Passions Update Tuesday 3/6/01


Passions Update Tuesday 3/6/01

By Joey

At The Crane Mansion..... Whoah Ivy!!
Ivy made it perfectly clear once again to Julian that she will be the only Mrs. Crane when she asked to speak to Julian... privately. At first Julian did not want to give her the time of day until she raised what would appear to be a knife and promised that if "Big Julian" did not comply with her wishes she would make sure that "little Julian will never rise and shine again!" (*Whoahhhh Ivy!!*) On that note, Julian followed Ivy to the library where she told him that she will never give him a divorce and that if he dares to proceed she will "reveal all that she learned about the Crane while living in the house of who-done-its!" Julian tries to play it cool but it becomes obvious that he is worried once Ivy continues with her threats. She reminds Julian that her son will be marrying Theresa and that is brother-in-law will be Luis, who has always suspected the Cranes were behind the disappearance of his father Martin. She then continues to taunt Julian with the information she knows about Martinís disappearance and why Julian and Allistar are trying to keep Sheridan and Luis apart. While leaving Ivy tells Julian to keep one thing in mind as he is drawing up their divorce papers: the name Luis. Ivy leaves almost chanting "Luis, Luis, Luis!" leaving an aggravated Julian to watch Sheridan and Luis outside......

Meanwhile back in the living room, Gwen is growing more and more "impatient" with the speed of her motherís plan to become the two Mrs. Cranes. Rebecca reminds Gwen that they will hurt Theresa by airing out the truth on her wedding day! Gwen and Rebecca sit down on the couch and Gwen is still uneasy about the plan. Rebecca tells her daughter to be patient again and just to wait... just as Ivy is walking back into the room!! Ivy looks at the two and shouts, "Wait for what Rebecca??? Just what are you two scheming about now?!" Ivy never gets a full answer out of the cornered Rebecca because Ethan and Theresa walk in to announce that they are getting married. Ivy looks at the two and says, "Of course you are!! Youíre engaged!!" They correct her and let her know that they wish to be married right away. Rebecca then turns around to her disgusted daughter and tells her that she got her wish... "Ethan will be herís real soon," and that turns Gwenís frown upside down!!

Miguel is Out of Hell!!
Hecuba and Kay once again get into an argument once Kay tells Hecuba that she plans on going inside to help rescue Miguel and Charity. Hecuba then tells her that if she does that her life will be ruined, that her cousin will come out of Hell and remember everything about how she got into Hell and how Kay did nothing to help her! Kay believes that isnít true and Hecuba adds insult to injury by telling her that everyone will hate her and that she will never get her soul back! Kay then tells her that she no longer cares and goes back inside to help everyone get Miguel and Charity out of Hell. Hecuba then realizes that Miguel has grabbed hold of the ladder and shoots lightening bolts at him! Miguel falls out of Hell and lays lifeless on the Bennettís living room floor. Kay and Reese immediately work to resuscitate him and once he awakes, he wants to go back into Hell to save Charity...who can almost reach the ladder!!! (*Uh-Oh Hecuba!!*)

Sheridan, Luis, Theresa, Ethan, And The Finances.....
After not knowing why Luis demands that they not be married (while Sheridan fully supports the couple,) Ethan questions what is standing in the way. He says that he is no longer a Crane anymore and thatís what mattered to Luis... "so why not let them be married now?" Luis tells Ethan that he is glad he is no longer a Crane and feels bad that he has to go through something so terrible but he believes that Ethan canít give Theresa what she needs right now. He points out that he doesnít have any money besides what Theresa has given him - "that will only last for the first monthís rent" -, no car and as far to say that Ethan doesnít even have a last name to give Theresa. (*Ouch!*) Sheridan steps in and says that they have love and that is all that matters. Theresa and Ethan nod on and say that they will manage some how and will get all of those things together. Luis tries to talk more sense into the three of them but fails, as Ethan and Theresa run off back to the Crane Mansion to inform Ivy that they wish to be married right away! Sheridan looks at Luis and immediately knows that he is angry with her. Luis responds by asking to take a walk and gives Sheridan her coat. (Sheridan knows it is bad!) They go to the gazebo and Sheridan quickly tries to explain herself. Luis then kisses her passionately and Sheridan asks what she did to deserve that. Luis explains that even though they might not agree on some things, that they both agree that they love each other deeply. The two are back to smiling faces, keeping each other warm in the winters wind. 
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