Passions Update Tuesday 1/23/01


Passions Update Tuesday 1/23/01

By Adrienne

Timmy and Tabby

Timmy and Tabby arrive at their motel, which is very dark and dreary. We see a shot of the weird woman cleaning out the bloody shower again. Then the unknown shower cleaner talks to a silhouette in a very "Psycho" sort of way and is told to go down and greet the guests. Tabby knocks on the motel door, but no one opens up. Timmy and Tabby talk about the motel, and Tabby says she wants to take a long hot shower. Timmy says they are famous for their showers. Norma shows up and apologizes, saying she was putting her dad to bed. Tabby and Timmy talk about Norma, and Timmy says he thought Norma was "Norman." Tabby says she's not so sure Norma isn't a man. Timmy says "you mean…" Tabby says they are no longer in Harmony, Tim-tim. Norma lets them in and the pair walk inside the hotel. Norma is looking for the "naughty" guest registry. She ducks behind the counter and opens a drawer full of blades and ropes. She plays with a knife, then finds the registry. Tabby signs and says it looks like they haven't been too busy. Norma says they haven't had much business since they put in the interstate. She tells them they will be in room #1, right next to the office. They go to their room. Timmy is outside lugging his suitcase. Timmy says he's sure he sees someone in the window. Norma says her father must have made it out of bed on his own. He likes to look out the window. Timmy is getting very nervous and follows Norma into their room. We see a shot of the silhouette in the window.

The Party

Luis and Sheridan are talking, and Sheridan asks if Luis still feels that a poor man and a rich woman can't make it. They kiss. Luis tells Sheridan not to be silly. He says it won't be easy. Sheridan says not if all the girl wants is love. Luis says that maybe that's not all she wants. She's used to the best of things, and he may not be able to give them to her. They have to face it. There may be a problem some day. Sheridan says she has fancy dresses and all the jewelry she could wear. But all she wants is love. She talks about her horrid child hood, and Luis asks if she was ever tucked in and kissed goodnight. Sheridan shakes her head, and Luis promises that this will never happen again.

We see a replay of the toast, and Julian asks Alistar when he will play the tape. Alistar says soon.

Gwen and Rebecca are watching Theresa and Ethan dance. Rebecca assures Gwen that all the players are in place and things will happen soon.

The reporter is still trying to get in. The bouncer sees him and stops him once again.

The report finally makes it into the party by climbing up a balcony. He looks around and sees Ivy. He begins to go towards her with the headline. The bouncers catch him and lead him outside. The reporter tells them to get their hands off of him. Rebecca walks up and sees the security guards with the reporter. She sees the dropped newspaper and it's headline and she intervenes, saying she invited the reporter and he should wait in the library. She then goes and gets Julian. The reporter shows Julian the headline.

The Bennett's run into Julian, and Grace gives him the tomato soup cake. Julian seems less than pleased and tries to escape. Grace says the cake is frozen and won't let him leave without it. Julian takes it outside saying he must be cursed. He drops it on his foot.

Ivy asks if Ethan has said hello to Sam. He comes over to do so. Ivy says maybe tonight will be the beginning of a new closer relationship between…Pilar jumps in and says "colleagues." They talk some more and Ethan excuses himself. Gwen and Rebecca come up and talk about how gracious Gwen is being. Grace compliments her and Gwen says Ethan will always be an important part of her life. She just wants him to be happy. Rebecca says sometimes first loves just don't work out. She knows hers didn't. She asks Sam if his first love worked out. Rebecca needles him, but Sam won't tell. Grace says that Hank told her there was someone Sam was crazy about in high school but he won't tell. Rebecca says Grace is a better woman. If there was a past love Rebecca's husband was hiding, she would pry it out of him. Rebecca says maybe the reason Sam isn't talking about his lost love is because he hasn't gotten over her. Sam says that's ridiculous. Rebecca asks Sam if he had a hard time getting over his first love. Sam says even if he did, he forgot everyone else the moment he met Grace. Rebecca says Grace has the sweetest husband and is the luckiest woman in the world. She asks Ivy if she agrees. Ivy agrees wholeheartedly.

The Russell's and Chad are sitting at a table and talking about if Julian had a black son. They go through the scenario. Chad says the Cranes could probably pull lots of strings, so they could sweep the whole thing under the rug. Whitney asks who would want to do that. TC says any woman who gets pregnant by Julian is horrible. Chad says wouldn't it be weird if a black child came out of the blue…started calling Julian "daddy" and begging for his share of the Crane fortune. They all laugh and Eve jumps in saying that can't happen because the baby died. They all stop and look at her. (Uh oh, Eve!) TC jumps in and says she must have said that because of the baby at the hospital that had died. Eve agrees. Whitney says she can't imagine looking forward to a baby for 9 months just to have it die. They all agree that the pain would be unimaginable. TC says the Crane's don't have any regard for human life and are capable of anything.

Eve excuses herself and finds Julian. She says that she will do anything if he just leaves Luis and Sheridan alone. Julian asks "anything?" with a raised eyebrow. (I know what he's thinking!) Julian makes a pass at Eve and Eve shrugs him off, saying she wasn't offering anything like that. Julian says it's out of his hands and Eve begs him to do something decent for once in his life. Julian says that he can't do anything. Eve goes into a rant about how he left her alone to carry their child and grieve over it's death. And all because she loved him. Julian repeats the love part. (Hmmm…) TC sees them and wonders what Eve is doing with Julian.

Whitney and Chad are dancing, and Chad asks if she is having fun. Whitney says yes. Chad says he has an idea how they can have even more fun. He leads her away. They open a door to a bedroom. Chad said he thought they needed a little bit of privacy. Whitney says she doesn't believe it. He actually brought her here to sleep with her. Chad tells her to chill and he just wanted to dance with her in private.

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