Passions Update Monday 1/15/01



Passions Update Monday 1/15/01

By Adrienne

The Bennett's

A pajama clad Kay sneaks into Charity’s room and looks at Miguel and charity asleep on the bed. Charity sits up and says “It’s you! You’re the one pushing me into hell’s fire.” Miguel asks Kay why she is doing this, and Charity says that Kay sold her soul. Charity is still talking at Kay. Miguel asks Kay how she could do this to Charity. Kay tries to deny it. The burning closet of hell opens up again and Hecuba appears, telling Kay she has to push Charity into the flames. Miguel says they trusted her but she is evil. Kay wakes up and realizes it was all a dream. Hecuba asks if she is having a bad dream. Kay says she hopes Hecuba is part of her dream. Hecuba says she is as real as dirt. They talk about getting Miguel away from Charity and explains about the protective shield of love again. Hecuba talks about Charity’s power of goodness, and how Hecuba was warned about Charity hundreds of years ago. Now the time has come. Kay asks the time for what. Hecuba replies “the battle for good and evil.”

Kay says she doesn’t believe it…it’s a horrible nightmare. Hecuba says it’s real. If Hecuba doesn’t destroy Charity, her powers will only grow and the Angel Girl will destroy Hecuba. Kay says she hopes Hecuba loses. Hecuba says if she goes, Kay goes. If evil loses this battle, Kay will never get her soul back.

Charity is beginning to dream, saying “evil is here.” Hecuba taunts Kay with her soul. Hecuba says they must get rid of Charity tonight. Charity tosses and turns, and finally wakes up saying she is going to die, tonight.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald Household

Luis and Theresa are talking about the engagement party and Luis says if Theresa is happy, so is he. Theresa says they both fell in love with the perfect person. Luis says that’s what he has with Sheridan. Theresa says she is the luckiest girl in the world. Theresa is just giddy about the party when the door bell rings. Luis answers it and it’s Whitney and a bunch of random girls. The random girls say that Whitney told them to see Theresa, but not why. Theresa makes her big announcement and the girls giggle a bunch. (Hmmm…kind of remind me of Gwen’s friends…) The girls all want to have all the details about how Theresa met Ethan. She invites them all to the mansion that night. The doorbell rings again and Luis gets it. It’s some women with gowns from Ivy for Theresa to pick. The girls squeal and giggle as they peruse the dresses. The girls say Theresa is going to have a wonderful life. Theresa says the only wonderful thing is Ethan.

Theresa is gushing over the dress she chose and Luis says that Paloma is coming for the wedding. Theresa is weepy all over the place and says that maybe papa will see her wedding announcement and come home. Pilar says Martin is probably never coming home. Theresa bounces to go and change. Pilar and Luis talk about what happened to Martin, and Luis says if Sheridan had killed Martin, they could have never been in love.

Luis is going to go over to Sheridan’s. Theresa’s friends are begging her to try on more dresses. Pilar can’t believe her daughter is old enough to get married. Luis says he spent his whole life hating the Cranes, now Theresa is marrying one and he’s in love with another. Pilar says she doesn’t believe the Crane’s will ever truly accept her children. Luis tells her not to worry.

Theresa and Whitney talk and Theresa says that she feels like she is marrying her prince charming. Whitney says that it’s amazing that Theresa is the first to get married and start a new life. Theresa says Whitney will always be her best friend. Ethan comes over and he and Theresa start making out. Whitney says she is going to take a walk. Theresa shows Ethan the dresses and they talk about how happy they are. Theresa says Ethan has made her the happiest girl in the world. Theresa says they are so lucky. They have such a wonderful life ahead of them. They kiss again.

Ethan and Sheridan

Ethan goes to visit Sheridan and they talk about the snowstorm. Ethan says she looks terrific. Sheridan says she feels wonderful. Ethan asks if she’s coming to the party, and Sheridan says of course. They talk about finding perfect love, and nothing can take that away from them. Sheridan asks about Theresa and Ethan says she’s wonderful. There’s a knock on the door and Julian walks in. Julian tries to talk them out of loving the “housekeeper’s children.” Julian says he feels sorry for them. They have no idea how cruel people can be. Ethan and Sheridan say they love who they love and nothing will change that. Julian gives very weak arguments, and Ethan says they are happy. Isn’t that what Julian wants for them? Julian says he supposes all that is left is congratulations. He hopes they will be very happy. He leaves and thinks that Alistar will never allow either of these relationships to happen.

