Passions Update Wednesday 1/3/01



Passions Update Wednesday 1/3/01

By Adrienne

Happy 2001 everyone! I think I missed a few seconds of the beginning... the feds cut interest rates by 1/2%. Good news for investors!!

Rebecca and Gwen

We see a flashback of Rebecca finding the info about Ethan. (It's about time!) Rebecca says it's out with the old and the tawdry, and in with the new and deserving. (I love Rebecca.) Rebecca wakes Gwen up and says they have a lot to do. (Poor Gwen still has a picture of her and Ethan on the nightstand. Please let her move on!) Gwen wakes up and says her neck is still sore from last night. Rebecca says she isn't surprised and flashes back to finding the information and getting stuck on the windowsill. Rebecca calls to Gwen for help. Gwen goes to get a ladder but Rebecca falls on her. Rebecca comes back to reality, and tells Gwen that all the aches and pains will be worth it. Just wait until she tells her what she found last night.

Gwen says she doesn't care what information Rebecca has. She spent last night skulking around the Crane mansion watching Theresa celebrate her engagement to the man Gwen has loved most of her life. She is just tired. She says she Ethan has made his decision and she doesn't want to have any more humiliation or pain. Rebecca says the information means no more pain or humiliation. Gwen asks Rebecca what part of Ethan loving Theresa more than Gwen she doesn't understand. Gwen refuses to help her mom. Rebecca says she knows Gwen is upset. Gwen says yes she is upset. Theresa is probably picking out her wedding dress right now. Rebecca again explains about her silly plan to marry Julian and have him adopt Ethan. Gwen says it's an amazing plan (amazing is one word for it) but it'll take a lot of work and luck to make happen. Rebecca tells her to just do as her mother says and everything will be fine. Rebecca explains how she will get a copy of the file on the computer. (Better hurry!)

The Aftermath of the Bird Attack

Ivy is in bed reading about the bird attack in Harmony. She says it sounds like something out of Hitchcock. Ivy realizes it's at the Bennett’s and rushes off to be with Sam. (Sigh. She will never learn.)

At the Bennett’s, TC is cleaning up and the news is interviewing Sam. Sam tells them what happened, and flashes back to the attack. The news is wrapping up with a neat little tag line. The reporter leaves. Jessica tells grace she is freezing, and Grace tells her the windows will be fixed soon. Sam and TC go to seal the kitchen windows. Eve and Grace talk, and Grace says she feels like they were singled out. Sam and TC finish the windows and Sam says he is tired of his innocent wife being hurt. There's a knock at the door and Sam opens it to Ivy. Ivy asks if he is all right. Ivy tells Sam she wouldn't know what to do if something happened to him. Sam tells Ivy she is making him angry. Ivy says she just can't get him out of her mind. Sam accuses her of not even trying. Ivy says she knows Sam loves Grace and his family, but some small part of him must love her too. If he would let her into his life, he could have all this and her too. Sam tells her to get out, and she says that nothing could change this. She kisses him. (Smack her, Sam.  Maybe it'll knock some sense into her.)

Grace tells Eve that she is going to get some cleaning spray. She walks in the kitchen and stops, stunned. Sam is holding Ivy's hands away from him. Ivy says she tripped and Sam caught her. Sam tells Ivy to leave, but Grace insists she stay. They talk about Grace's premonitions. Ivy mentions that Grace thought that something would happen to Sam's son. Sam calms Grace down and she goes to do some more cleaning. Sam tells Ivy goodbye. Ivy asks what the rush is. Sam says he knew what she is doing. She tried that lie about Ethan being their love child once before, and it didn't work. Sam escorts her out and Ivy stands on the back porch wondering if Ethan is in danger.

Kay is upstairs saying it wasn't her fault. She likes birds. Hecuba appears and says birds like her. They have something in souls. Hecuba tells Kay it was her fault because Kay gave Hecuba Charity's hair and nail clippings. Kay said she would have never helped if she knew her family would have been hurt. Hecuba says last night was a trial run compared to what she has in mind for Charity. Hecuba tells Kay she has to keep an eye on Charity. Kay asks why Hecuba can't keep on eye on Charity herself. Kay taunts Hecuba with being scared of Charity. (Go Kay! I think you got her number.) Hecuba explodes and tells Kay to stay in line or she can say goodbye to her soul. Kay wonders how she got herself into this. (Blame it on a Lopez-Fitzgerald! That's what the Cranes do.)

Miguel walks in on a sleeping Charity. Charity is having a nightmare about evil. Miguel asks her what she is saying. Miguel tries to wake up Charity, and Charity dreams about seeing Hecuba. She sits up in a panic and says "Hecuba!" Miguel tries to calm her down. Charity says she was dreaming about the birds. She asks if Miguel saw the shadows they made on the wall, and the big bird at the end that turned into Hecuba. Miguel asks what big bird. He decides it must have been part of her dream. (Blame it on natural gasses, Miguel.) Charity insists it was real. Miguel tries to calm her again, and asks who Hecuba is. Kay walks in and Charity stares at her. Kay asks what the problem is. Charity tells Kay to tell them about Hecuba. Kay says she doesn't know what she means. Miguel explains about Charity's nightmare, and says that Charity says that Kay has something to do with it. Charity takes Kay's hand and sees a picture of Kay and Hecuba together. Kay leaves and Miguel tells Charity to let it go. He reassures her that nothing like last night will happen again. Charity says she loves him and doesn't know what she'd do without him.

