Passions Update Monday 1/8/01



Passions Update Monday 1/8/01

By Adrienne

Sheridan, Luis, Eve, and "almost sex"

Eve is on the phone bitching at an HMO. (Too funny!!) There's a knock at the door and a nurse comes in with some files she need to review. Eve gets upset at the HMO and complains to the nurse about all the paper work she has to do. The nurse reminds her to tape a presentation for the board meeting. The nurse leaves and Eve gets out her tape recorder. She finds the tape of Sheridan making the confession and flashes back to it. Eve listens to the tape and says she has to get rid of the tape. Sheridan only remembered killing Martin under hypnosis, so there's no need for Luis to find out. As Eve is searching for the erase button, the nurse walks in and tells Eve that Luis called a while back because he was worried about Sheridan. Eve says Sheridan may have had a relapse and she better get over there. Eve locks the tape in the drawer and goes to the cottage.

Sheridan and Luis are finally alone, and Luis asks where they were. They sweet talk each other, and Sheridan says she can't believe she could be so happy. They talk about Ethan and Theresa, and Sheridan says she feels bad for Gwen, but she's glad Ethan and Theresa are getting married. She is also glad that Luis has given up his hatred of Ethan. Luis says he's not so glad that Ethan and Theresa are getting married, but as long as Ethan makes Theresa happy, that's all that matters. Sheridan says she isn't sure anyone should be as happy as she is now. Luis says she deserves to be happy. They begin to make out (OOOO! Things are getting hot and heavy here.) They slowly start to undress each other, and Luis asks if she really wants to do this. He doesn't want to put any pressure on her. Sheridan asks if he hears her complaining. She says she is fine and they start to go at it again. We see Sheridan's shirt fall to the floor and she works on his clothes. (Oh Shuis lovers, you will love this scene!) Sheridan gets dizzy and goes weak in the knees. Luis catches her and asks her what's wrong. Sheridan says it's nothing. He just takes her breath away. They kiss again and fall to the couch.

Luis and Sheridan have moved to the bedroom and are now under the sheets making out. (Who wants to bet they get interrupted again?) Luis says they've come a long way together...loving each other and trusting each other. They agree it's a miracle. Sheridan said that even after they stopped fighting she always thought that Luis would hate her. Especially since she thought she killed Martin. Luis says that it was just her imagination. It's all in the past now. Sheridan says that when she thinks about how close she came to losing him...if she did kill Martin...Luis shushes her and says they are together now, that's all that matters. They begin to kiss again. They are going at it hot and heavy (wow...that's a lot of foreplay!) There's a knock at the door and Luis says he doesn't believe it. Sheridan says to ignore it. Eve is at the door and calls to them. Luis says he called Eve when he was worried about Sheridan's dizzy spell. Luis goes to the door while getting dressed. He apologizes for keeping her waiting. Luis tells her about Sheridan getting dizzy. Eve says she may have to take Sheridan back to the hospital.

Eve is examining Sheridan, and Sheridan insists she is fine. Eve says she is recovering nicely, but she is still weak and she needs to take is slowly for a few days or Eve will readmit her. Eve leaves and talks to Luis. Luis asks if she is ok, and Eve says she will be, but that depends on Luis. Luis asks what he has to do. Eve says they both know how stubborn Sheridan can be, so Eve is counting on Luis to follow doctor's orders. Eve says Sheridan can't have any strenuous physical activity...of any kind. (Nudge, nudge, wink wink, know what I mean?) Sheridan comes out and says she got the same lecture. Luis says they have the rest of their lives together, and he's going to make sure Sheridan gets plenty of rest. Sheridan thanks Eve for helping her understand her nightmares because it meant she and Luis could be together. Eve jumps up and says she just remembered something she had to do at the hospital. She leaves and reminds Sheridan to take it easy. They look at each other and moan in frustration.

Sheridan is telling Luis they've waited so long to be together. She's so sorry it has to be postponed. Sheridan says she feels great. Luis says yes, but until Dr. Russell gives them the go ahead they just have to hold hands and say sweet things to each other. Love and romance are more important than sex anyhow. Sheridan says she was so afraid he'd be disappointed. Luis says he is disappointed, but as long as he can hold her in his arms, everything is going to be all right. They kiss and Luis has to push Sheridan off of him as he gets too excited. (These are going to be some cute scenes in the next few weeks.)

