Passions Update Thursday 3/1/01


Passions Update Thursday 3/1/01

By Joey

At The Crane Mansion
At the Crane Mansion today, Ivy tries to get Crane security to investigate who gave her letter to the tabloids and is completely livid when he informs her that he has been instructed to not take orders from her anymore! Infact, it would appear that everyone in the Crane Mansion has been told to not take orders from Ivy anymore. When she asked Muriel the maid to prepare her a tray, she tells Ivy that she has been instructed by Rebecca to not take orders from Ivy any longer. (*Ouch!*) Meanwhile, Rebecca and Julian plot Ivy's destruction with the divorce lawyer Rebecca hired for Julian, and he is completely amazed at how fast she works to get things done!! (Talk about quick!) Julian asks the lawyer exactly how much would alimony cost him these days and he tells him that for a billionaire it is not cheap at all! Rebecca tells Julian that after what Ivy has done to him that he should leave her nothing and cut up all her credit cards. After the lawyer leaves, Crane security calls informing Julian of Ivy’s demands and tells them to not bother with who sent the letter to the tabloid. Rebecca, recalling that she can not be held accountable for the information leaking to the tabloid because it was e-mailed from Theresa’s computer, tells Julian that he should let Crane security investigate the matter.

Ivy is completely over joyed when she sees Theresa! Immediately she asks who Ethan is and she says that he is strong and will do everything in her power to bring Ethan and Ivy closer again. Ivy is ecstatic and tells her that for the moment all she is concerned about is finding out who sent her letter to the tabloid.

Sheridan’s Cozy Cottage
Theresa and Luis stare into the window of the Crane cottage and mentions how nice it is that Sheridan and Ethan are so close, especially after how he was treated by Julian and Alistar. Luis then begins to wonder how close Ethan and Sheridan really are. Meanwhile, Ethan and Sheridan sit on the couch and reminisce about their younger days and how everyone thought that Ethan was her American boyfriend in Paris! Theresa tells Luis that she has brought the Crane heirlooms along with her and plans on returning them to Julian. Luis tries to get Theresa to quit her job working for Ivy and that she should stay away from the Cranes. Luis goes back into the cottage as Theresa (not wanting to interrupt Sheridan and Ethan) heads for the mansion and tells Ethan of her plan to return the heirlooms.

Later, Sheridan and Luis get comfy on the couch and Sheridan persistently goes on about "poor Ethan." She feels so bad for him because he has been rich his whole life and now he has to adjust to a new lifestyle without money -- and to watch Theresa give back the family jewels. Luis tries to tell her that Theresa is better off without them, but Sheridan fails to listen and continues to go on about Ethan having to adjust to a new lifestyle without money. Luis then makes a comment to the effect of "You mean a lifestyle you’d have to live on with a cop’s salary?" and walks away. Sheridan realizes what she has said but its too late and feels completely terrible.

Hell’s Closet
The kids are all worried about Miguel once they awake from a long night and Father Lonigan is afraid that Miguel might not make it out of Hell, much to the dismay of a guilt-stricken Kay. Meanwhile, Tabby realizes that she is slowly but surely getting her powers back! But the joy is short-lived once Timmy shows her an ad for her book in the Book Cafe! They decide to go down to the cafe and Tabby is afraid that everyone will forget to read the spell in her book! Back at home, Hecuba peers into Tabitha’s "crying bowl" to see what Miguel is up to and she cackles as flames shoot up out of the bowl. And back at the cafe, Tabitha is pleased when she realizes that her spell really does work and no one remembers what they read!!
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