Passions Update Thursday 3/8/01


Passions Update Thursday 3/8/01

By Joey


Ethan And The Crew At The Book Cafe
Today, Ethan and Theresa pay a visit to Chad and Whitney at the Book Cafe. Ethan walks away from the happy group and looks at the newspaper rack, picking up a paper with the headline “Ethan Crane” with the word “Crane” having a big red X through it. (*Geeze!*) At first Ethan is quietly saddened by it and after a moment, joins the group once again. But not before Chad asks Theresa if she had told Ethan that she scanned his mother’s papers into her computer. Theresa coolly claims that there is nothing to worry about and she will tell Ethan everything as soon as they are married. Ethan comes back over and asks Theresa if she had “asked Whitney yet?” and Theresa says with a grin that she was waiting for Ethan to be there when she asked Whitney to be her Maid of Honor. A delighted Whitney hugs Theresa and accepts as being apart of her wedding. The four then sit down and discuss wedding plans and Whitney offers their family cabin for Ethan and Theresa to stay at for their honeymoon. Theresa thinks its a wonderful idea but notices that Ethan doesn’t have anything to say about it. He apologizes and says that he just doesn’t think that he can talk about wedding plans right then because he doesn’t have a job. He then goes back to the magazine rack and looks for a job. Chad joins him to help in his search and is surprised when Ethan picks up a stack of about 15 magazines, ready to purchase. Chad stops him and asks if he saw the prices of those magazines. Ethan is taken back, saying that when ever he wanted something he just charged it. Chad tells him that now that he is not a Crane he must spend his money wisely and budget. Meanwhile, Whitney and Theresa talk about wedding plans, giddy and excited that Theresa will be wearing Mrs. Crane’s wedding dress.

The four then decide to go to Crane Industries so Ethan can pick up a few personal items from his office. While there, Ethan is totally surprised when the security guard calls him “Mr. Crane.” He turns to Theresa and says, “I guess he hasn’t heard the news yet.” The continue on to his office until Theresa comes to a door and asks what is behind it. Ethan tells them that, that is where the Crane Archives are kept... “Crane history, records and anything else that Julian and Allistar don’t want revealed.” Theresa asks if they could go in and Ethan at first isn’t so sure, but tries to swipe his security card through the automated security lock on the door to gain access. The monitor on the door first reads “Access Denied,” and Ethan thinks that they had already changed the codes on his card so he won’t be able to get in. The all of a sudden the monitor reads “Welcome Mr. Crane” and a picture of Ethan pops up along with “Ethan Crane.” (*Very Mission Impossible like!!*) The four laugh and become excited as the scene closes with them going into the Crane Archives.

Pondering Minds On The Crane Grounds
Sheridan and Luis discuss the events of the night before and Sheridan is completely saddened with the thought that Evil has come to Harmony. The two talk about Grace losing her baby, Ethan’s life being ruined, and Charity’s disappearance. Sheridan then becomes grateful that the only secret that was between them was the speculation that Sheridan killed Luis’ father. Luis still believes that Julian and Allistar had something to do with his father’s disappearance and vows that he will get to the truth no matter what. Sheridan then jumps off the couch and says that she knows someone who might be able to tell her what happened to Martin Fitzgerald and goes to get their coats.

Meanwhile at the Crane Mansion, Julian continues to get badgered by his father, demanding he breaks up Sheridan and Luis. Julian asks his father why he just doesn’t play the tape, exposing Sheridan and Allistars replies with “That’s why I skipped over you as the Crane heir.” (*Ouch Allistar!*) Allistar explains to him that they don’t need any more bad publicity because as it is they are losing money from investors in the stock market. He claims that if the tape is played they will lose billions and billions of dollars. He tells Julian to think of a way and think of it fast to break up the two because they can’t afford anymore bad publicity.. and if he doesn’t act fast, he will be “joining Ethan... living with him at the YMCA.”

A Cold Day In Hell
On the way home from the hospital Sam tries to make conversation with Grace. He tells her that he “has a few days coming to him” so maybe they could go to Boston for a little bit and Grace interrupts him shouting “Would you please stop acting like nothing happened!?!” Sam tries to explain that he was only trying to make conversation with her and she says that she doesn’t care she just wants to go home. (As if that wasn’t enough of a hint) Sam pushes Grace a little more by trying to explain himself and the situation with Ivy and Ethan. She says that everything has changed and will never be the same. Sam interrupts her and says that he loves her and that hasn’t changed, noticing that she didn’t say if she still loved him or not. Sam presses the issue again and asks, “You still love me don’t you Grace?” and she replies, “I don’t know Sam.” (*Yikes!*) Sam is completely taken back and Grace says that she needs time to think things through, but right now all she needs is to get home to her children... with the emphasis on “her.” They get home to hear Miguel screaming “Noooo Charity!!!” and Grace rushes inside saying “I knew there was something wrong!!!”

Meanwhile, more efforts to help Charity proved to do no good today when Charity got sucked back up into Hell. Charity almost had Miguel’s hand and was about to get out of Hell when Hecuba cut the rope of the ladder with a saw. At first that is what Jessica and Miguel wanted to do, thinking that the ladder would fall down into the living room, but Father Lonigan explained that with Evil and Hell it would only be the complete opposite. After seeing Charity sucked back up into Hell, Miguel is stricken with grief and wants to go back to save her but it is too late. Hecuba casts a spell that closes the portal to Hell and by the looks of it Charity might be gone for good... (*Oh No!! Timmy’s sweet Charity!!*) Then upon the portal being closed, Grace and Sam come home and ask “just what the Hell has been going on here?!” and Father Lonigan explains that it was indeed Hell. They fill in Grace and Sam on what has happened and Sam just doesn’t believe it. Grace turns to Sam and vows that she will never forgive him again for not listening to her when she said that she knew something was wrong at home. (*Looks like Sam is lucky if Grace lets him stay in the doghouse!! lol*) Then Father Lonigan announces that Evil is still in the house and the scene closes with everyone hearing Hecuba’s extremely loud cackle.  
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