A person without a face and dressed in black gets into Eve's office. He (or she) takes out the tape of Sheridan confessing the murder of Martin. (I guess they took it.) Eve walks back towards her office.

The Crane Mansion

Gwen is trying to distract Ivy, and Ivy is getting a little annoyed. (This bit is too funny! Ivy just doesn’t know how to handle talking to Gwen.) The phone rings and Ivy picks it up. Gwen goes to yell at her mom who is still struggling with the disk. Rebecca says the disk is stuck and Gwen tries to hurry her up. Rebecca complains about messing up her manicure. Ethan and Theresa walk in the front door and Theresa turns to Ethan, saying there is something she has been dying to do since they left the cottage. She kisses him. (Since when has she waited to be alone to make out?) Gwen sees them and tells Rebecca that she has to get the disk out before Theresa realizes they know the truth. Gwen gives Rebecca a letter opener to pry the disk out with. Gwen encourages Rebecca to hurry because Ethan and Theresa are just outside the door. Rebecca insists she is trying. Ivy asks Gwen to help Pilar with the tea. Gwen is upset saying first she lost Ethan now Ivy wants to help the servants. (I must admit, this was kind of rude of Ivy. Somehow I doubt that Ivy ever asked Gwen to help with the tea when she was engaged to Ethan.) Rebecca vows to make Ivy pay for that. Rebecca breaks a nail, and then finally gets the disk out, just as Pilar and Ethan/Theresa walk in. Rebecca hides the disk and stands up. Ethan looks around and asks what is going on. (I bet he's going to be angry that Pilar is getting tea.)

Ivy asks Ethan what is wrong. (Hey, maybe he's going to complain about being a big baby again.) He gets mad that Pilar is serving tea. He says that he can't have Pilar serving them. Pilar says that she isn't ashamed of earning a living and supporting her family. Ethan says she isn't a maid. She's the housekeeper and in charge of the entire house. Pilar insist she doesn't mind serving tea. Ethan says once he and Theresa are married she won't be serving anyone. He'll make sure that she won't have to work to support her family. Gwen mutters how nice in the background. Pilar says she won't have him or anyone else support her. She will keep her job. (All right Pilar! At least ONE woman on this show has some self-respect.) Rebecca says that is very noble, and asks if Luis is going to continue working or if he's going to let Sheridan support him after they get married. Ivy reprimands Rebecca. Pilar says her son was brought up to take care of his family, and that will include Sheridan. Rebecca mentions that it must have been a shock to have two of her children fall into the Crane fortune, or is that exactly how she planned it? (OH, ouch!) Pilar gives Rebecca a look of death.

Ethan launches into Rebecca, telling her it was uncalled for. He says that Pilar had nothing to do with his falling in love with Theresa, or Sheridan and Luis. Rebecca says she didn't mean to be harsh, but some people in this town might think that these love matches don't have anything to do with fate. (Nooo!! Not you too!!) They might think that Pilar had something to do with her children's good fortune. Pilar asks her what she is saying. Theresa says that Rebecca is saying Pilar hatched some plot to have her children marry into the Crane family. Rebecca says she wouldn't think that, but some people will. Ethan says there's no proof of these accusations of Pilar setting them up, or that Theresa has been anything but honest and up front. There is absolutely no proof to back up any such accusation. The camera pans to the disk with the evidence.

Rebecca turns to look at Gwen and slips the disk into her bra. She says that she and Gwen must be going. Ivy asks if they are going to stay for tea. Rebecca says they have too much to do. There are wedding gifts to return, a wedding gown to pack up, then there are the caterers that need to be paid.... (Thank goodness someone finally addressed these issues!) Ethan steps up and apologizes to Gwen again; saying if there is anything he can do for her, just let him know. (Um about you do all these unpleasant tasks? What a jerk.) Gwen says there is something he can do. He can kiss her. Color Ethan confused. She repeats her request, and then turns to Theresa, says she doesn't mind, does she, if Ethan and Gwen say goodbye as friends. Theresa says she guesses not. Ethan tries to get out of it, but Gwen grabs him and kisses him passionately as Theresa watches. ( does it feel, Theresa?) The kiss ends and Gwen apologizes. She says she didn't mean to get carried away. She just needed some closure to their relationship. Theresa says she hopes it worked. Gwen says why shouldn't it. Ethan loves Theresa, and there's nothing that can keep the two of them apart. Ethan agrees. Rebecca says on that note, they should be off. She wishes Ethan and Theresa the best, and Gwen says good luck. Rebecca says goodbye to Ivy and they leave. Theresa walks away, and Ethan says he hopes she knows that kiss didn't mean anything. (Hmmm...just like you insisted to Gwen that the times you kissed Theresa didn't mean anything either?) She kisses him and asks if that was better than Gwen's kiss. He says no comparison.

