Passions Update Monday 2/26/01



Passions Update Monday 2/26/01

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The love making continues from yesterday's show. After a whole bunch of "oohs" & "ahhs" the two are sitting up in bed and Luis brings in two glasses of champaign, followed by some pillow talk "you're sexy" "I love you" etc. They start feeding each other strawberry's & cream and then once again go into Round II. 

A reply of Grace damning Ivy and her children to eternal hell on earth. Grace's curse continues, as does the earth quake its causing. Sam, Pilar & Eve run into Grace's room because the quake might knock something down (LOL). Sam bursts in, sees Ivy there and pulls her out of Grace's room. He flat out tells her he wants nothing to do with her, she asks what about Ethan, he replies Ethan doesn't think of Sam as his father. Sam threatens Ivy to stay away from his family or he'll... Ivy takes off after once again talking to Pilar about how much Sam loves Grace. Eve comes in shortly after Sam talks with Pilar and tells them Grace should be waking up soon. Grace wakes up and her and Sam asks if he can get her anything, she says the one thing she wants he can't give her, he asks her to try him, and she says her baby (DUH Sam!). 

Ethan Whatshisname, Theresa, Chad & Whitney, are in the Crane library, stil discussng how the story got out. Theresa goes and says its her fault, Theresa pours her soul out to Ethan. And wouldn't you know it, Ethan once again thinks he knows what Theresa's talking about. He says he's not mad at Theresa and its not her fault, Theresa's overjoyed, only to have him say that it wasn't her who set the events in motion. That calling off his wedding to Gwen got someone who wanted to make a quick buck to dig into his past, and that it wasn't Theresa's fault he called the wedding off (debatable...). The party moves outside and Ethan starts talking about how when he was little Julian & Alistair got him a Red Socks batting coach to help him with his ballgame, and how "Ethan Crane" had lots of fun memories. More self pitty, followed by some encouraging words by Chad. Whitney & Theresa once again talk and she again tells Theresa how she must tell Ethan (if Ethan would ever let the girl speak) the truth. Ethan starts going on about how they're honest with each other and how the'd never have any secrets from each other (cue frighten look on Theresa's face). Their conversation is cut short by Ivy's bed room screams (see below)

Rebecca & Julian are hanging out together. The two are making plans for a union and Rebecca discusses going over their portfolio's in private. Ivy comes home after being damned by Grace and drags herself to her bedroom, only to find Julian doing the bad thang in her bed. Ivy blows her top, screams at Julian for sweating up her sheets with some bimbo. She asks which staff member he's bedding now, and to Ivy's surprise, its Rebecca. Ivy continues to yell, saying how she'll have to have the sheets burned and Julian tells her how she'll do no such thing because she has no say over Crane property. Julian tells her how he plans to divorce her. Then Ethan & Theresa run in, and see Julian in his boxers and Rebecca come slinking out of the closet. Ivy spots the bags in Ethan's hand and she asks him what he's doing. Rebecca panics and says "you're not planning to elope with Theresa are you?" Ethan tells them he's moving out, Ivy says he can't and that the mansion's been his home for all his life and she's his mother and he can stay as long as he wants. Ivy turns to Julian and tells him to tell Ethan he can stay as long as he wants. But Julian replies that Ethan knows what he has to do. Ivy curses Julian. Ethan tells Julian and everyone goodbye and leaves the mansion. 

Miguel's still trying to run into the closet, with Reese holding him back. Charity comes close to the door and Miguel almost runs in, until it turns into a demon. Realizing if he had run in he'd be dead, Miguel's finally ready to listen to Father Lonigan and prepare to truely fight evil. Suddenly, the rag men burst into the bedroom and attack Reese, Simone & Jessica, grabbing their neck's and they pass out or something. They throw Miguel against the wall and go after Father Lonigan. Kay steps in but is also grabbed and knocked out. 

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