Passions Update Wednesday 1/31/01



Passions Update Wednesday 1/31/01

By Adrienne

Timmy and Tabby

We see Timmy talking to the father again, and then finding out that the father is really a mummified body. The body falls on Timmy and Timmy yells for his princess. Tabby is hacked up by Norma again and falls to the floor. Timmy yells that he's stuck under a stiff. He pushes the dead guy off of him and says he needs to get back to the room where it's safe. He tries to leave, but his foot gets stuck in the dead guy's hand. Timmy screams again.

Back in the hotel room Tabby is lying on the floor of the shower. Norma turns off the water and smile with satisfaction. Timmy is struggling to get away and finally kicks back to free himself. He says he knew that kickboxing class would be worth every penny. He runs out and wonders why Norma has a dead man in her house. He thinks this could be Hecuba's doing. Timmy is sneaking around and says he has to get back and tell Tabby what is going on. Suddenly he hears a cat yowl. He starts to run but is cut off by cats in every direction. (At this point my cat just came running into the room to see where the other cats were!) Timmy calls for Tabby's help. Back at the hotel room Norma is washing the ax off. She says that Norman would be so proud of them. She promises to clean the shower later and leaves.

Luis and Sheridan (Is tonight the night? Finally?)

Sheridan and Luis are going at it hot and heavy back in the cottage. Of course, they stop and talk about how much they want each other. (If you want each other so badly, just do it! Don't stop to talk about it! Geeze.) They slowly start to undress each other (there's this interesting music playing in the background. It has a heavy beat and reminds me of old porno music…tee hee!) Sheridan actually gets down to her under things and goes after Luis's shirt. Yeah! Luis is shirtless!! Sheridan begs Luis to make love to her. Luis says not yet. Sheridan asks why, and Luis says he promised her the most romantic night of her life. She is too special to rush this. First it has to get hot and steamy. They start to make out again.

Luis pulls back and talks about the romantic bath they are going to have. Sheridan says he's so sweet. They talk about jumping into the tub and both can't wait (then just go!) Luis sweet-talks her some more and they kiss again. (They're going to get chapped lips.)

Luis and Sheridan are in the bathtub. It's strewn with flower petals and candles are everywhere. Sheridan says she feels so connected to Luis right now, and is so happy. Sheridan says she loves him with all her heart and soul. Luis says he loves her too. They stare dreamily at each other and Luis comments that she's so beautiful. The way the candlelight hits her hair reminds him of a sunset he saw when he was younger. He never felt closer to God then. He didn't think he'd ever see anything that beautiful again, but now he has. They kiss tenderly. It turns into make out city (wow that's a big tub).

The Bennett House

Charity is being grabbed by the souls of hell and screaming for Kay's help. Charity sees Hecuba and says Hecuba can't be real. Hecuba says she is real. Hecuba tells Charity that Kay can't help her because she doesn't have a soul. Charity is being pulled into hell much faster this time. Charity asks Hecuba why she is doing this to her. Hecuba says that evil will reign in Harmony. Charity doesn't understand, and screams for help again. Hecuba tells Kay that once Charity is charcoal, she'll get her soul back and get Miguel. She'll get everything she's ever wanted. Charity screams for Kay again, and Kay stands there with no emotion. Hecuba laughs in glee.

Charity says that Kay is family. She can't let her die. Charity screams, and asks if Kay has any feelings. Hecuba says she has Kay's soul. Charity says she doesn't believe it and screams for Kay to show her. Charity tries to get Kay to help. She says to think about her mother, father and the new baby. Charity says she knows she's feeling something, and to listen to it before it's too late. Charity begs Kay not to listen to Hecuba. Hecuba says once Charity is destroyed, Kay will have everything she wants. Charity begs her to help. Hecuba says that Charity will just go away. She then tells the minions to just fry the brat already. Charity says Kay is her only hope. Hecuba reminds Kay that once Charity is down and under she'll get her soul back. Kay launches towards Charity and tries to pull her out. Hecuba says it's too late. Charity is doomed. Charity is begging Kay to pull harder, but Kay is pulling as hard as she can. Hecuba says that if Kay helps Charity, Kay will go down with her. Charity yells that Hecuba is lying. Hecuba tries to needle Kay, and Charity begs Kay not to listen.