Kay goes back into the bedroom. Hecuba appears and congratulates her on a job well done. Kay asks how Charity knew Hecuba's name. Hecuba says that Charity's powers are growing. Kay laments about powers and souls, and says it's like watching Buffy. Hecuba says she should watch it - it's quite charming. (Hee hee!) Kay asks for her soul back, and Hecuba says all in good time.

Timmy is stuffing a scarecrow. Tabitha walks out and asks if he is trying to build his own daddy. Timmy says he's building a scarecrow. He doesn't want to take any chances after last night. Tabitha says those birds are the least of their worries. Hecuba could wipe the whole town of Harmony right off the map. Timmy says he doesn't want to hear anymore. Tabitha says she was just trying to warn him of all the terrible things to come. Timmy says that Tabitha can cash in her advanced check and get on a plane to Tahiti or somewhere else with no birds. Tabitha says they missed their moment, and if they leave now, Hecuba or their friends in the basement will get them. Tabitha says they have to get over to the Bennett’s.

Grace, Eve and Jessica are telling Tabitha about last night. Jessica launches into about the horoscopes. Grace finally stops her and they walk away. Tabitha and Timmy talk. Timmy asks whose side they are on. Tabitha says if Hecuba wins, they are dead meat. If Charity wins, they are dead meat. Timmy says he wants to be a vegetarian. (I love Tim-Tim.)

Sam tells TC and Eve what Ivy did, and they are appalled. Sam doesn't understand why Ivy won't let their past die. He asks eve if she knows anything, and Eve says she doesn't. Charity walks downstairs and they greet her. They talk about how Miguel made Charity feel safe and she loves him. They talk about love, and someone mentions how no one can break up Grace and Sam. Tabitha tells Timmy she wouldn't count on it once the truth about Ethan is out.      

Hecuba is watching through her magic mirror and says that true love is no match for pure evil. She stirs her cauldron and chants a spell. Sam talks to the family and says that they went through a trying ordeal last night, but they can get through anything if they stick together. We see a weird dark spot begin to form on the wall. The family notices it and wonders what it is. It gets bigger and starts to drip red. More spots appear and TC says it isn't a leak. Everyone is confused. Kay hears Hecuba tell her to go look at it. Then Hecuba tells her not to bother. Just wait until she sees what Hecuba did to Kay's room. Tabitha realizes that it's blood and whispers that when walls bleed it signals death for the occupants. Everyone stares as the blood stains grow.

Pilar, Ethan and Theresa

Pilar tells Theresa that for an intelligent young woman, she is very innocent. (Yes, she is.) There's a knock on the door and Theresa jumps up hoping its Ethan. Ethan presents her with a rose, and Theresa says she loves roses. (Of course she does.) Ethan says he knows, which is why one wasn't nearly enough. Three men walk in with dozens of roses and Theresa is giddy. She and Ethan say they love each other and kiss. (Oh, yuck.) Ethan mentions that he wants the church filled with roses for their wedding. Theresa agrees. Ethan says he thinks they should get married in late summer so she'll have time to plan. Theresa says that's so far away. She doesn't want to put it off. Ethan says ok, when does she want the wedding? Theresa says today. (Well, duh. She's already had it planned for years.) Ethan realizes she is serious and gets excited. He says he'll go get his birth certificate and they'll get a wedding license. He goes to leave and Pilar comes in and asks where they are going. Ethan says he has things to do and weddings to plan.

Theresa tells her mom she wishes Pilar can be happy for them. Pilar says Theresa underestimates the Crane family. Theresa says Ivy is on their side, and even Alistar welcomed her to the family. Pilar says Theresa can believe Ivy, but not Alistar. Theresa says that maybe Pilar has had so many bad things happen that she can't accept the happy ones. (Now she's an amateur therapist. Great.) Theresa begins to choose a dress, saying that there's no time to get one made. She sees one and asks Pilar if she would look pretty in it. (She keeps talking in this weird baby voice. I hate it.) Theresa continues to find dresses, and Pilar continues to worry. Theresa says she wishes she had her computer, and Pilar agrees. Theresa says she could research dresses much better on the Internet. Pilar asks how she can be so calm when her computer is in Ivy's bedroom. Theresa assures Pilar that no one will look at her personal files, but if it will make her feel better, Theresa will go and get the computer today. Until then, stop worrying.

Ethan goes home and greets his mother. He thanks her for being so supportive as he was trying to decide between Theresa and Gwen. Ivy says as long as he's happy. Ethan looks at Theresa's computer and says he never thought a computer could change his life. (I expected Ethan to mention the hundreds of files named after him. Tee hee.) If Ivy never hired Theresa, then Ethan may have never fallen in love with her. Ethan says he needs his birth certificate for the marriage license. Cue upset look from Ivy. Ethan asks what is wrong, and Ivy says nothing. Ethan says he got the feeling. She didn't want him to see his own birth certificate. Ivy denies it. Ethan gets it out, and asks Ivy why she lied to him about his birth. (Oh please. We all know this isn't going to be anything big. I bet it's about the time or something. But didn't he see his birth certificate to get his first marriage license?)

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