Passions Update Wednesday 1/24/01



Passions Update Wednesday 1/24/01

By Adrienne

Timmy and Tabby

Tabby and Timmy are exploring the hotel room and commenting on how nice the shower is. They get changed and Timmy starts to make martimmies. Tabby is getting an odd feeling about the motel. Timmy tries to reassure her, and says he's just glad they are far away from Hecuba. They talk about Hidden Passions and Tabby is worried about it again. Norma is lurking outside with an ax. (Scary woman!) Tabby is going on and on about her book and Timmy tells her it's not going to happen. (Oh, slap her, Timmy!) Timmy says he feels safe there, even from Hecuba. Tabby decides she is in the mood for bar-be-queue (this is right after a scene of the closet of hell. Tee hee!) Timmy's cell phone rings and Tabby asks where he got it. He says from the advance. Tabby answers and it's the Harper-Collins rep. Tabby asks when she might expect a copy of her book. Tabby tells Timmy that Hidden Passions is in stores across the country, and if she wants a copy of her book she has to buy it herself. Tabby wants to get a copy so she can find out which parts of her memoirs Timmy sold. They go into town to buy a copy.

They get to the bookstore and Hidden Passion sis a big hit. Tabby panics and says the mob is starting to form. Timmy says that isn't a mob. It's paying customers. We hear about people talking about the book, saying how amazing it is and they can't put it down. Hecuba grabs a copy of the book and starts reading. Everyone in the bookstore is talking about the book. Timmy says he wanted to wow the readers. That's what makes it so good. Tabby says that's also what makes it so dangerous.

Kay and Charity

Kay has gotten Charity some tea to make her feel better. Charity is still acting creepy talking about the lost souls. Hecuba is chanting in the hallway and tells Kay to get Charity up to her room. Hecuba threatens Kay with her soul again and gives Kay a vision of what will happen to Charity. They banter on and on about getting Charity up to her room and Kay say's it's hard since Charity is kind of in a trance. Kay finally gets Charity up to her room, and Hecuba is getting ready. The closet of hell opens again and Hecuba laughs. Kay and Charity make it upstairs and Charity says she is very tired and cold. Charity stops and stares at the bedroom door. Hecuba is inside and laughing about the flames of hell. Charity says she can't go in there. Kay tries to stop her, but Charity says she's sleeping in Kay's room. Hecuba threatens Kay's soul, and Kay stops her. Kay says that it's time Charity faces her fears and she's becoming the Bennett's crazy niece. She brings up Miguel and asks if Charity wants to be a burden. Kay tells her to get a grip. (Wow she's mean here.) Hecuba applauds her efforts. Charity says Kay's right. She's been a burden and it has to stop. She's going to sleep in her own room. Hecuba plays in front of the closet and laughs at Charity.

The Party

Luis and Sheridan are being all lovey again. They get away and are making out in an alcove. They sneak off to a private room. Sheridan spots a tea set that she had as a little girl. She reminisces and Luis makes fun of her a little bit. Sheridan says she never had any girlfriends to play tea party with. Luis says she must have had some friends, but Sheridan says none. Alistar would never let her play with any of them. Sheridan says her one friend was her doll after her mother passed away. Luis decides to look for it, but Sheridan says Alistar had it thrown away because it was so dirty. Sheridan is crying over her doll and Luis holds her. He says he's sorry for all the hurt she has experienced. Sheridan says it's not just the doll. Her whole life has been like this. She is very scared that Alistar and Julian will take Luis away from her.

TC says that Eve lied to him…it was Julian's baby that died. And he just figured out who the mother was. Eve flashes back to talking to Julian. Eve tries to keep TC from talking, but TC says he knows what's going on and he could kill Julian for it. Eve says she knew that he'd be upset which is why she lied. TC says he realized that the father of the child that died was Julian, and the mother was the woman Eve and Ivy were talking about…the one sponsored by Crane charities. TC spins a web of logic saying that Eve was trying to protect Ivy and Ethan from Julian's sleazy attitude. TC says that Eve is trying to do the right thing, but Julian is scum. TC says he doesn't have all that much respect for the woman anyhow. Eve says it wasn't the woman's fault, but TC won't hear it. He wonders what kind of woman would get involved with Julian anyhow. TC says he doesn't respect any woman who gets involved with Julian, and he doesn't want that kind of woman near their daughters. Eve tries to defend herself, saying that maybe the woman was never really loved and Julian promised to make all her dreams come true. She gave herself to him out of love and later realized she made a mistake.

