Passions Update Thursday 1/4/01



Passions Update Thursday 1/4/01

By Adrienne

Luis and Sheridan

Luis brings Sheridan breakfast in bed. Luis tells her to take it easy, and Sheridan tells him he didn't have to go to so much trouble. Luis says he kept it simple so she doesn't have to pretend to eat it. Luis asks if she needs anything else, and she says just one more thing. She kisses him. (Yeah! Naughtiness is afoot!) Sheridan is done with breakfast and promises that she ate every bite. Sheridan sees the clock and jumps out of bed. Sheridan asks if Luis has to go to work, but he tells her he took some sick leave and will stay with her until she is better. He takes the dishes away. (Wow! Cute and he does dishes too!) Sheridan looks out the window as Luis comes back in. He stares at her and she turns around. He stutters that if she doesn't need him for anything, he's going to take a shower.

Luis emerges from the shower with a towel around his waist and all shiny. (You mean Sheridan didn't join him? She missed a golden opportunity!) Luis says he left his clothes in the living room. Sheridan says it's all right. (You bet it is, sister.) She can hardly control her drool reflex as he walks by. She flashes back to when they almost make love and smiles happily. Luis comes back in and asks if she is ok. She says she was just thinking. He asks about what ('re nearly naked.... what oh what could she be thinking.) She tells him about the romantic night he planned for her. Luis says he remembers, and he was thinking about that night too. Sheridan says she better get a shower too. Luis says she shouldn't over do it (Let her get naked, doofus!) but Sheridan insists she's fine.

Luis is making the bed and hears Sheridan drop something in the shower. He goes rushing in and gets a full frontal shot. They stare at each other. Luis says he heard something break, and quickly gives her a robe. Sheridan says she just got dizzy and dropped a bottle of bath oil. Luis picks her up and carries her to the bed. Sheridan lays back and kisses Luis.

The Crane Mansion

We see a replay of Ethan asking for his birth certificate. He asks why she lied to him about his birth. Ethan asks how Ivy could keep this from him, and Ivy says she doesn't know what he is talking about. Ethan says that he's always been told he was such an easy birth, but he weighed 10 pounds...that huge! It must have been awful. Ivy looks confused, and asks if that's what he was upset about...that she never told him he was a big baby. (Great look from Ivy. She looks like Ethan is an idiot.) Ethan says of course. What did Ivy think, or is there something else Ivy hasn't told him about his birth? (You would think with all the whispering, weird looks and strange reactions that Ivy gives, Ethan would have asked this question years ago.) Ivy says that of course there isn't anything else. She's just surprised that he's so upset about being a big child. Ethan says some silliness about not wanting to cause her pain, and Ivy responds that Ethan is her biggest joy. He's everything to her. (Huh. If I were another child in that family and had to endure this type of favoritism, I wouldn't come home for Christmas either.) They hug. Ethan says he loves her for being so supportive. Ivy says a mother just wants her son to be happy. Ethan says he knows that she and Julian are having problems, but things weren't always so bad, where they? Ivy says they always were. Ethan says that Ivy always told him he was conceived in love. Ivy flashes back to her wedding night with Sam. Ethan apologizes that her love hasn't lasted. He thanks her for all the sacrifices she has made, and tells her that her support means a lot to him, especially now that Alistar and Julian are pressuring him to marry Gwen. Ivy says she just wants him to have a marriage filled with love. Ethan says that he will, because he and Theresa have a love that is built on respect and honesty. He gushes about how she is the most open and honest woman he ever met. He knows he can trust her. She'd never keep anything from him. (Uh oh.)