Ivy asks Pilar if it seemed strange that Rebecca and Gwen left practically beaming. Pilar says it was very strange. Ethan asks Ivy if she knows where some pictures are. Ivy tries tot ell him then says he'll never find them and takes him to go get them. Pilar makes sure that Theresa isn't upset about Gwen kissing Ethan. Theresa says it was just one last kiss. Theresa says she has Ethan for the rest of her life. Actually she feels sorry for Gwen. And she knows that Ethan still cares about Gwen. Pilar says of course he does, but he chose to marry Theresa. Pilar says she doesn't believe that Gwen and Rebecca truly accept it. Theresa asks if she thinks they will try to break them up. Pilar says that there's a tone in Rebecca's nastiness, almost as if she is taunting her. Theresa says that Pilar has done nothing wrong. Pilar makes Theresa erase the information on her computer. She says that if anyone, especially Rebecca, found out about Ethan not being a Crane, it would be disastrous. (Ok, is it just me or does Theresa talk in a horrible baby voice when talking to Ethan? I hate it!)

Rebecca and Gwen are outside. Rebecca asks if Ethan kissed Gwen back. Gwen asks her mom what she thinks. She and Ethan always had the best sex, and that little gold digger in there can't give Ethan what he needs. Rebecca pulls out the disk, and says when she prints this up, Ivy's life will be finished, Ethan's life will be ruined, and Gwen will have him back.

Theresa erases the information about Ethan. Pilar wants to make sure that no one can get the information about Ethan. (You can still get stuff off the hard drive even after it's been erased...)Theresa says that she, Pilar and Ivy are the only ones who know the secret and they will never tell.

Ivy tells Ethan she is so proud that Ethan is marring the woman of his dreams. Now with Julian's and Alistar's blessing, things are going to be ok. Ethan says he'd marry Theresa with or without their blessing. Ivy says he is so strong. Ethan says all that matters is that he's going to marry Theresa. The sooner the better. (What happened to getting married today?) Ivy says she is surprised that Gwen and Rebecca took the news so well. Ethan says that Gwen loves him and would never stand in the way of his happiness, so he believes her. Ivy says she believes Gwen, but Rebecca has never given up without a fight. She just wonders if Rebecca is up to something. Ethan asks her what Rebecca can do. Ivy stops thinking about it and hugs Ethan, saying there's nothing Rebecca can do to him or Theresa. (Ah, famous last words.)

Gwen and Rebecca are printing out the letter from Ivy to Sam. Gwen begins to read it, and tells her mother the letter is dynamite. They review their plan. Rebecca will tell Julian that Ethan isn't his son. Julian will disinherit Ethan and kick Ivy out of the house. Rebecca will be there to comfort Julian about the loss of his son. Julian will be reinstated as the heir. Julian will divorce Ivy and Rebecca will divorce Jonathan. They will be married and Rebecca will talk Julian into adopting Ethan. Theresa will dump Ethan once he isn't rich and famous anymore, and Gwen will be there to comfort him. (Oh! Get some respect, Gwen! Now you want Theresa's sloppy seconds?!?)They giggle about how they will rule the Crane Empire, and Gwen will destroy Theresa. (Is it just me, or is this the stupidest plan ever?)

Hecuba vs. Charity

Kay is walking away and charity tries to stop her, saying that Kay knows why these things are happening. Kay goes into her bedroom and Miguel stops Charity, saying that Kay is upset and to leave her alone. Charity refuses and pounds on the door asking Kay to talk to her. Miguel tries to take Charity downstairs saying she just needs to rest. Charity has a fit about evil being close, and Miguel says he's not going to let anyone or anything hurt her. He takes her downstairs.

