Passions Update Friday 1/26/01



Passions Update Friday 1/26/01

By Adrienne

Timmy and Tabby

Timmy and Tabby are watching a newscast of the Crane party. Tabby says she is glad they aren't in Harmony, since once the party ends many lives will be destroyed. People are talking about the revelations in the book. Timmy says it would be great to be in Harmony and see what happens when the book hits the shelves. Tabby says it would be horrible. Timmy reminds her about the spell in the back to make people forget what they have read. Tabby says she's just trying to get her mind off all this hoopla. Tabby watches the newscast again and the reporter says maybe something great is going to happen tonight. Tabby says the reporter is right. Something huge is going to happen tonight.

The people in the store notice Timmy and Tabby and they begin to gush. Timmy flirts with the girls and Tabby tries to get him to stop. They banter with the customers. Timmy yells that every word is true. Tabby gets angry with him, but Timmy says he's just trying to sell the book, and announce that Hidden Passions would make the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

Tabby begins to sign autographs, and Timmy is pitching the book by her side. Tabby tells him to shut up, but he's having a great time. Timmy says he's all set. He's rented Psycho - a movie he's always wanted to see. (Yeah! This is getting great!) Tabby says she has to go and they talk about the motel being familiar.

Back at the motel we see Norma asking her father for her old knives. Norma tells her father about Tabby and Timmy and examines her knives.

Tabby is angry at Timmy, saying he took everything from her memoirs and put it in the book. She stops and says she feels they are in terrible danger. She feels she has seen this place somewhere before. The camera pans to the psycho box on the bed. Norma is sneaking around outside with her knife.

The Party

Ethan is telling Julian he knows how hard it is for Julian to give a toast since he is disappointed he didn't choose Gwen. Julian says he could never be disappointed of his son. Gwen and Rebecca are listening and Gwen says she doesn't think she can take this much more. Rebecca says of course she can. They talk about the headline.

Julian imparts some wisdom to Ethan. Julian says love isn't what makes the world go round. Ethan says money is, right. Julian adds "and power." They say they love each other.

Theresa and Whitney are talking about how wonderful everyone looks and Theresa launches into her worries about everything being taken away. Whitney tries to reassure her again. Chad comes up and steals Whitney away. Ethan comes up and hugs Theresa. Ethan and Theresa talk, and Ethan says he missed her. Theresa is all gooey eyed and they kiss.

In the library the reporter is saying he won't leave until he sees Julian brought to his knees. Rebecca walks in and says she hopes the reporter won't leave until he tells Julian what he came to tell. The reporter says he won't.

Grace asks if the girl in the story is Ivy. Ivy says yes, and Grace apologizes. They talk about the story and Ivy is very upset. Grace says she had no right to pass judgment. Ivy says she was wrong. Ivy says she really feels like she and Grace has become friends. Grace agrees, and Ivy says maybe it's time Grace knew the truth. Sam shakes his head at Ivy. Ivy starts to talk about her first love, and both Sam and Pilar try to stop her, but she doesn't. Grace asks if they ever had children, then apologizes. Grace says of course they never had children. Grace then asks what the wife of her first love thinks. Sam tries to get Grace to leave, but she won't. Ivy says she's friends with the man's life, but she doesn't know anything about them. Grace gets upset saying it would be awful for the woman to be lied to all those years. She just doesn't have any respect for a man like that. Sam says there's something he needs to tell Grace.

Grace asks if Sam knows the man. Sam says yes and explains that the man's wife was going through a rough time at first so he didn't want to upset her. Then later too much time had passed and he didn't want it to seem that he had lied to her on purpose. Grace asks if this man is a close friend of Sam's. Sam is about to answer when Ethan tells everyone about the toast and asks them to go to the main house.

Julian is talking to Rebecca and tells her she must introduce him for the toast. Rebecca asks about the newspaper, but Julian says he'll get to it afterwards.

Luis, Eve and Sheridan are in a room. Alistar calls Luis and tells him he has something for him to hear. (I thought Alistar was going to let everyone hear it?) Eve tells Luis to hang up and enjoy the party. Luis agrees, but gets back on the phone and asks what the person wants him to hear. They banter a little bit and Sheridan encourages Luis to hang up, saying they have important things to do. Alistar says he is preparing something. Luis tells him to go ahead. (Hurry up already!! Geeze!) Miguel comes in and tells Luis that Julian is giving a toast. Luis agrees and Eve takes the phone, saying she'll handle it. Luis and Sheridan leave and Eve talks to Alistar. Alistar says that she disappoints him. Now he's more determined than ever for Luis to learn the truth.

Everyone makes their way into the house for the toast. Luis and Sheridan talk about how they must hurry to meet their "destiny." Sam and Grace walk in and Sam asks Grace if she wants to leave soon. Grace just shrugs and walks away. TC tells Sam to give her some space. TC asks where Eve is.

Eve is still talking to Alistar. Eve tells Alistar off, saying he has no right to destroy Sheridan and Luis. Luis is a decent man. Alistar scoffs, and says that it's amusing that Eve thinks she can stop him. Eve says she will. Alistar says she has just delayed the inevitable. Now he will make sure there is a bigger reaction later on. Eve asks what he means, and Alistar says he'll just play it over the mansion speaker system.

The toast begins. Julian says there's a general belief that the Crane's are infallible. But they do make mistakes and they are quick to rectify them. It ain't over 'till it's over. He says he plans to make the Crane Empire bigger and better. He loves Ethan. He toasts to his son and his future bride's happiness. (Hmmm…no mention of Theresa!) They all toast and everyone is happy.

Ivy asks Pilar if she thinks Sam will tell Grace. Sam is about to, but Grace stops him saying she doesn't want to know. If she knows this man she doesn't think she could look at him after knowing this.

Rebecca tells the reporter that if he wants to talk to Julian, get his butt in the foyer and he can ask Julian anything he wants after the speech.

Julian asks if there is anyone else who would like to say something. The reporter speaks up and says he'd like to talk to Julian. Rebecca is excited saying that all hell is about to break loose.

The Bennett House

Miguel has called Charity and Charity says she's fine. She tells him about Reese's evil catching machine. Miguel says he's coming home very soon and will sleep in her bed that night so she doesn't have to be afraid. Charity thanks him and tells him to have a good time.

Upstairs, Hecuba is yelling at Kay about not bringing up Charity. Kay talks about Reese's machine, and Hecuba says it must be a farce. Kay asks what happens if it works. Hecuba says in that case they are both done for. Hecuba says she'd love to rid the world of this Reese person. Kay says Hecuba promised she wouldn't. Hecuba threatens Kay's soul again. Hecuba tells her to go get rid of Reese before Miguel comes back.

Charity asks Reese how it's going. Kay comes downstairs and the machine goes berserk. Reese says his machine is registering someone with no soul. Reese starts joking about it and Charity says of course Kay has a soul. Reese says this is cutting edge technology. Hecuba comes downstairs and Reese starts to suck her in. Hecuba yells for Kay to save her. (Hey, Kay! Ask for your soul back!) Reese is trying to control the machine. Hecuba yells for Kay to save her, but Kay refuses, saying once Hecuba is gone her nightmare will be over. (Go Kay!!)

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