Passions Update Friday 2/2/01



Passions Update Friday 2/2/01

By Adrienne

Luis and Sheridan

Luis says he's turning into a prune (I bet!) and they kiss some more. They get out (wow, the camera operators are really good at not showing any naughty bits) and begin to make out again. Sheridan drops her towel, much to Luis's pleasure, and they start to go at it.

They move to the bedroom and exchange I love you's. Luis says he's going to spend the rest of their lives making her dreams come true. Sheridan says she couldn't have imagined a more romantic night. Luis lays her down on the bed and kisses her. The phone rings and they ignore it. (Yeah!) The answering machine picks up and Theresa leaves a panicked message. She tells them to pick up if they are there. Luis stops kissing Sheridan and says that Theresa sounds upset. (I bet you wish you hadn't spent so long in the bathtub now, huh!) Theresa begs them to pick up, and Sheridan puts it on speakerphone, asking what is wrong. Theresa says Ethan needs her and she needs Luis. Luis asks what is going on, and Theresa says that Mr. Crane is coming. Sheridan wonders what this has to do with Julian. Theresa says something big is about to happen and they have to put a stop to it.

Timmy and Tabby

Timmy finds Tabby dead in the shower. He wonders who could have done this. Timmy is sitting next to Tabitha and crying. He's asking how Tabby could leave him now. He flashes back through a montage of good and bad times with Tabby. (This is a cute little scene with a nice song.) Timmy blames himself for Tabby's death. He says that he'd do anything to bring Tabby back, even put up with Fluffy for the rest of his life. Well, maybe not that. He promises Tabby that he'll never forget her, and walks slowly out of the bathroom. We see Tabby's hand twitch (Ahh!! Sheridan flashback!).

Timmy is muttering and packing as Tabby staggers out to the living room. Timmy is grateful and rushes to hug her. Timmy says he saw all that icky blood. Tabby says that icky blood was her strawberry shampoo. She tells him about Norma, and Timmy asks why she didn't answer. Tabby says she hit her head on the way down and knocked herself out. Timmy tells her to wait until he tells her what he found in the house. Tabby says the body of Norma's father. Timmy wonders how Tabby knew that, and Tabby says she saw the movie. Tabby says that's why she was thinking this place was so familiar. Timmy tells her to finish her shower, but Tabby says she's steering clear of showers. She goes to take a quick bath.

Norma is back upstairs and says she's sorry the little imp knocked her father down. She speaks for her father and says she must punish him. Norma says she's ready and it's time to punish him. A boy must get what he deserves. She vows to kill Timmy and clutches the ax to her chest. Norma comes down and stands outside clutching her ax.

Tabby and Timmy are all packed and try to leave, but Norma won't let them.

The Bennett House

Charity is finally pulled into hell (Geeze, took long enough.) Kay is having pangs of remorse about sending Charity to hell. Hecuba says that she now gets her soul back, and asks if it wasn't worth sacrificing her cousin. Kay tries to grab for her soul, but Hecuba pulls it back. Hecuba says she has to cast a spell to make sure she gets her soul back in one piece. Kay says Hecuba never mentioned it before, and Hecuba says that's because she just made it up. Hecuba talks her way out of that one and Kay says she better hurry.

Jessica walks in downstairs and calls to Kay and Charity. Kay says if Jessica sees Charity in the fires of hell, Kay will be dead for sure. Kay comes out and talks to Jessica. Kay makes up a story about watching a horror movie on cable and get Jessica to leave. Kay tells Hecuba that she can't take much more of this. Kay begs for her soul back and the phone rings. Hecuba tells Kay to go downstairs and she'll take care of this. She answers the phone with Charity's voice. She says that she's all right and Kay is looking out for her. Suddenly Charity screams from hell and Miguel hears it. He says he's coming home right now. Hecuba talks her way out of it. She says that she needs rest and is going to sleep. Miguel hangs up. Kay tries to get her soul back from Hecuba, and Hecuba gives her the run around. Kay says she can't believe her. Jessica comes up with some hot chocolate and tries to give some to Charity, but Kay stops her. Jessica won't take no for an answer and just wants to check on Charity.

The Party

Grace and Miguel are talking and Grace suggests they get back down to the party. Grace actually decides she wants to explore a bit more, since there isn't much going on downstairs. Grace and Miguel are walking around, and Grace asks if he's going to move into the mansion after Theresa's wedding. Miguel says he plans to buy the little island off the coast and build a house on it. Grace asks if it's for him and Charity. Miguel lets out his fears about Charity being an angel that will be called back to heaven some day. Grace and Miguel talk about visions and Grace tells him about her visions. She talks about the angel telling her about trouble ahead. Miguel tries to reassure her. Grace says that all Charity's visions haven't come true. The remember Charity's vision of Kay's monster face.