The Party and the Secret

Julian says that Ivy is a tramp and a slut and everyone gasps. The reporter is snapping secret pictures and is very pleased with himself. Rebecca and Gwen are very happy in the background. Ethan wonders what is going on. We see a flashback of Julian learning the truth from the reporter. Julian stares at Ivy with daggers in his eyes. Rebecca whispers that lives are going to be shattered, and then she goes through her stupid plan one more time. (OK! We get it!)

TC, Eve and Pilar are whispering in the corner wondering what is happening. Chad, Whitney and Theresa are wondering the same thing. Julian says that it's time the whole world knew her secret. Ivy accuses him of being drunk. Julian calls her his whore of a wife. Ivy says she will not be embarrassed in front of her family and friends a moment longer and tries to leave. Julian grabs her and tells her to listen to him. Ivy asks what has gotten into him. He's ruining Ethan's engagement party. Ivy tells him to stop it or she will make it pay dearly. Ethan jumps in and says to let his mother go. Julian says yes, Ivy is his mother. Ethan says yes, and Julian is his father. Julian begins to ramble, and Ivy says that Julian is drunk again. Julian says he isn't drunk. He turns on Ivy and says he knows exactly what she did.

Pilar says she's never seen Julian like this before. TC and Sam say that Julian and Ivy are very capable of doing this. Sam speculates that Ivy is a battered wife. Rebecca overhears this and giggles that the fuse is lit. Julian says that Ivy played him for a fool all these years. Ivy plays dumb. Julian says that Ivy lied to him day in and day out. He throws a fit and pushes over a table. Everyone just watches in stunned silence. Rebecca says if Julian doesn't rip Ivy apart for the secret about Ethan, Sam will. Ethan drags Julian out and Pilar asks if Ivy is all right. Ivy says other than being humiliated, she's fine. Ivy says she's going to make Julian pay. Eve comes up and asks what could set Julian off. Ivy says she has never seen Julian that angry. Eve asks if Julian knows that Ethan is really Sam's son. Ivy denies it, but Eve asks why Julian is calling her those names. Ivy tries to justify it and insists that Julian doesn't know her secret…unless Eve told him. Eve denies it, but Ivy doesn't believe it. Eve says that the truth would destroy Grace. Ivy says she knows that Pilar would never betray her and they are the only ones who know. Pilar flashes back to having Theresa erase the files. Ivy decides that Julian must be drunk or insane.

Chad, Whitney and Theresa are talking about what happened. Theresa has no idea what is so bad. Rebecca listens gleefully and goes over the plan once again. Out in the foyer Julian tries to get some alcohol, but Ethan won't let him. Ethan says that Julian has stunned him and embarrassed him. He talks about how Julian has damaged the family's reputation. Julian says that Ivy has destroyed the family, and Julian knows how and whom she did it with. (Oh, just tell them!)

TC says he wants to leave, but Sam says he wants to stay to protect Theresa and Pilar. TC agrees. Chad and Whitney are saying he can't believe how Julian treated his wife. Chad says he learned to treat a woman with love and respect. Chad says that Ethan would never treat Theresa like that (umm…didn't he humiliate Gwen in front of everyone?)

Outside Ethan gives Julian coffee. Julian insists that he isn't drunk, but wishes he were. Ethan asks him what is wrong. Julian says he knows for a fact. Ethan says it can't be as horrible as he's making it out to be. Ethan asks if there is something he can do to help. Julian asks if Ethan really cares about him. They exchange I love you's. Julian says this is why Ethan will never understand how this is tearing him apart. Ethan still doesn't understand, and Julian tells him to enjoy these last moments of happiness while he still can. Julian tells Ethan that he never wanted to see him hurt. Julian goes back inside and Ethan wonders what is going on.

Julian opens the paper and reads the headline again. He turns to the crowd and says he has an announcement. He stutters a bit, saying that everyone thinks him a ranting drunk with a violent streak. He assures everyone that he's not drunk. His violent moment was completely justified. He says that it was something that his whore of a wife hid from him for years. Color Ivy worried, and Rebecca is gleeful.

Sam walks up to Ivy and asks if she knows what Julian's big announcement is. Theresa asks Ethan if he's all right. Ethan is just sorry that the engagement party turned out badly. Theresa says it's all right. She loves him. Julian asks Ivy if she is ready, and says that once he tells them all what Ivy had kept from him all those years they will understand why he went crazy earlier.

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