Passions Update Friday 3/9/01



Passions Update Friday 3/9/01

By Joey

Shuis, The Super-Sluths
Sheridan realizes that her mother’s diaries can tell Luis what happened to his father. Luis is taken back for a moment and tells her that her mother died when she was only a child... before his father disappeared. Sheridan agrees with him but then informs him that her mother always kept a detailed diary and that there was anything going on she would have made a record of it. They head back over to the Crane Mansion.

The Crane Mansion
Allistar continues to badger Julian about breaking up Luis and Sheridan. Allistar claims that if he doesn’t break up the two and fast that he will get rid of him being that Luis is the biggest threat to the Cranes. Allistar warns Julian that the two are on their way to ask them something and Julian should refuse them no matter what! Julian laughs and says that he just them in the gazebo. Then Sheridan and Luis show up right before Julian’s very eyes while Allistar is still on the speaker phone and they ask why Julian has been keeping an extra eye on them. Sheridan then asks him for their mother’s diaries and Julian claims that he has no idea at all where they could be! (*Hmmm*) Sheridan, growing more suspicious of her brother tells him that she will just call the family lawyers and Julian quickly shouts, “No!! ... He will call them himself.” An even more suspicious Sheridan tells him not bother because she can do it herself. Julian then tries to convince Sheridan why she shouldn’t call the family lawyers and then Sheridan realizes that they must be in the family archives! An enormous grin sweeps across Luis’ face as Julian tries to tell Sheridan that she can’t go into the family archives. Julian says that only three people are allowed in the archives and that is Allistar, Julian, and Ethan. Jules then corrects himself and takes Ethan off the list. Julian tries to tell Sheridan that she would be “putting herself at risk by gaining access to the archives.” An even bigger grin comes across Luis’ face when he realizes that what they are looking for has to be in the archives. Sheridan thinks that her brother is just completely full of it and Sheridan and Luis leave claiming they’ll find another way. Allistar, still on the phone, gets even more angry with Julian for not stopping them dead in their tracks and yet Julian doesn’t understand how he didn’t.

Family Secrets Remain A Secret
While in the family archives, Ethan feels that he shouldn’t be there now that he is no longer a Crane. He tells his friends that Julian and Allistar told him that some of the secrets in there a big enough to not only tear apart the “Crane Empire,” but “the world as well.” (*Hmmmm So they know what really happened to Jimmy Hoffa?? lol jk*) Chad tells him that he wouldn’t feel right being in the archives. Then it totally blows Chad’s mind how they treated Ethan after he grew up thinking he was Crane. Ethan shrugs and says its just the Crane way and decides that they need to get to his office and get out of there. Ethan then gives Chad a couple of boxes to take to the car while Ethan throws away his security card. Theresa then goes and picks it up out of the garbage!! (*Oh My Gosh!!*) Whitney is totally baffled by her actions and thinks that Theresa is going to use the card to get back into the archives. Theresa then explains to Whit that she is just keeping it for Ethan because he might want it as a souvenir. Whitney looks at her, completely appalled, and tells her that she should just throw it away!

The crew all head back to the Book Cafe and meet Sheridan and Luis shortly after. Theresa goes to get a muffin from Beth while Sheridan and Luis talk to Ethan. They let him on their plan to find Sheridan’s mother’s diaries. Ethan says that he was just at the archives and Sheridan gets excited realizing they can use his card to gain access. Her joy is short-lived when Ethan tells that he just threw away his card. Theresa tries to pay for her muffin with Ethan’s card and Luis notices what she has.......

Hell’s Closet
Hecuba finally leaves the Bennett home after she gets done taunting them and Even and TC and learn what has happened at the Bennett home. At first they don’t believe one word of it and Miguel tells them everything that has happened. He tries to convince them that it was just something they would have had to seen to believe. The Miguel tries to convince them even more, brining up the ravens and bloody walls in their defense. Father Lonigan and Pilar back him up and they all focus on what they have to do now to get Charity out of Hell. Grace then begins to panic and insists that Evil really has come to Harmony. Eve then takes Grace upstairs to lie down. While upstairs Eve tries to clear Sam’s name and tell Grace that he had nothing at all going on with Ivy during their marriage. Grace then asks Eve if she has any secrets that she’s been keeping from TC Eve then has a flashback to the baby booties and tells Grace of her affair with Julian!! (*Yikes!!*) Eve then tries to tell a somewhat shocked Grace that Julian was different back then. She then tells Grace how she fell in love with him and Grace says but T.C. hates Julian and Eve says that is why she can’t tell T.C. She then says that it has been hard for her, “just as it has been for Sam,” and Grace corrects her that it isn’t the same. Grace corrects her again and says that they had a child together, where Eve and Julian didn’t and grief stricken look comes across Eve’s face. Grace then realizes that they had a baby together, Eve admits to the truth and totally breaks down. Grace tells her that she should let TC help heal her but Eve says that TC will never understand.... just as TC walks in and asks “just what I won’t understand?” (*Uh Oh!!!*)

Meanwhile, Hecuba is in her lair watching everyone through her mirror with complete joy. She then decides to change the channel to “Buffy.” (*lol!!*) Reese then finds a way to help Charity. He says that the person who loves her the most has to go into Evil’s lair and confront it. Sam then tries to explain to everyone that what they saw wasn’t real. TC then tells Sam that he does believe in demons... only human kind like Julian Crane!! (*Ouch!!!*) Hecuba then prances around her liar, dancing and laughing with a big party for herself as black balloons fall down and onto her. Father Lonigan says that he believes that Kay knows where Evil lives and Miguel confronts Kay.


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