on their way out after they got done discussing how the card was their last chance at finding out what happened to Martin Fitzgerald and see that Ethan still has the security card! Ethan explains that Theresa picked it up out of the garbage, thinking that Ethan would want it someday as a souvenir. Sheridan bursts out with joy that there may still be a chance that they can get into the archives and blurts out “we can’t let Julian and Alistair know!!” --just in time for Julian to hear and he asks Sheridan what they can’t know! Ethan tries to cover up and Julian interrupts him, claiming that it is a “family matter,” pointing out that he is no longer in the family! *Ouch Julian!!!* Sheridan then explains the situation away, but telling Julian that she was planning on lending Ethan some money. Julian criticizes her and throws another dagger at Ethan, when he comments on how Sheridan “has always hung with the locals.” Julian then walks away and Sheridan apologizes to Ethan. Ethan shrugs it off and believes that it is best if they destroy the card. Sheridan can’t believe what she is hearing and tells Ethan that he can’t destroy it because she needs it to access her mother’s diaries. Luis then tells her that he agrees with Ethan that she shouldn’t use the card. Sheridan is completely baffled and tells them all that she has to get into the archives so there won’t be any bad blood between the two families anymore. A reluctant Ethan then decides to give Sheridan the card. Sheridan and Luis leave and Theresa and Ethan grab there coats to leave also.

In another corner of the Book Cafe, Chad explains to Eve that he is not sure if he wants to know about his parents. Eve agrees with him and says that some secrets are better left alone. Whitney can not believe what her mother is saying to Chad and calls her mother on it. Eve says that it is not good to keep secrets and tell lies, but that sometimes they are better off in the past. They part and Whitney tries to tell Chad that he should be brave and find out who his parents are. Chad once again tells Whitney that he isn’t sure if he wants to know or not because his family might not even want him. Whitney then tells Chad again that he should be proud of who he is and that he will owe it to his wife and children someday to know who his parents are. Meanwhile, while looking at a copy of Hidden Passions, Eve is approached by Julian. Julian makes his comments (about the past) to make Eve feel uncomfortable and they engage in a discussion about their baby. Julian admits to Eve that he does think about their baby that died. He claims that he lost two sons (Ethan and their child.) Eve connects with him and is completely taken back when he says that he thinks about their child. But then the Alistairin Julian comes out and he says that the Cranes do not cry over things that can’t be changed. Julian then changes the topic of discussion and asks Eve for help with breaking up Sheridan and Luis. Eve refuses and Julian tries to blackmail her by saying he will air out her past to her daughters. Eve takes it as an empty threat because he will not do that to himself and he knows TC’s temper. They part and Eve talks with her daughter and Chad comes over. He decides that he does want to know who is birth parents really are.

Evil’s Celebration
Kay turns around and sees that is Miguel. She has an opportunity to come clean with Miguel about Charity’s disappearance but doesn’t take it. She then tells Miguel that she will do anything for him ... and Charity. *Good save Kay lol* They declare that they are the team and that they will go into the mineshaft to find Evil and destroy it!! Meanwhile, Hecuba celebrates with Timmy and Tabby, dishing up an enormous meal for Tabby and Martimmies for Timmy. Timmy then asks Hecuba if he will spare their lives and she laughs right in his face!! Hecuba said that she won’t spare the two but is nice enough to give them a last meal. Timmy tells her to not be so sure of herself and points out Miguel and Kay who are on their way into the mineshaft. Hecuba then casts a spell that will lure the two into her cave so she can destroy them! They get this feeling that they are closer and closer to Hecuba’s cave and just then Hecuba forces a collapse and Miguel is covered in dirt from the ground above caving in!! Kay screams and doesn’t know what she can do to save Miguel!! *Oh No!!* 
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