Passions Update Tuesday 1/30/01


Passions Update Tuesday 1/30/01

By Adrienne

Timmy and Tabby

Timmy is heading towards the main house to take Norma's father a copy of Hidden Passions. Tabby is back in the room lamenting about the secrets exposed in the book. Tabby decides to take a relaxing shower. She thinks she hears something outside and closes the drapes. Norma is lurking with her ax.

Timmy rings the doorbell and asks if anyone is home. He knocks and says he knows there's someone inside. Timmy starts to leave when the door creaks open behind him. He walks in and calls out. Timmy decides to make sure everything is all right and goes to find the old man. Timmy wanders around calling out. He starts to wonder if this was a good idea and begins to worry about cats.

Back at the hotel room Tabby is singing in the shower in a silly pink shower cap. Norma is in the room and goes towards the bathroom with her ax.

Timmy is looking around the house and opens a door. The doorknob falls off and Timmy sees the back of the father's head. Timmy starts to talk about he book and realizes that the father isn't answering. Timmy tries to get his attention. Timmy asks if the father is feeling lonely. If so, Timmy can make some martimmies and read to him. Timmy walks up and steps on the back of the rocking chair. Timmy apologizes, and finally sees that the father is just a mummified body. He screams and the body falls on him. Timmy yells for his princess.

Norma begins to attack Tabby. Norma is getting in some good shots and blood is running down Tabby's legs. (Insert shot of bloody shower drain here.) Tabby screams for help and finally falls to the ground.

The Bennett's House

Hecuba is standing in front of the closet to hell. She closes the doors as Charity walks in the room. Charity looks back at Kay and asks if Kay is coming in. Kay does and says there's nothing to be afraid of. Charity looks around and doesn't know why she was so freaked out. Hecuba cackles outside the window. Charity looks around and ends up staring at the closet of hell (now closed.) She flashes back to almost being pulled into it, and Kay asks what is wrong. Charity doesn't know, and Kay tries to reassure her again. Charity just can't get past the bad feelings. They talk about the strange things going on, and Charity says that even if Kay weren't her cousin, she'd still want her around as a friend. Charity says from now on she's going to try to be brave and strong like Kay.

Hecuba begins to work her magic, and all the bulbs in the room go out, leaving it in darkness. Kay says maybe it's a burnt fuse. Charity lights a candle and says she shouldn't be this jumpy when Kay is so nice to stay. Charity tries to think more positive. She decides to always put herself in Kay's shoes. Charity decides to confront her fears and open the closet door. Hecuba tells her bye-bye and laughs. Charity walks towards the closet door.

Charity whispers reassurances and goes to open the door. Kay jumps up and tells her not to open it. Charity says it'll be fine. Kay sits down and Hecuba appears to yell at her. Charity finally gets the door open and the closet is normal. Charity and Kay are both relieved. Kay asks Hecuba what happened to hell, and Hecuba does her magic. Hell appears again behind Charity's back. Kay sees the Hell appear and Charity turns around. Hecuba appears and says no one can save her. The phone rings, and Charity screams for Kay to help her.

The Party

Everyone is listening to Alistar's announcement. Alistar says he wants everyone to hear something that just can't wait. TC asks Eve if she knows what this is all about. Eve flashes back to hearing Alistar talk about playing the tape. Back in reality, Alistar says what they are about to hear will shock and change their lives.

Miguel says he wants to go, but Pilar says that his brother or sister may need him and asks him to stay. Alistar keeps stalling (this will probably go on for the rest of the show.) Theresa says she is very happy as Ethan wonders where Julian got off to. Alistar is about to play the tape as his assistant turns off the speakerphone. Alistar has a fit and the assistant shows him the paper. Alistar asks where she got it.

Sheridan says something must be wrong. Alistar never changes his mind in the middle of anything. Ethan and Theresa come up and they talk about what may have happened. The assistant asks if Alistar is all right, and he says he's not. But he'll be damned if he's going to let anyone know about it. He gets back on the phone and apologizes, saying his announcement is going to have to wait. Ivy wonders what this is all about and tries to find Julian. Sheridan goes to get her bag and Eve tells Luis to stay close to Sheridan. Luis asks if Eve is still worried about Sheridan's health, and Eve says he's just the best medicine. Luis says it would be hard to pry him away. Sheridan comes back and they leave. Eve tells them to enjoy the rest of their night.

