Passions Update Wednesday 1/10/01



Passions Update Wednesday 1/10/01

By Adrienne

I missed the first few minutes of the show today due to the storm. But I somehow doubt I missed too much. ; P

The Fight to Hell

Charity is hovering over the bed with the pink veiny Intel men wiggle beneath her. Timmy has been commissioned to climb the trellis and spy on them. He gasps. Charity is slowly floating towards the burning closet-of-hell. Tabitha yells to Timmy to report. Timmy says that Charity is doomed. Charity starts to wake up, and Timmy yells to her that this is no time to snooze. Hecuba sees Timmy and zaps him with a lightening bolt. He falls and Tabitha yells that she’ll catch him. Of course she doesn’t and he hits the ground. She says at least the ground broke his fall. Charity wakes up and screams as she sees the closet-of-hell. Hecuba yells to her minions to hurry and suck Charity into the closet before it’s too late. Tabitha makes sure she has heard Timmy’s story correctly, which she had. Tabitha says that if Charity can use her powers to keep Hecuba from destroying her that will give them more time to save themselves. Timmy is forced to climb the trellis again. Charity is still standing in the doorway, and a white aura begins to form around her. She says that something’s happening to her. She’s getting stronger. Hecuba realizes that Charity is becoming aware of her powers. Hecuba says it’s time to nip this in the bud.

Miguel and Kay are talking outside. Miguel tells her he knows that Charity’s visions upset her. Kay tries to deny it, but Miguel says she just needed to talk to someone who understood. He says that he’ll always be there for her and they hug. Kay says she doesn’t deserve this, but Miguel says she does. She is his best friend. Charity’s too.

Kay and Miguel are still talking. Miguel asks if he can do anything else, and Kay says he can hold her some more. He goes to do so, and they hear a scream. Miguel asks if she heard that…it sounded like Charity screaming. Kay says they are too far from the house to hear Charity scream, and Miguel says she is right. He sits for a moment, and then apologizes, saying he has to go back to Charity.

Charity is still glowing and trying to fight the demons off. Hecuba says if her minions get fought off, then she will never get Charity to hell. Hecuba adds some of her own powers to the mix, and Charity screams NO! Tabitha asks Timmy what blonde is whining about now. Timmy says she is fighting. Miguel and Kay arrive and Miguel says he knew he heard Charity screaming. He yells that he is coming and runs inside. Tabitha stops Kay and asks what is going on. Kay says she doesn’t know, but if Miguel goes up to Charity’s room he’ll be hurt. She pulls away and rushes after Miguel. Tabitha looks back upstairs. Hecuba continues to laugh and yell.

The Crane Mansion

Gwen and Rebecca have arrived at the Crane mansion. Rebecca makes the announcement that Ivy spent her wedding night with Sam Bennett. Julian literally throws a fit, and Ivy tries to deny it, but Julian tells her to get out of the house. He is steaming. Ethan asks if it is true, is he really Sam’s son? He realizes it is, and that he isn’t a Crane. Ethan asks Theresa if she knew he wasn’t a Crane. Theresa stutters and Rebecca asks her what is wrong…No habla ingles? (Tee hee!) A bunch of men in black come waling in and Julian tells them to escort Pilar, Ivy, Theresa and his bastard son out. Rebecca whispers something in his ear, and he giggles, saying can she really bend that way. He clears his throat and tells Ethan he can stay. Gwen slams the door and Ethan says that Gwen is his one true love. We find out it’s all one of Rebecca fantasies (damn it!!) and she say as soon as she reads the letter to everyone all their dreams will come true. (Oh, man! I loved that fantasy! Why can’t it be real? Why!?!)

Back at the mansion, Ethan and Theresa are looking at photos on the couch. Ivy says that they will truly be happy. Pilar says she is still worried. Ivy flashes back to making the deal with Alistar, and says she has a feeling everything will be fine.

Julian tells Ivy she looks troubled. Is she worried about Rebecca coming over to expose her secret? Ivy says Rebecca could never know her secret…if she had one. Ivy says she stayed in this sham of a marriage for one reason. So her son could have what is rightfully his…the Crane money and power. Julian says they will see.

