Passions Update Thursday 1/11/01



Passions Update Thursday 1/11/01

By Adrienne

The Hospital

Eve is crying about losing her baby and flashes back to telling Ivy he was cremated. Grace walks in and tells Eve she heard her talking about a baby. Did someone lose a baby? Was it Eve? (Wow! Grace grew a temporary brain.) Grace asks again if Eve lost a baby and Eve talks her way out of it. Grace talks about wanting another son, but she guesses she and Sam will just have to live without one. Eve flashes back to Ivy begging her to change the birth records.

Chad shows up and says he's ready for his DNA tests. Eve tells him she'll be there in a moment. Eve asks what she can do for Grace. Grace says all the excitement lately may have affected her health. She's feeling sluggish, which is not like her. Eve says they'll run a few tests. They walk out and Chad apologizes for barging in on them. He's just nervous. Grace says they understand because there's nothing more important than a child being with his parents. Grace says she can't imagine being a parent and not knowing you have a child out there somewhere.

Whitney loses a tennis match because she is looking into the stands. TC comes out to talk to her afterwards. She apologizes and he gives her a lecture on concentration, saying this is why he didn't want her to be in a relationship right now…young girls looking into the stands for their boyfriends when they should be concentrating on the game. Whitney apologizes again and TC says they are going to work on her concentration. Whitney insists that nothing has changed. She doesn't have a boyfriend. TC backs off.

Eve has tested Grace and tells her that the lab tests will take a while. Eve apologizes to Chad saying they'll do the test soon. TC and Whitney show up and Eve asks how the tournament went. Whitney says second place. Eve is confused. TC says she just lost her concentration near the end. Eve says it doesn't sound like her. Eve asks what distracted her. Eve asks Whitney to talk in her office. Eve asks if the loss of concentration has anything to do with Chad. Whitney gets snippy and denies it. Eve tells her not to take that tone with her. Whitney says she can't stand being grilled like this. Eve says they have her best interests at heart. A nurse comes in and says Grace's test results are in.

Eve and Grace go into her office. Grace asks if it is bad, and Eve says no. Grace is pregnant. They hug in happiness.

Crane Mansion

Everyone is still gathered in the Crane mansion. Rebecca begins to speak when Julian's phone rings. Julian answers it and Rebecca and Gwen whisper. Rebecca reiterates her plan AGAIN and then Rebecca smugly looks at Ivy while Gwen looks at Theresa. Ivy wonders what Rebecca is up to. Sam talks to Pilar and asks her why Rebecca wants him there.

Sam goes to talk to Ethan about the papers. Ethan says he will look at them when he has the time. Sam says Ethan should look at them now. They get into it about whether or not the papers prove the Harmony police force does shoddy police work. Ethan says they are bad, and Sam says that the papers prove that the police force was not at fault. Ivy breaks them up and reminds Ethan that Sam saved her life on numerous occasions. Ethan says he knows, but those situations wouldn't have happened if the proper precautions had been taken in the first place. (Wow…Ethan is being this huge jerk.)

Julian returns from his phone call and apologizes. Everyone sits back down and Rebecca says the information in her envelope will change everyone's lives. The doorbell rings and Ethan says he's expecting some important contracts. Gwen complains about all these interruptions. Rebecca tells her to relax. (How much you want to bet that this will drag out until at least tomorrow?) Gwen walks out to Ethan and asks him how much longer this is going to be. Ethan says not long. He just wants his father to go over something before he signs it. Rebecca tells Gwen to relax.

Sam talks to Pilar. He says he remembers Pilar vowing to never let one of her children marry a Crane. Now Luis is dating Sheridan and Theresa is engaged to Ethan. Sam talks about Ivy being manipulated into marrying, and how Alistar's wife may have died from a broken heart. Pilar tries to assure Sam that Theresa will not marry a Crane. Sam says that is because they all think Ethan isn't a true crane because he is much better than his father or grandfather. Sam says Ethan's true colors will shine through soon enough. He walks away and Pilar says Ethan is just like his father. He'd never hurt anyone. (Wasn't Pilar there when Ethan was being an ass to Sam? What does she mean he isn't a Crane?)