Ivy is unconscious, and Ethan asks what this is all about. TC and Sam are whispering about Ivy and Sam's past. Sam says there's no way Julian could know. Pilar and Eve talk about the same thing. Theresa is hyperventilating saying that Julian couldn't know, he couldn't have read the file. Whitney and Chad wonder what is going on, and Theresa says that Ethan is going to need all the support they can give him. Rebecca and Gwen are going over what happened. (Thanks for the recap, girls!) Gwen says she wishes that Ethan didn't have to get hurt. She says the look on his face breaks her heart. Rebecca tells her not to think about that.

Ethan asks why Julian is so upset, and why does it matter that Ivy had a lover so many years ago. Julian says it matters. Rebecca and Gwen talk again, and Gwen is still upset that Ethan will be so hurt. Rebecca goes over the plan, and Gwen asks how Rebecca is so sure that Julian will adopt Ethan. Rebecca says that Julian is putty in her hands. Pilar and Eve are worried over Ivy. Theresa is freaking out, and finally tells Whitney about Ethan's paternity. Whitney is stunned. Ethan and Julian are talking about Ivy's past love, and Julian says the details of Ivy's affair are certainly their business.

Julian says it's time Ethan learned who Ivy was shacking up with years ago. Julian says he shouldn't be so quick to defend Ivy. Ethan says he doesn't care since it doesn't have any affect on his life. Ivy comes to and Ethan goes to her. Ivy sees Sam instead of Ethan, and says she always knew he'd come back to her. Ethan asks what she means.

Whitney is in shock, and says she doesn't understand. Theresa explains about scanning the letter into her laptop, and insists that it wasn't from her. Theresa says that Ethan is going to be devastated, and Whitney says they will all be there for him. Theresa panics and goes to call Sheridan for help. (Aw man!)

Julian says it's time for Ivy to tell Ethan her secret. Ivy tells him he can't do that. Ethan says it doesn't matter. Julian says it's too late. She lost. Ivy screams that she hasn't and pushes Julian out of the room. They go upstairs and into the library, fighting the whole way. Ivy says he can't tell. It would destroy her. Julian screams it has already destroyed him, and that Ivy played him for a fool. He says that she made him believe Ethan was his own flesh and blood. She took away his son. A son he could be proud of. A son he watched grow into a man. Ivy gets on her knees and begs Julian not to tell. Julian tells her to get up. It's truly pathetic. Ivy gets up and says she'll do anything he asks if he doesn't tell. He says it's too late. Soon everyone will know what she has done. She asks him what he's talking about and he tells her to take a good look at the paper. He secret is front-page news. She reads it and is stunned. Ivy grabs the paper and cries. Julian screams that he knows the marriage wasn't exactly a love fest, but he loves Ethan. He throws things, and grabs Ivy. He says she's going downstairs to tell Ethan all about it. She refuses, and Julian throws her to the floor. He says she can cry her eyes out for all he cares. He's going downstairs to tell Ethan who he really is and what a slut his mother is.

Sam says he has to tell Grace about his past with Ivy. Eve says that would be best for the baby. Pilar goes upstairs to find Grace. Eve and TC wonder if Sam still has feelings for Ivy. Pilar finds Grace, and Grace looks at a picture of Ethan. She says that Ethan has the Bennett eyes. Pilar talks to Grace, and Grace suddenly clutches her stomach in pain. Miguel asks what is wrong, and Grace says she just had a feeling that her entire world is in danger. She feels better and says she just felt that something was wrong for someone close to her. Pilar insists that she lie down and whispers that her feeling was correct.

Ethan asks where Ivy is and if she's all right. Julian tells him not to let Ivy's frail act fool him. She's fine. Ethan accuses Julian of embarrassing the family. Julian says Ivy is the one who did that. Ethan demands that Julian tell him everything. Julian says that he has to be ready for the shock of his life.

Back in the library Ivy picks up a shattered picture of Ethan. She says once Ethan learns the truth, everything she has endured will be for nothing. She did it all for him, and now he will lose everything. Ivy begs him not to hate her.

Ethan says he has to know what this is all about. Julian tells Ethan not to call him father. Ethan doesn't understand it. Julian says it's because he isn't his father, and Ethan isn't a Crane. Cue confused looks from everyone at the party.

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