Passions Update Wednesday 3/7/01



Passions Update Wednesday 3/7/01

By Joey

Champagne And Celebration At The Crane Mansion
At the Crane Mansion today Ivy, Ethan, Theresa, Gwen and Rebecca share a toast to their wedding. Ivy vows that she will find out who sent the letter to the tabloid and Ethan asks if they could not talk about the incident anymore for now as Gwen and Rebecca whisper in the shadows. Rebecca tells Gwen that “the next logical part of their plan” is for Gwen to ask Theresa to be her bride’s maid, to show that there is no longer any hard feelings. Then Ethan and Ivy move on to discussing Ethan and Theresa’s wedding. Gwen asks Theresa if she can be her Maid Of Honor in the wedding and a shocked Theresa says that she can’t allow that because it would her Whitney. Gwen then asks if she can be a bride’s maid and Ethan tells her that they weren’t going to have a big wedding being that he doesn’t have too much money to spend. Ivy offers to throw them the wedding and they decline because Ethan doesn’t wish to use “Crane money.” Rebecca then offers to throw Ethan and Theresa their wedding and they decline. Ivy wants to help out in the wedding and offers Theresa her wedding gown.

The Sky Is Falling!! The Sky Is Falling!!
The ladder still hangs down from the ceiling today at the Bennett home and Charity is closer to getting out of Hell much to the demise of Hecuba! The group shares a prayer under Father Lonigan’s command in hopes that they will get help from the heavens. An outraged Hecuba summons Hell’s demons again and releases fire-breathing gargoyles into the Bennett home. The group prays again as Miguel declares his love for Charity and Charity becomes even closer to getting out of Hell, clinging to the ladder.

The Demands Of An Impatient Patient
Grace demands to go home and is afraid that there is something terribly wrong at home. (*Yeah, no kidding Grace!*) Eve feels that she is not ready to go home and Sam tries to get her to stay at the hospital for at least one more night. Grace pulls away from Sam when he tries to take her hand and asks him if he cares about her. A shocked Sam says “Of course!!” he cares about her and Grace gives him a look that says, “Oh really?” (*Ouch!*) Grace says that if he really cared about her, he would have told her about his relationship with Ivy and that she would have never been at the Crane Mansion and she would have never lost her baby. Once again she demands to go home and Eve leaves with TC and Sam as the nurse checks Grace’s vitals. While outside the hospital room, a devastated Sam can not believe Grace’s rejection. TC promises that things will get better between them after Grace is over the loss of their baby. Sam hopes that he can believe his friend but has a fear that she will never trust him again. Sam then goes on to say that he thinks that Ivy couldn’t have acted alone in her deceit, much to the dismay to Eve, who thinks that Sam has figured out her play in keeping Ethan’s paternity a secret. Eve leaves to go check on Grace where she tells her that she doesn’t know if she could ever trust Sam again. Eve tries to tell her that Sam was only looking out to protect her but it is not good enough. Grace “just doesn’t know if she could ever trust her husband again.” (*Uh-Oh Sam!!!*)  An index to your Passions pages on the web, with spoilers, pics, editorials, predictions and much more!!

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