Theresa goes to talk to Pilar and says that Pilar is still worried about something happening to break up Ethan and Theresa. Theresa tells Pilar that everything is going to be fine. Ethan finally finishes with his papers and gives them back to the patient deliveryman. Theresa walks out to Ethan, and tells him that Pilar is convinced something will happen to them. He tells Theresa that if anyone tries to split them apart he'll cut them out of his life forever. Gwen hears this and panics. Rebecca starts to tell the secret again and Gwen whispers that she will lose Ethan forever.

Gwen stops Rebecca and tells her what Ethan said. Julian asks them what is going on. Theresa asks Ethan why he hates Sam. Ethan says sometimes people just don't get along. Julian says that if Rebecca and Gwen have stage fright, he'll make the announcement. Julian grabs the envelope from them and goes to read it. Rebecca stops him and makes up a story about wanting to throw Ethan and Theresa an engagement party.

The Bennett House

Miguel and Kay are in the house listening to Charity screech. Kay tries to physically stop Miguel from going upstairs, but Miguel shakes her off and rushes up. Simone shows up and asks why Charity is screaming. Kay starts to break down, saying this isn't her fault. Simone takes Kay into the living room, saying she is like an ice cube. Kay keeps saying she didn't know this would happen and it's not her fault. Simone asks if Kay wants to tell her something.

Upstairs, Charity is slowly being sucked into the closet and is screaming up a storm. Miguel gets to the door but it won't open. He pounds on it, telling Charity to open up. Charity keeps screaming for Miguel's help. Miguel keeps telling Charity to open the door. (Umm…if Charity is screaming for help, don't you think she may not be able to open the door?) Hecuba sees Miguel and doubles her efforts. Charity keeps screaming, and Miguel finally figures out he has to break down the door. Hecuba finishes her spell and Charity is sucked into the burning closet. Timmy yells down an update to Tabitha and Tabitha says if Charity is caught, they will be destroyed. Hecuba laughs evilly.

Miguel is still trying to get Charity to open the door. (Duh.) He finally yells that he loves Charity. Hecuba panics, saying that if they start talking about love, she'll never get to Charity. Charity yells back that she loves Miguel too. Miguel tells her to never forget that. Never let go. Charity vows to never let go of Miguel. She will always love him. She begins to win and finally the door to hell closes and Charity falls to the ground. Miguel gets the door open and looks at Charity. Simone and Kay arrive a few seconds later and stare at Charity on the floor. (Poor Charity. All the bad guys were gone once Miguel got in. I bet he tries to convince her it was all a dream.)

Miguel holds Charity and Charity wakes up. Hecuba yells at Kay. Kay says it isn't her fault. Simone tries to comfort Kay. Timmy tells Tabitha that Charity is ok. Tabitha says they have to escape before Hecuba rips them to shreds. They take off. Miguel asks Charity what happened. She says something about the closet and Miguel asks if someone attacked her and are they still there. He goes to open the closet and the girls beg him not to. There's no one in there and Miguel asks if they went out the window. He asks Charity what happened and she tries to tell him, but he naturally won't believe her. She asks then how her clothes got ripped, and Miguel says she must have had a nightmare and thrashed around. Charity tries to get him to believe her but he won't. She goes to Kay and says that Kay knows what happened. She insists that Kay tell her everything. (Oh, poor Charity! I wish Miguel would just be able to see something and believe her for once. How many nightmares does he think this poor girl can have?) Miguel tells Charity that Kay doesn't know anything.

Timmy and Tabitha are trying to leave when the bulbs in the house start to explode. Hecuba appears, saying she has to destroy something, doesn't she? If it can't be Charity, they all know who is next on her list. Tabitha tells Hecuba now she knows what Tabby was up against. It isn't as easy as she thought. Hecuba casts a spell saying she is going to destroy the entire Bennett house.

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