Sheridan is stretching and Ethan makes sure she isn’t over doing it. Sheridan says she has every reason to get strong again. They talk about Sheridan’s nightmares and the hypnosis session. Ethan says he never thought she killed anyone. Sheridan says if she had killed Martin, they wouldn’t be the way they are now. Ethan gets ready to go and Sheridan says she’ll see him tonight. Sheridan asks him to tell her this isn’t a dream. Ethan says it’s real. They have found their soul mates. Sheridan says she wants them to always be happy. Ethan says they will. Their love will last forever.

The doorbell rings and Sheridan answers it in her towel. It’s Luis and he asks her how she’s doing. He is a bit flustered and tells her to put something warm on. He tells her she’s beautiful and they kiss. She thanks him for the flowers. He begs her to put a robe on since it’s pretty cold outside. Sheridan says she’s warm. Luis says actually, it’s pretty hot, which is why she should put something on. Sheridan asks him to massage her neck. Luis says he doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Sheridan asks him nicely and he complies. (I wonder what she is thinking….wink, wink!) Luis is losing it and Sheridan kisses him. They keep kissing, and Luis says she isn’t making this any easier. Sheridan says maybe they should take a cold shower…together. Luis says that isn’t a good idea. Sheridan says she has a much better idea and kisses him passionately. Luis asks what is she trying to tell him. She says she feels much better and wants him to make love to her. Luis says he’s not going to leave her and they have their whole lives together, but he wants her to have her strength back.

Alistar and Julian

Alistar is talking to Julian about the engagement party. Julian says it’s all Rebecca’s idea. Alistar says he doesn’t understand it, and obviously Rebecca can’t be counted on. Alistar gives Julian one more chance to put a stop to both of the couples.

Julian returns after visiting Sheridan and Ethan. Alistar calls and says he already heard that Julian made no headway. Alistar says he’ll get to Ethan and Theresa eventually, but he’s going to break up Sheridan and Luis first. Julian asks what his father has in mind. Alistar says he has a wonderful surprise for everyone to hear. Alistar plays the tape and says that tonight at the party Luis will hear that Sheridan killed his father and that will be the end of them.

Pilar is serving Ivy tea and Ivy tells Pilar to go home. They talk about why Rebecca is throwing the party. Pilar is very worried that Rebecca is up to something.

The Letter is Received

Some reporters are bantering away at their desks. One of them is reading his email and suddenly reads something that interests him. (I wonder what that is?) He picks up the phone and demands to be connected to the boss. They print out the letter from Ivy to Sam. The boss reads it and says that old man Alistar will have a stroke. The reporter says they got to print it. The boss says that Alistar could ruin the company. The reporter and the boss argue and the reporter eventually wins. Another guy walks in saying there’s going to be a big party at the Crane mansion that night. They decide this bombshell will add a spark to the party and they should go for it. The reporter says everyone involved in the story will be at the party. The boss says for all these years, Alistar has never let them near his family. He wants the story front page. Tonight they will make history. They are going to destroy the mighty Cranes.

The Crane Mansion

Rebecca and Gwen are getting ready for the party. They talk about Ethan being Sam’s son. Rebecca says they are going to bring down the house of Crane. Gwen wants to make sure that Ethan will never figure out that they had anything to do with the announcement. Rebecca goes through the plan again. Rebecca reassures her that everything will be fine. They talk about Ivy, and Rebecca says she wants Ivy to be as relaxed as possible when the bomb drop. They reiterate their plan. Julian walks in and Rebecca says she hopes he is pleased. Julian says he thought she was on his side. Ivy enters and listens in, saying Rebecca needs to explain. Julian says he knows Rebecca is up to something devious. Rebecca says there’s nothing devious about it. She just realized that Ethan made his choice, now they are trying to accept it. Gwen says it’s the only decent thing to do. They want their friends to see them with their heads held high. Ivy says that explains it. They are just protecting their image. Gwen jumps in saying that she just wants Ethan to be happy. Ivy says she trusts Gwen, and now that she knows Rebecca’s motives she feels better. Ivy leaves and Rebecca says she has a few cards up her sleeve.

The phone rings and it’s the tabloids. The maid who answered refuses to talk, but Rebecca takes the phone. The reporter asks if there’s going to be a party that night, and Rebecca says yes. She drops a few names and finally says that the chief of police will be there. The reporter is interested and asks whom he is speaking to. Rebecca identifies herself as the assistant to the caterer. She then says the security will be very tight and only the most determined reporter will get in. The reporter hangs up and says they hit the jackpot. Rebecca tells Gwen who it was and that the reporter will not be able to resist the story.

Ivy walks in and says that Rebecca has spared no expense for the party. Rebecca and Ivy talk about what Ivy is going to wear. Ivy goes upstairs to change. Rebecca then talks to herself about what is going to happen there tonight.

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