Passions Update Monday 3/12/01



Passions Update Monday 3/12/01

By Joey

At The Book Cafe Sheridan can’t believe her luck when she finds out the Ethan was just at the archives and threw away his security card. Ethan tells her that even if he had the card he wouldn’t give it to her anyway!! Sheridan is taken back and asks why he wouldn’t let her into the archives and he said that she is only doing it for Luis. Sheridan looks at him, totally speechless, and asks if he is that petty. Ethan says of course he isn’t that petty, but he doesn’t want to see anything happen to Sheridan because Julian and Allistar are keeping out the archives for some reason. He doesn’t want Sheridan to be dis-owned like he was. Sheridan comments that it figures they would only give the men of the family the security cards and not her. Meanwhile, Luis gets excited when he sees a contest for an Island getaway and decides to enter in, in hopes that he will be able to take Sheridan. Theresa thinks that is a perfect idea and enters too for her honeymoon with Ethan. In another corner of the Book Cafe, Whitney and Chad discuss the results of his DNA test. Chad isn’t so sure if he wants to know who his real parents are anymore and Whitney can’t believe it!! Chad tries to tell Whitney that after seeing what Ethan is going through, he doesn’t want his life turned upside down. Whitney tries to tell him that there must be a good explanation why his father abandoned him. Just then Eve shows up and asks how the two are doing. She then gets a call on her cell phone confirming that the DNA results are in, just as Chad tells her that he wants to stop the whole process! (*The choices to make, oh my!!*) Sheridan and Luis then talk about how they will find out what happened to his father as Theresa tells Ethan at a separate table that she has his security card and wants to know if she should give it to Sheridan.

Celebrate Evil Times
Hecuba is over joyed with Charity’s demise but decides that she does not want to celebrate all alone!! So she zaps Timmy and Tabby into her lair to join in on the fun! Timmy asks Hecuba if she is totally sure that Charity is dead and a confident Hecuba shouts, “of course!!!” Timmy tries to convince Hecuba again that she shouldn’t be sure of herself. Hecuba shrugs it off once again and exits. Tabitha tells Timmy that she almost hopes that Miguel will save Charity so they will be saved from Hecuba too.

Meanwhile, Kay faces a dilemma on whether or not she should tell a begging Miguel where Evil resides. After persistence from the others Kay agrees t tell them where the Evil lives in Harmony. She tells Miguel that the first time she saw Evil it was in the mineshaft, in the cave. Miguel’s hopes of finding Charity gets renewed and he thanks Kay for the information. Reese tries to stop Miguel by reminding him that all he saw in the shaft was a hallucination from the gases but that doesn’t stop him. Miguel says that he doesn’t care and that he is going back there to save Charity. Father Lonigan stop Miguel in mid-flight and tells him that he isn’t ready to save Charity just yet. Miguel at first doesn’t want to listen but eventually listens to him and the others. Kay then parts from the crowd as they get sandwiches and goes to the mines. She doesn’t want anything to happen to Miguel again so she decides that she has to be the one to go up to the mineshaft and find Evil. Just then a hand grabs a startled and screaming Kay!! (*Uh Oh!!*)

Lies, Lies. .. Sweet Little Lies
Grace tries to convince Eve that she should tell TC about her relationship with Julian Crane. She says that TC can help her heal her past. Eve says that he simply won’t understand and just then TC walks in and asks what he won’t understand. Eve talks her way through it and says that she was talking about Grace’s loss. TC then understands and says that he is glad that there are no secrets between them. TC then goes downstairs and talks to Father Lonigan on how he is grateful that there are no secrets at all between the two as Eve listens from the stairs. After TC leaves she thanks Father Lonigan for not telling TC the truth about her past with Julian. Father Lonigan reassures her that what she said won’t come from him. Eve then leaves (and goes to the Book Cafe.) 
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