Chad asks Ethan if he can change the music to something better. Ethan gives his permission. Theresa and Whitney are talking and Whitney tells her to stop warring. Ethan dances with Theresa. Ivy and Pilar talk and Ivy says if it wasn't for Julian and Alistar, she'd be in Sam's arms right now.

Everyone's dancing, and Miguel says he's still worried about Charity. Pilar sends him to use an upstairs phone. Ivy cuts in on Grace and Ivy's dance. Sam says he has a better idea. He offers to find Julian, but Ivy says that Grace should really rest in her condition anyhow. Grace leaves, and Ivy says that Sam's wife is giving them permission. Now they don't have an excuse. Sam reluctantly dances with her as Eve, TC and Pilar look on. Ivy is caressing Sam and smelling his neck. Grace returns and asks Pilar where the powder room is. Grace is about to leave, but then asks Pilar about Ivy's first love. Grace says she can't imagine how terrible it's been for her. Pilar says that after Ivy married Julian, the man made a good life for himself with a man he loves. Grace says that she thinks one day Ivy and her first love will be reunited. Pilar asks about the man's life. Grace says no matter how you look at it some one will get hurt. Grace says she's rooting for Ivy. Besides, she doesn't know this other woman. Grace leaves and Pilar and Eve talk. .

Luis and Sheridan make it back to the cottage. They start to make out (I'm kind of surprised they didn't start undressing on the way home!) They talk about how much they love each other and kiss again.

Rebecca and Gwen are lurking outside the library and peek in to see the reporter telling Julian about the headline. Rebecca tells Gwen that the tabloid reporter snuck back inside the house and is talking to Julian now. Rebecca wonders if Julian will give Ivy time to pack before throwing her out. Rebecca says soon everything inside the house will be theirs, including the men who live there.

In the library, Julian is staring at the headline in disbelief. The reporter asks if a cat got his tongue. The reporter asks for his reaction, and Julian lets out a yell of rage. He pulls out a gun and the reporter asks if he is going to shoot Sam. Julian says he's going to shoot the reporter. He launches into a tirade about how Ethan is his first-born and he loves his son more than anything. Julian says he should sue for slander and the reporter underestimated the Cranes. The reporter pulls out Ivy's letter and Julian reads it in anger. (Thank goodness this FINALLY came out!!) Julian reads the letter and asks who sent the information. The reporter says he couldn't trace the email. The phone rings and it's a very, very angry Alistar. He asks what the hell is going on, and Julian mutters that he heard. Alistar says if this turns out to be true, he'll destroy everyone involved. Alistar yells at Julian, saying that Ivy played him as a fool. (Wow, he's mean!!) Alistar tells Julian to put him on speaker, and Alistar tells the reporter off. The reporter goes to leave.

Gwen and Rebecca are very happy outside the door and decide to go down to the party so they can act surprised.

Julian is standing in stunned silence. He asks Alistar if this is really true. Alistar tells him to get over himself, and says Ethan being a Bennett would make sense. Alistar is amazed that he didn't see it himself, and he has to hand it to Ivy. She kept the secret masterfully. Alistar commands Julian to go back to the party and find out if the headline is the truth. If it is, Julian is to bring Alistar Ivy's treacherous head.

Grace goes upstairs and sees Julian (who is in a sort of trance.) Grace says it's a lovely party and Julian must be very proud of his son. Julian mutters son, and notices Ivy and Sam are dancing together. Grace says she gave them permission and leaves.

Ethan and Theresa are dancing. Theresa is begging Ethan to get along better with Sam. Ethan says it's good to see Ivy happy, but he just doesn't get along with Sam. Ethan sees Julian, and wonders why he's looking so intense. Julian is staring at Ivy and Sam dancing and then looks at the headline again.

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