Gwen asks Rebecca if she is positive she saw the proof of Ethan's paternity. Rebecca says she's sure. Gwen says it's a good plan if Rebecca can get the proof. (What? It's a stupid plan.) Rebecca explains the plan once again, saying that once Julian sees the letter, Ivy will be out on her ear, and Julian will be reinstated at the heir of the Crane fortune (aren't there other Crane sons that would get that honor?). Rebecca says she will use sex to control Julian and get him to adopt Ethan. Gwen asks if she is sure that Theresa will dump Ethan once she knows that Ethan is poor. Rebecca is sure of it, since they both know what a trampy little gold digger Theresa is. Ethan will be devastated when Theresa dumps him, but Gwen will be there to comfort him and they will be married in no time. Rebecca is sure they will both get the men they want and the Crane fortune. Gwen says she has to admit that she was wrong. She isn't ready to give up on Ethan. She thinks Rebecca is on to something with the plan. She would love to get Ethan back and get revenge on Theresa. Rebecca says she needs to get back to Ivy's room and copy the proof. Gwen says it's risky. Rebecca almost got caught last night. Rebecca agrees and says it was horrible falling out of the 2-story window. Gwen says she was lucky she was there to break the fall. Rebecca says she's not going to stop until she gets the information off the laptop. Gwen asks about the laptop computer. Rebecca says it's where Ivy keeps all her secrets. Gwen says that Ivy doesn't have a laptop. Gwen says it's Theresa's computer, not Ivy's. Rebecca asks her what she is saying. Gwen says the laptop belongs to Theresa. She takes it everywhere. Rebecca realizes that Theresa knew Ethan wasn't a Crane. Rebecca says Theresa must have been holding onto the information just in case Ethan chose Gwen. (Got it right there, Rebecca.) Gwen says Theresa is more devious than she thought. Gwen wonders how Theresa got her hands on the information. Rebecca says she's such a sneak, she probably found it in one of Ivy's drawers. Gwen doesn't think so. Rebecca makes the connection between Ivy and Pilar. (Wow! She's smart!) Rebecca says that Pilar must have given the information to Theresa for leverage. Rebecca mentions how Pilar has always wanted one of her brats to marry a Crane. Gwen says that Pilar and Theresa are about as innocent as Bonnie and Clyde. They are manipulative gold diggers and liars. Gwen says she can't wait to blow them out of the water. Rebecca says Gwen shouldn't tell Ethan yet...she can use it better to her advantage later. Gwen realizes that Theresa knew all along that Ethan wasn't a Crane. She must not care about the money. Rebecca reminds Gwen that Theresa kept the information to herself, and if she were really innocent, she would have told Ethan. They decide that Theresa and Pilar want the money more than they do. (Tee Hee!) Rebecca says they aren't going to get a dime. They head over to the Cranes.

Theresa and Pilar are walking outside, and Theresa wishes Pilar wouldn't worry. (That's like telling water not to be wet, Theresa.) She assures Pilar that no one will look at the computer files. Pilar asks her how she knows, and reminds Theresa that she is still very angry that Theresa scanned the evidence about Ethan's true father into her computer. Theresa says she was upset and thought that if she had the scanned proof then she would still have the evidence if the papers were destroyed. Pilar says that Ivy did destroy the papers, or so she thought. The letter to Sam was never was private and personal and Pilar tells Theresa she had no right to see it, much less save it in her computer. Theresa says she is sorry, but says that Pilar is worried for no reason. Pilar says she doesn't know that, and if anyone found out then Ethan, Sam and Ivy's lives would be ruined. Theresa still insists that no one looks in her computer so no one will find out the truth. (Well, that's soap opera foreshadowing if I ever heard it.) Pilar looks worried.

Theresa and Pilar make it to the mansion. Pilar says she'll make sure Ivy is elsewhere in the house and Theresa is to go and erase the file. Pilar hopes that Gwen and Rebecca aren't there. They haven't seen Theresa since Ethan chose her, and Rebecca isn't going to be happy. She and Gwen will want to tear Theresa apart. Theresa says it's like Ethan said. What can Rebecca really do to her? Nothing. They go inside.

Theresa and Pilar bounce into the mansion and Ethan greets her. She stares at him doe eyed and Ivy asks if she had a good time at the party last night. Ivy asks to see the engagement ring again and hugs her. Ivy says she knows how much Ethan loves her, and his happiness is the most important thing to her. Theresa promises to make him happy. Ivy wishes her all the joy in the world, and warns Theresa about Rebecca and Gwen. Theresa says she will find a way to deal with them. Ivy says Rebecca can be very vindictive, but she doesn't think Rebecca will be coming around anymore. At that moment Gwen and Rebecca walk in.

Rebecca walks up to Theresa and tells her congratulations, and wishes her and Ethan well. Theresa says thank you. Gwen gives her best wishes. Ethan thanks them and says he knows it isn't easy. Rebecca says they don't carry grudges, and even though they may not like it, Ethan has made his decision. Rebecca mentions the ring. Pilar is worried that they are up to something.

