Passions Update Thursday 1/18/01



Passions Update Thursday 1/18/01

By Adrienne

Ok, we are still experiencing rolling black outs, and the news channel insists on constant coverage. (How many times do they have to tell me the lights are going out? If I'm watching TV I'm ok…if I'm not the power's probably out and their coverage is of no use to me. Sigh.) So I hope I didn't miss too much.

The Crane Party

The party has begun. Eve and Ivy talk about Chad and Whitney. Ivy asks if it's a good idea. Eve says her baby died, and Chad can't be her son. Eve walks away and Ivy says that she wouldn't be so sure. Alistar and Julian can't be trusted. Gwen is watching Ethan and Theresa and asks her mother if she's sure the plan will work. They go over the plan again, and Gwen says once Ethan realizes that Ethan knew the truth, he'll be through with the lying slut. Rebecca wonders where the reporter is, and Ivy hears her. Rebecca covers saying that a party of this size needs to have proper media coverage. Ivy says she doesn't understand why Rebecca has gone to such great lengths for the party. Rebecca says Ethan is like family and they need to be supportive. Ivy says that she doesn't buy it and she knows what she is up to. Rebecca denies any knowledge of what Ivy is talking about. Ivy says Rebecca is trying to score points with Ethan because she is trying to worm her way into this house as Julian's wife. Ivy says that Julian and Ivy will never be divorced and Rebecca will never come between Ivy and Ethan. Rebecca says that must be because Ivy and Ethan have been so open and honest with each other. Ivy looks a bit nervous then says that there is nothing Rebecca has on her that will let Alistar allow Julian to divorce Ivy. Ivy leaves and Rebecca is indignant saying that Ivy will get hers soon. (I can't wait for things to explode!!) Pilar walks away from a group and tells a worker to fix a flower arrangement. Ethan sees her and says she is not here to work. She is an honored guest. Theresa agrees, and Ethan says as her future son-in-law he has a request. She shouldn't look for things to be done tonight. Ethan excuses himself and Theresa and Pilar talk. Pilar says she's happy for them but she can't help but worrying. Theresa goes through the list of people who have accepted her, and they talk about erasing the papers on Theresa's laptop. (Ok, when Theresa is with Ethan, she talks in this horrible baby voice that just drives me up the wall!!) Julian is talking to Alistar about playing the tape. Julian asks what if Luis thinks it's a fake. Alistar says if Luis knows anyone's voice, its Sheridan's. Alistar plays the tape and Eve walks in, calling Julian a bastard. Eve says that just when she thinks he couldn't get any lower, he sinks. Now he's sitting alone listening to the confession tape. Alistar says Julian isn't alone. Eve gets nervous and says she'll find a way to stop them. Alistar talks about Eve being a whore and lying and that she will never tell. Alistar asks Eve how her husband and daughters would feel if they found out she was a lying slut. Eve says Alistar wouldn't do that. Alistar says that she doesn't know him. He's convinced that TC's infamous temper would flare up. They get on the subject of Eve's dead baby. Julian tries to say that he cared about their son, but Eve won't believe it. She goes on a rant about how Julian left her high and dry, and how Alistar didn't want a black heir. Alistar dismisses her and Eve asks what he's going to do. Alistar tells her that he's going to play the tape for Luis and Sheridan that night. Chad and Whitney are talking and Chad says he's decided to own a place just like the Crane mansion someday. They talk about working hard and being rich. (Hmmm…I bet that Chad will end up being the Crane heir!!) Ivy and Pilar talk. Pilar says she wishes Sam weren't coming tonight. They talk again about destroying the papers, and Pilar says she hopes Ivy isn't trying to get Sam back in her life. Rebecca and Gwen go to talk to Theresa. Theresa thanks them for everything, and Gwen says she is just getting all that she deserves. Rebecca says it will be thanks enough to see the look on her face when she gets her big surprise. Theresa asks if there is more. Rebecca says a huge surprise is happening later. Ethan brings Theresa to the front of the group and makes a toast type thing. He says his life began anew when he fell in love with Theresa, and learned live life to the fullest. He loves Theresa with all his heart and is grateful that she agreed to be his wife. He toasts to the most beautiful woman in the world. Gwen says that she won't stand there one moment longer and hear Ethan declare his undying love to that gold digging tramp. She goes to leave, but Rebecca stops her saying that she has to see Theresa blown out of the water. (Oh, poor Gwen! Imagine having to hear that so soon after being dumped.) Outside, a reporter approaches and is stopped by Crane security. (Oh, now they security?) The security guard asks what he wants, and the reporter says he's a friend of Julian Crane and has a message for him…a message that will change his life forever. The camera pans to the tabloid headline in the reporter's hand. Sheridan and Luis are still at the cottage making out. Luis says he can't wait until later when they make passionate love. Sheridan reminds him about the party. But she says the minute the party is over, they will come back and share their first night of love. Luis says he won't let anyone come between them again. Sheridan says they will just have to summon up all of their will power, because they have a party to go to. Luis asks if they can have their own private party. (Why don't they just have a quickie to tide them over? They could have done it twice in the time they've been talking.) Sheridan says they have to go, but she wants to show him something…something that he'll look forward to for the rest of the evening. She leads him away. (Uh, oh!! I'm afraid Luis is going to have to roll around in the snow before he's calmed down enough to go to the party!) Sheridan covers Luis's eyes and takes him into a bedroom covered in flower petals and candles. They start making out and Luis says she amazes him. He says he can tell by her kiss that she is as anxious as he is. Sheridan says it's too important to Ethan and Theresa. But she promises they won't stay long and when they come back they can start the night with a candle lit bubble bath. Luis moans that now he has to spend the whole night thinking of her covered in…bubbles. (Heh heh.)

The Bennett House

Sam and Grace ask Charity what she means about "Sam's son." They all decide that Charity had a feeling that Grace is going to have a boy. Grace and Sam say that if it will make Charity feel better they will stay behind. Grace goes to get Charity some water, and Kay talks to Charity. Kay makes Charity feel guilty, saying that Grace is pregnant, and if Charity upsets her, something could happen to the baby. The phone rings and its TC bitching at Sam for leaving TC and Eve hanging at the Crane party. Sam asks Grace if they are going to go. Kay jumps in saying that Grace just found out she is pregnant. They need to go out and celebrate. Sam and Grace ask Charity if she thinks it's ok. Charity agrees and they decide to go. Sam tells TC they are coming, and Hecuba celebrates. TC says that Miguel wants to speak to Charity. Charity asks how it's going, and Miguel says he'd be a lot happier if she were there. Charity asks if anything strange has happened. Miguel says everything is fine. They say goodbye and hang up. Kay is watching her parents get ready to go, and Hecuba appears saying that Kay has given her the power to destroy Charity. Tonight, she's going to die. Kay and Charity stare at each other. Sam goes to get his wallet and Charity has a vision of Grace sobbing with Sam at his side. Charity tells Grace to promise her she'll be strong tonight. Grace asks if she saw something. Charity says all she knows is that very soon Sam will have a son. The parent's leave and Charity asks what they should do. Kay says she bets they'll think of something. Charity says she wants popcorn and goes to make some. Hecuba appears and laughs at Charity, saying she'll be pushed into the depths of hell. Charity turns around and walks slowly away, saying she just thought she heard evil laughter.

The Tabloid

The boss at the paper is still reading the tabloid. A reporter mentions that he hasn't taken his eyes off of it all day. They say that the Cranes are probably having a great time at their party. But they better enjoy it while they can (Wow, people say that a lot, don't they?), because a bomb is going to drop soon.

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