Passions Update Monday 3/5/01



Passions Update Monday 3/5/01

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The Next Mrs. Crane.... At The Crane Mansion
After a very much hurt and embarrassed Theresa stormed off of Crane property, the scheming and underhanded Rebecca tries to "comfort" Ethan by telling him that Theresa really never loved him and was only out for the money. Ivy tells her son to not listen to a word that comes out of Julian and Rebeccaís mouth, informing Rebecca that the matter is none of her business --in which Rebecca snaps back with "as the future Mrs. Crane it is my business!!"-- Ivy, once again completely appalled by Rebeccaís persistence, informs the happy couple that she will never give Julian a divorce and will always be Mrs. Crane. Ivy then turns to her son and tries to tell him again that Theresa truly loves him and "love is all that matters." After Theresa comes back with her life savings to give Ethan, Ivy has proven her point that Theresa really does love him, so the two leave. After they exit, Ivy re-informs Julian that she will NEVER give him a divorce and that the Cranes need her silence for she "knows where all the bodies are buried!" (Whoah, Ivy!!) Julian then hits Ivy with a bit of her own medicine and asks why he canít have a life with love and wife "who welcomes him to her bed." Meanwhile (in the corner of the room), Gwen looks at Rebecca with disappointment and frustration, saying that it looks like she wonít be Mrs. Julian Crane. But Rebecca is not done yet! She then steps in between Ivy and Julian, takes the engagement ring that Julian just took back from Ethan, and slips it on her finger, overjoyed as she accepts "Julianís marriage proposal!" (*Now thatís a bold chicky!!*) A stunned Julian takes a step back, knowing he did not propose to Rebecca but then flashes the well known Julian grin and "admits" that it indeed was a proposal to her and they share a kiss.... much to the disgust of an on-looking Ivy.

Money, Money, Money... Sheridanís Cottage
Sheridan and Luis have engaged in a conversation about the most talked about topic these days: money. Luis worries that he cannot provide Sheridan with the lifestyle that she is accustomed to, on a copís salary. Sheridan then goes back to talking about "poor Ethan" but that there is a difference between the two of them: Ethan has his profession of law to fall back on, whereas Sheridan feels as if she has nothing, no training or skills can help her live without the Crane money. Luis is almost taken aback and tells her that it was better for her to let him know now how she feels before they go any further in their relationship. A startled and worried Sheridan stands up off the couch and asks if he is breaking up with her . Luis looks confused, thinking she was breaking up with him!! She goes on to tell Luis how she isnít like other women and canít make beautiful things like Pilar and run a business like Beth...and wasnít breaking up with him at all!! Sheridan then makes it quite clear to Luis that she would give up all the money in the world in an instant, as long as she is with him. Naturally, Luis is thrilled to hear it and tells Sheridan that all that matters is that they love each other as much as they do... and they exit back to the bedroom for another round of love. Cutting back to the bedroom, Sheridan playfully tells Luis that she should insulted because he is not thinking about her after they made love.. again. Luis then tells her that he was thinking about his sister and how she would do anything for Ethan, hoping she will make the right decisions in life and will not rush things. Sheridan reassures him that things will work out just fine that the two love each other just as much as they do each other. Sheridan and Luis then get dressed just in time as Ethan and Theresa come pay a visit. Ethan tells Sheridan and Luis about Theresaís selfless act of giving him all her life savings. Ethan looks at Theresa adoringly and wonders how he could make her believe that they will always be together. With that familiar grin and excitement, Theresa tells Ethan that they shouldnít wait to get married and he agrees much to the dislike of Luis, who interrupts with a loud and forceful "NO!!"  

Luciferís Ladder in Hellís Closet
Reese works diligently to find something on the Vatican website that will get Charity and Miguel out of the fires of Hell. After Hecuba tries to fry Reese along with the computer with lightening bolts, Kay looks out the window and storms outside for a confrontation with her. Hecuba and Kay engage in a fight in which Jessica and Simone are witness to with one problem... Kay seems to be fighting herself. They canít see Hecuba and all they see is Kay rolling around in the snow outside the Bennett home. Hecuba once again wins the fight and zaps Kay with a blue bolt from her fingertip that has a force equal to that of balls and chains. Hecuba then goes back to the window to find Father Lonigan and Reese preparing to throw Luciferís Ladder into Hell. The two go upstairs to join Pilar in hopes of getting Charity and Miguel out of the fires of Hell as they throw the ladder into the closet.

Simone and Jessica sit down on the couch to try to come to terms with what has been going on around them as the ceiling above them opens up and they see Hell. Timmy and Tabitha talk privately in the corner informing him that if Miguel and Charity are saved, they are done for, as a released and happy Kay looks on outside with Hecuba. 
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