Kay is relieved she is gone. She calls to Hecuba, saying she is in a lot of trouble. Hecuba appears and is playing with Kay's lipsticks, saying if she had worn cosmetics like this 300 years ago, she would have been stoned to death. Kay tells her that Charity knows about her and her soul. Hecuba tells Kay to relax. Charity can't do anything to her, and Hecuba intends to make sure of that. Hecuba disappears and "Death to Charity" appears in lipstick on Kay's mirror. (I hope Hecuba pays for that lipstick...writing on mirrors tends to ruin it and lipstick isn't cheap!! ; ) Kay asks Hecuba what she is going to do. She asks if she is going to kill Charity. Hecuba says she isn't going to lay a hand on her. But she has minions that will do her dirty work. Kay pleads with her to not kill Charity. She'll do anything. Hecuba says she has nothing left to barter with. Kay says she never wanted Charity to be hurt. Hecuba tells her not to fool herself. She wanted Charity out of the way so Kay could have Miguel. So now it's audios Charity. Hecuba produces a black candle and casts a spell to crush Charity. Burning wax travels from the candle and out the door towards Charity.

Charity and Miguel are in the bedroom. Charity begins to hyperventilate. Charity says she can't breath. Her throats on fire. Miguel goes to call Eve. Kay watches the burring wax with horror. Suddenly the candle goes out and Hecuba asks what happened. Kay says it looks like her candle is a dud. Hecuba screams that this can't be happening. Back nit he other bedroom Miguel says that Eve wasn't in her office. Charity says that it's ok, and not to call Eve. She's feeling better. Miguel says he's not going to let anything happen to her. He loves her. She tells him she loves him too, but she just can't shake this feeling that evil is lurking. They embrace. Hecuba and Kay see this happen in Kay's mirror and Hecuba screams "curses!" Kay asks what happened. Hecuba explains that Charity's goodness and Miguel's love have combined to create a shield around Charity that Hecuba's powers can't penetrate. Kay says good. Charity is her cousin and she doesn't want her hurt. Kay launches into a fast-talking tirade about how Charity shouldn't be hurt and her mom would be devastated and Kay would feel guilty as well...Hecuba interrupts her telling her to shut up. Hecuba says she can't possibly feel guilty because she doesn't have a soul. Kay asks how she is going to destroy Charity if Miguel is protecting her. Hecuba says she's just going to have to get Miguel away from Charity. Kay asks how Hecuba is going to do that. Hecuba says she isn't, but Kay is. Kay says she won't do it. If she doesn't get Miguel away from Charity, then Hecuba can't kill her. Hecuba taunts her with her soul. Kay says she wants Miguel to love her, but she doesn't want Charity to die. Kay reaches for her soul and Hecuba disappears. She reappears at the door and opens it for Kay.

Charity is asleep on the bed and Miguel is stroking her hair. Kay knocks on the door and Miguel tells her that Charity just fell asleep and he doesn't want to wake her. Kay says she wants to talk to him anyhow. Miguel says he doesn't want to leave Charity. She tells him it will just take a minute. Upstairs Hecuba is prompting Miguel to go with Kay. Miguel goes into the hallway, and Kay tries to get her to go to her room. Miguel refuses to go in case Charity needs him. Kay says she just wants to be alone so no one will hear what she has to say. Miguel says she wants to talk about what Charity said to her. Miguel defends Charity and says she has just been having lots of bad vibes. He's just trying to convince Charity that none of them are in any danger.

Hecuba is back in her cave, saying that Kay did as she was told. Hecuba begins to cast a spell. She starts to call for daemons. An orange spot begins to form on the floor of Charity's room.

Miguel says he better get back inside and make sure Charity is alright. Kay stops him and says there's something he must know about Charity.

Hecuba is casing a spell, calling daemons to destroy Charity. There's a weird orange smoke encasing Charity, and the walls begin to pulsate with the forms of hands and faces. (Very haunted mansion-like.) The daemons make it through the walls and head towards Charity. (Neat looking daemons! They are all white and neon pink.)

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