Passions Update Friday 1/12/01



Passions Update Friday 1/12/01

By Erin

The Crane Residence 

Ethan is still convinced that Rebecca was going to say something else due to the fact she mentioned his father. Rebecca gets out of it by saying she will be having a portrait of Julian and Ethan made. Sam finally gets overly annoyed and leaves and Ivy walks up to Rebecca and asks where the party will be held. Rebecca say's that's the problem, she explains that her house is being redecorated and asks Ivy to have it there. Ivy agrees and says she will alert the staff. Gwen looks at Rebecca and says "Are you crazy? It is bad enough that I have to watch Ethan and Theresa together but now I have to pretend to be happy for them at an engagement party that me and my mother are throwing." Rebecca tells her not to worry; by the end of the party they will be two very happy women. Gwen asks how that is going to happen. Rebecca tells her patience and Gwen say's she can't she can't believe she has to watch that little strumpet (Theresa) with her (Gwen's) man. Ivy comes down and asks to speak to Rebecca. She questions Rebecca's intentions and Rebecca says that she has accepted defeat and Gwen would still like to be Ethan's friend. Ivy say's alright and say's she is sure the party will be wonderful. As Ivy walks away Rebecca says yes Ivy this party will be one you will never forget. Rebecca tells Theresa to submit an engagement announcement and Ivy agrees and Rebecca said she would love to help. Her and Theresa go and type an announcement on Theresa's laptop and Theresa say's she will email it and explains to Rebecca about email going to anyone in the world. Theresa emails the announcement to every major newspaper in the world. Rebecca gets a smug look and Ivy suggests maybe Theresa should pick her colors now. Ivy offers her help and Ethan, Pilar, Ivy, and Theresa all go upstairs to choose colors for the wedding. Downstairs Rebecca tells Gwen she will email Ivy's secret to every sleazy tabloid in the world and she presses one button and it is done. Upstairs, Ivy and Theresa pick out colors and Ivy yells at Ethan to put down the sports magazine he is reading and to help. He says he is helping and he makes a joke about the St. Louis Rams having beautiful colors. Ivy playfully hits him and Theresa laughs.

The Hospital 

Chad and Whitney are talking about Chad finding his parents and she asks him again if he was at her match. He says no and takes a piece of paper and throws it away for her. Whitney notices a program from the tennis match and pulls it from Chad's pocket. She looks at it and tells Chad he was there. In Eve's office Grace is absolutely overjoyed about her having a baby and Eve tells her she is so happy for her and says TC will give her a ride home. Grace makes Eve promise not to tell TC until she has told Sam. Whitney wants to know why he wouldn't admit he was at her tennis match and scolds him saying how he has always said she was a afraid of a relationship and how she is playing out her fathers dream. Chad admits that when he saw her play she had skills and an immense passion for the sport. He apologizes and says he will make it up to her. She asks how and he says it is a surprise and they run off together. Chad takes Whitney to practice tennis. She tells him he knows nothing about tennis and he says she is right but he figures a tennis ball machine does.

The Bennet Household 

Charity is still very frightened about the whole demon closet thing and is staring at Kay saying she knows. Miguel keeps trying to tell her that Kay doesn't know and then everyone walks in and tries to comfort Charity but she keeps getting frustrated that they all keep calling it a dream. She once again accuses Kay of knowing and screams we have to get out of here, evil is near. Grace calms her down and tells Eve to examine her. Charity say's not here and Grace say's for all of them to go downstairs and tells Charity to change her clothes. Charity asks Grace to stay. Downstairs TC and Sam are looking at the walls. TC is amazed at how Sam got rid of the blood on the walls. Reese asks Eve if she has that sample of the blood and then Reese asks Sam if he can use his computer. Sam says sure and Reese says he wants to compare the sample to others. Charity comes down and sits on the couch Eve starts to examine her and checks her heart rate which is normal until Charity stares at Kay and her heart rate shoots through he roof.

Hecuba vs. Angel 

Girl Hecuba is conjuring up what looks like a fireball and the angel girl appears and destroys the fireball and says God will not let you destroy the Bennet house. Hecuba say's fine, I will destroy you first. She charges toward the angel girl and the angel disappears and Hecuba falls face first on to the floor. Timmy thinks to himself that will leave a mark. Hecuba gets up and asks Tabitha where the angel girl is and Tabitha says she vanished and Hecuba said that's because she was so frightened. She says she will now destroy Charity and the angel girl reappears and Hecuba and her fight and they hit each other with flashes of light. Hecuba gets knocked up against the wall and the angel girl says I see you have not got the message I was sent here to give. Hecuba asks what the message is and she says you are forbidden to touch the Bennet house. Hecuba says what if I do it any way. The angel girl say's you leave me no choice. She hits Hecuba with another bolt of light and raises Hecuba off the floor and Hecuba yells MERCY. The angel girl puts Hecuba down and say's this is your warning. Hecuba gets up and the angel leaves and Tabitha tells Hecuba to look at what she had to put up with. Hecuba tells her she will destroy Charity and the Bennett's and then you she points to Tabitha and hits Tabby with a fireball which obviously didn't hurt Tabitha and disappears.

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