Gwen reaches into her purse and says she came to give Ethan the family jewels. Ethan says she didn't have to do this. Gwen says it's ok. They belong to Theresa now. She's going to be his wife. Gwen puts the jewels on Theresa. Ethan says he can't tell Gwen how much this means to him. Theresa is gushing over the jewelry. Theresa says she knew everything would work out. Pilar says she still thinks they are up to something. Theresa says she worries too much. Even if they aren't as accepting as they seem, what can they do. Pilar says that is what she is worried to find out. Rebecca says she is going to go freshen up and goes upstairs. She stops outside to get the disk and tells Theresa to enjoy her smug happiness. Once she exposes Ivy's secret, she won't know what hit her. (Oh, just go upstairs and do it already!)

Ethan and Theresa are holding each other in the corner as Gwen watches out for her mother. (Doesn't Ethan feel an ounce of awkwardness having his very recent ex and very new fiancée in the same room?) Gwen watches them and thinks she can't wait to wipe the smug smile off Theresa's face.

Upstairs Rebecca sits in front of the computer and talks to it a bit. (Do it already!!! Do it!!) Rebecca says that Ivy's secret will be exposed, and no one's life will ever be the same.

The Bennett Home

The Bennett's and Russell's notice the dark blood spots on the wall. Tabitha knows it's blood, and whispers to Timmy that when the walls bleed, it's a portent of death for all that reside within. Eve says there has to be some logical explanation. Tabitha whispers that they won't like the explanation one bit. Evil has come to the Bennett house. TC jumps in saying it could be rust, and maybe one of the rusty pipes burst. Sam says it's too thick. They begin seeing the stuff all over the house. Charity goes to touch it and screams that it's blood. The walls are bleeding. Charity begins to freak out and Miguel tries to calm her down. Kay says she's right. Timmy asks Tabitha how the walls can bleed, but then decides that it's a dumb question. TC and Sam say it does look like blood, and Eve says it has the right consistency. Grace starts to freak too, wondering what is going on. We see a flash back of the birds, and Grace asks why this is happening to them. (Wow, they shouldn't have done close ups of the birds. They looked horrible.)

Tabitha sets Timmy down and comments on the evil in the house, and tells us again about Kay selling her soul. (Just incase we forgot.) Kay damns Hecuba for hurting her family. Sam tells Eve to test if it is blood. TC says there must be a logical explanation, and says maybe it's the paint. Sam jumps on the bandwagon and reminds Grace that the walls were red before they painted the walls. (Um...and the old red paint suddenly turned to liquid and seeped through the new stuff? Well, they are the kings and queens of denial in that house) Timmy wants to believe it, but Tabitha won't let him. Tabitha says that this is just the beginning. Everyone agrees that the old paint is just seeping through. TC tells everyone to grab some rags and clean up. Everyone is sort of silent and looking around. Grace is trembling and Eve asks if she is all right. Grace says she is scared, and she has a really bad feeling about this. She mentions that Angel Girl told her evil was coming to Harmony, and she thinks it's here. Jessica touches the wall, and says that Charity's right. She thinks it is blood. Grace calls her away from the wall. Kay says she's going upstairs and Tabitha looks after her. Miguel tries to calm Charity and that he is going to take care of it. Charity refuses to believe him, and says she has a really bad feeling that something terrible is happening here and it is just going to get a lot worse. (At least they all aren't stupid.)

TC and Sam try to clean the walls, but the stuff just keeps coming out. TC asks if Sam really believes its paint. Sam says he has to believe it. This is his home. He doesn't know what's going on and he doesn't want to think about what this would mean if it weren't paint. Timmy says he wants to go home, and Tabitha agrees saying they must prepare themselves for what is next. They say goodbye and leave. Sam goes to get stronger cleaning supplies. Eve and Grace go to get some tea. Grace is getting scared, and Eve tries to reassure her.

Kay is upstairs and calls to Hecuba. Hecuba appears in a robe and says she was in the middle of a massage. Kay asks what she's doing. Hecuba calls it fun. Kay tells her to stop it, but Hecuba refuses. Kay says she just wants to be a normal family again. Hecuba tells her they will never be normal again. Kay pleads with her to stop it. Hecuba threatens to tell her everything that will happen. Kay says she doesn't want to know. Hecuba says she deserves to know.

Eve tells Sam she is going to take the sample to the hospital and get it tested. She tells him that Grace is really shaken up. TC tells Sam he's going to go with Eve. Charity is staring at the walls, and Sam suggests she go into the kitchen. Timmy and Tabitha are outside and Tabitha is listening at the door. Charity sits on the couch and gives herself a pep talk. She tries to convince herself that everything is fine. A message appears on the wall saying, "You are all doomed." Charity sees it and panics again.

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