Rebecca and Gwen are in the car on the way over. Rebecca reiterates her plan for those of us who have had ear plugs in for the last few weeks. Gwen asks if she is nervous, and Rebecca says no, why should she be. She says that maybe they are being to cruel to Ivy, Pilar and Theresa. She gets an idea. Once this is all over they can allow them to work in the stables. (Tee hee!!) Those who muck with the Hotchkiss's, get mucked.

Gwen and Rebecca arrive, and Ivy and Pilar talk. Ivy says that no matter what Rebecca says, Ethan and Theresa are happy and that’s all that matters. Ethan wonders what Rebecca could say, and Theresa says she has no idea. Julian asks Rebecca what her big secret is, and Rebecca says it’s about Ethan and his father. Rebecca tells everyone to make themselves comfortable. Pilar says she has a bad feeling about this. Ivy says that if Rebecca makes a scene, she will just have Crane security usher Rebecca out. The doorbell rings. Pilar goes to open it, but Ethan says that Julian is up, and he’ll get it. Julian gives a priceless look and goes to the door. It’s Sam. Julian tells him to leave. Sam says he has the papers for the police review board. Julian says that he doesn’t care if he has tablets fresh from mount Sinai, he has to come back later. Rebecca rushes out and says that Sam should come in. He would be interested in what Rebecca has to say. Sam does, and Ivy begins to panic. Rebecca addresses the group and says what she has in the envelope will impact everyone’s lives.

Eve’s Office

Eve is on the phone with Alistar and reprimands him for punishing Sheridan. She says that Sheridan went through hell to be with Luis, and Alistar shouldn’t punish her for something she did when she was young. Alistar applauds, and tells Eve bravo for her speech. He then says that Sheridan will be punished and Luis and Sheridan will be torn apart. Eve threatens to go to the police with all she knows. Alistar says that if she does, she will have done his work for him. Eve says that at least then Alistar will be punished. Alistar says what will her daughter Whitney think when she finds out her pure and innocent mother gave birth out of wedlock to a son? Color Eve a bit bewildered. Eve asks Alistar how he can be so cold. The baby died, and it was his grandbaby. Alistar says yes, it was a shame that his little black grand baby died. Alistar reminds her he’ll do anything to protect the Crane name. He hangs up and Eve cries about her dead baby boy.

Eve goes to a desk drawer and brings out a white box. She opens it and brings out a tiny pair of blue booties. She cries again saying she lost her poor little baby boy. She damns the Cranes, and says every life they touch is destroyed. (At least she was smart enough to keep the booties at her office.) The phone rings and Eve picks it up, and says what to do you want now. Sheridan is on the other end and asks Eve what is wrong. Eve makes up some BS about drug companies. Eve asks if there is something wrong. Sheridan says no. She and Luis are happy and it’s all because of Eve. Sheridan talks about Eve helping Sheridan realize that she didn’t kill Martin after all. Now there is nothing that can keep them apart.

Luis and Sheridan

Luis and Sheridan return from their sleigh ride and Sheridan thanks him for it. Luis tells her that it’s only the beginning and they kiss. Sam and Hank walk up and clears his throat. Sam says he’s glad to see her up and around. Sheridan walks inside and Luis goes to talk to them. Sam tells him to enjoy it while it lasts. Luis says that he knows the Cranes may try to break them up, but they can handle it. Hank says that he came by to see how Sheridan was doing, and Sam says he came by to drop off some papers about the boat and mine shaft incident. Luis asks if Ethan is still on that vendetta against Sam. Sam says yes. He then asks if it’s true that Luis gave his blessing to Ethan and Sam. Hank chips in with “yeah Luis!” Luis says if he tried to keep them apart, then he would be no better than Julian or Alistar. Besides, he just wanted his sister to be happy. Sam says that he knows for a fact any woman who marries a Crane heir ends up miserable. Luis says they are right. Julian and Alistar are the scum of the earth, but Theresa and Sheridan say that Ethan is different. Sam says it’s just that he’s seen so many lives ruined. Sheridan comes out and offers hot chocolate. Sam says he has to take the papers up to the house. He tells Luis not to let love blind him to a fact of life. Never trust a Crane.

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