Passions Update Tuesday 1/9/01


Passions Update Tuesday 1/9/01

By Erin

The Crane Residence

Alistair is receiving a massage and is speaking to Julian about Luis, Sheridan. Theresa and Ethan. Julian says nothing has changed and Alistair says he will do anything to get rid of the Lopez-Fitzgerald's and hangs up on Julian. Theresa and Pilar are erasing files downstairs while Ethan is upstairs discussing his marriage to Theresa with Ivy and how well Rebecca and Gwen are taking the news. Julian comes out and asks Ethan for a man-to-man talk. Ethan tells him later and tells him he has to discuss wedding plans with Theresa first. Julian then makes some comment under his breath about Theresa having a wedding cake shaped as a sombrero and a mariachi band playing here comes the bride and Ivy overhears him and tells him to not let Ethan hear him. Theresa discusses with Ethan that she must ask Whitney to be her maid of honor and kisses him. The phone rings and Julian picks it up and Rebecca is on the other end. She tells him what she has in her hands will change his life forever. Rebecca tells Julian she and Gwen are coming to make an announcement and tells him to tell Ivy it has to do with Ethan and his father. Julian tells Ivy and she starts to lose it thinking it is her secret.

Sheridan and Luis

Are sitting in the cottage discussing Eve's orders not to do any strenuous activity, which includes making love, and they talk about how much they love each other. Sheridan is tired of sitting around and Luis say's he has an idea and runs off. She asks what it is and he say's it is a surprise. Later Luis takes Sheridan blindfolded and she feels a horses nose Luis takes off the blindfold and it is a horse drawn sleigh and they go on a romantic ride.

Rebecca and Gwen

Are printing out Ivy's letter and discussing their plans to become the next Mrs. Cranes. Before they go over to The Cranes they make a toast t to the downfall of Theresa and Ivy.

Timmy and Tabby

Are trying to figure a way to get out of Harmony when there is a knock on the door. Timmy fears it is Hecuba. Tabitha answers and it is a delivery. Timmy still thinks it is from Hecuba and Tabitha say's it is from Harper Collins. She opens it and it is a poster of her book and she is actually very impressed. There is an envelope attached and it is a letter saying they are sending a photographer to take a picture of her for the dust jacket Timmy tells her she will be as famous as Jackie Collins and she fantasizes about being famous and surrounded by models. And then Tabitha remembers she is a witch and cannot be photographed and then they hear a sound and her friends in the basement are going haywire.

Hecuba and Charity

Charity is sleeping while the walls develop into what looks to be spirits. The spirits move towards Charity and they lift her off the bed and Hecuba is thrilled to be destroying Charity. Hecuba casts another spell and calls upon the souls of the dammed and the demons show up in Charity's closet and the purple spirits start to carry her towards hell, aka her closet.

Eve and the Tape

Eve returns to her office to destroy the tape of Sheridan's confession only to find it gone. She franticly searches her office and tells a nurse and the nurse brings back the tape recorder. Eve looks relived until she opens it to find there is no tape in it. She continues searching when the phone rings. It is Alistair admitting he took the tape.

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