Passions Update Wednesday 2/28/01



Passions Update Wednesday 2/28/01

By Joey

Sheridan and Luisí "love fest" continue in Sheridanís dream today on Passions. Sheridan then wakes up in Luisís arms with the familiar grin we have seen during the last few weeks. The two reminisce about the previous night and Sheridanís grin is abruptly wiped off her face when she wishes that Ethanís night could have been like theirs. Sheridan decides to check on Ethan and finds him resting uneasy on the couch. A half-asleep Ethan looks at Sheridan and tells her that he just had the worst dream and stops himself, realizing it was far from a dream. Ethan, at a complete loss, looks for comfort from Sheridan. Ethan feels that he has lost everything now that he is no longer a Crane. After over hearing Sheridan and Ethan assimilate the name Crane with the words "power" and "wealth," Luis corrects them in that the name "Crane" can also be associated with "fear" and corruption. Forseeing an argument, Sheridan separates the two and Luis tries to comfort Ethan by telling him that the Bennetts are one of the most respected families in Harmony. Sheridan once again steps in after seeing Ethanís reaction and Luis goes to get some firewood for the cottage while Sheridan comforts her ailing nephew. She demands that he uses her car to run the dayís errands of changing names on his personal records. Ethan vowingly states that he will never forgive the person who has destroyed him once he finds out who they are. While outside the cottage, Luis meets up with Theresa on her way to see Ethan, asking her if she is truly happy with Ethan in which she states she is confidently. The two hug while looking on Ethan and Sheridan embracing.

Ivy and Julian meet in the living room after the previous eveningís long and shattering events, fully engaged in an argument just as Rebecca arrives with decorators to revitalize the Crane Mansion. (*yikes!*) Ivy tries to make it clear that she will never give him a divorce, feeling that Alistar wonít allow the bad publicity it will bring for the Cranes. Julian corrects her in that the news of Ethanís paternity has already hit every newspaper in the world including Australia, Germany, and China and that the "world will applaud him for wanting and getting his divorce." While all of this is going on at the Crane Mansion, Rebecca gloats in her bath tub talking into her pocket recorder that she uses for a diary. Shortly after she arrives at the mansion with designers to remodel. She boldly tells Ivy that she should not fight the fact that Julian is divorcing her and after they will be married. A frustrated and baffled Ivy tells Rebecca that she will never give up her home or the title "Mrs. Crane." Rebecca informs Ivy that her divorce from Jonathan is in the works and that after the papers are signed, they should all join for brunch. Ivy orders Rebecca out, in which she complies and takes her designers to the Study for more remodeling. During this time, Julian questions Ivyís love for their three other children and if they are infact his. Ivy is completely appalled by his accusations, swearing that she loves all of her children and that she will always be Mrs. Crane.

Theresa sleeps soundly in her bed, murmuring "Ethan" over and over again with a smile and is quickly and abruptly awaken when Ethan and Pilar storm into her room. Ethan is in a state of complete anger, screaming at Theresa and demanding why she hid the truth from him. Theresa tries to defend herself, with some help from Pilar, in that she only wanted what was best for Ethan. Theresa and Ethan engage in a screaming match in which he accuses that she knew all along about his paternity and lied to him. Theresa claims once again that she didnít want him to get hurt but it is too little too late. Ethan calls off their engagement, swears that he will never marry her, storms out of the room and life for good. (Had you going there huh?) Pilar rushes into Theresaís room to wake and comfort her, letting her know it was only a dream. Theresa and Pilar then proceed to talk on the couch in which Pilar warns her daughter that secrets always have a way of coming out and that it is best for Theresa to tell Ethan the truth. Theresa feels that she will lose Ethan forever if she tells him now and swears to her mother that she will tell him once the time is right..... "as soon as they are married." Theresa kisses her mother and rushes off to get dress so she can go check on Ethan at the cottage. Pilar then prays that someone will help her daughter to make the right decision. 

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