Ivy is trying to be happy for Grace and Sam. Grace says now she can give Sam what he's always wanted…a second son. Ivy says no, not a second son. Grace says they only have one, and Sam doesn't have any other sons. Grace asks Ivy if she's all right, and Pilar says she hasn't had anything to eat. Grace asks what Ivy meant about this baby not being Sam's second son. Ivy mumbles something and Sam and Grace kiss. Sam gushes about how wonderful Grace is and his dream of having a second son is now coming true. They leave and Ivy looks after them. Sam sees her and kisses Grace. Ivy talks to herself about Sam's son Ethan.

Grace and Sam are dancing and talking. Ivy is watching with extreme jealousy. Pilar tries to calm her down. Ivy gives in to Pilar's logic. Grace and Sam dance and kiss. Sam asks if Grace is ok and makes her sit down. He reminds her about what Eve says and tells her she has to take it easy. Sam gushes about how happy he is to have her. Ivy is still watching them (please get a life!) and says that Sam's such a wonderful husband. Her life could have been so much different if only…Pilar stops her and reminds her that she's a Crane.

Ethan and Theresa are dancing and Ethan says they are going to live happily ever after. Theresa and Ethan go to talk to Miguel and they talk about Charity. They try to reassure him about Charity's safety. He says they made him feel better and he walks away. Theresa thanks Ethan for being so great with Miguel. They talk about Sam and Grace and Theresa tries to plead Sam's case. Ethan doesn't quite believe her and says he's just glad he's not Sam Bennett's son. He makes a stupid joke and Theresa doesn't laugh. Ethan asks if she doesn't think that's funny. Theresa says it isn't Theresa scolds him a bit saying that Sam is a good man. They talk about him some more and Theresa tries very hard to convince Ethan to like Sam. Ethan asks why he should get along with Sam. Sam means nothing to him or Ivy.

Theresa goes to talk to Miguel again and the talk about Charity. He wonders how things are going to be long term. He says there seems to be so many obstacles. He says she feels things that other people don't, and sometimes he thinks that she is too good for this world. Theresa comforts him again, and Ethan walks up. Theresa talks about her own experiences with Ethan. The clock strikes midnight and Theresa gets sad, saying that Cinderella lost everything at midnight, and what if that happens to her.

Gwen and Rebecca walk in and Gwen wishes Theresa would throw herself at a speeding bus rather than Ethan. Rebecca says it will all be over soon because the reporter is in with Julian now. Gwen and Rebecca go and sit at the bar. Rebecca is wondering what is happening and goes to find out. On the way she stares at Ethan and Theresa.

Julian is drinking and muttering as he walks towards the library. The reporter inside is talking to himself about toppling the Crane Empire. Just as Julian is about to walk inside the library, Alistar calls him. Alistar explains again about playing the tape, and Julian is looking forward to it. Julian says he hopes the DA goes easy on Sheridan, since she's been through so much. Alistar says sacrificing Sheridan is a small price to pay. Luis could uncover many secrets that could put Julian in jail. Julian says he'll do all he can. Alistar says if the tape doesn't cause an explosion tonight, he doesn't know what else could. The reporter is still waiting in the library, and says once Julian gets a look at the headline it'll cause an explosion.

Julian and Alistar are laughing about what is going to happen. They reiterate the plan one more time. Julian asks for a few moments before he contacts Luis. There's someone waiting in the library. Alistar tells him to get rid of the person and fast. Julian says he is right, nothing can be more important than the tape. Alistar says no grandson of his will marry the housekeeper's daughter.

Julian finally goes into the library and the reporter won't let Julian talk. Rebecca is outside listening, and says the explosion is finally here.

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