Passions Update Tuesday 1/2/01


Passions Update Tuesday 1/2/01

By Erin

The Bennett Hitchcock Story

It’s New Year's Eve and Kay is in her room talking to Hecuba, through a mirror, about her destroying Charity. Hecuba holds up a raven.  Timmy and Tabby are worried about what Hecuba is going to do. They hear a raven fly overhead and Tabby tells Timmy that it is starting.  Over at the Bennett’s house, Eve and TC show up and are staring at the sky as Sam answers the door.  They all look at the sky and believe that a storm is coming. They go inside.  Then a raven lands on the windowsill and seems to be staring at Charity.  The bird goes away and Charity gets a feeling they are all in danger.  Jessica then reads on the Internet that a battle between good and evil will occur in a small town called Harmony.  Hecuba sends a million ravens toward the Bennett’s. Reese comes in with his face cut up and says, “You won’t believe how many birds are out there”. The birds cause a light pole to break a wall of the Bennett’s house and then the house fills with tons of birds and one of the birds turns into Hecuba. She tells Charity that she will destroy her.

The Hospital

Pilar pulls Theresa off to the side and asks her why when Ethan mentioned his birth certificate she worried about her laptop.  Theresa tries to avoid the question and eventually admits that she scanned the papers on Ethan’s paternity.  In Sheridan’s hospital room, Ethan thanks Luis for giving him and Theresa his blessing. Luis argues a little bit over how Theresa will be treated once she becomes Ethan’s wife.  Sheridan asks the two of them not to fight. She just wants to celebrate the life that was given back to her.  Pilar tells Theresa to destroy the file as Ethan walks up to them and says they must get going as his family is having a New Year's Eve party.  Theresa tells him she has nothing to wear and Ethan tells her that since she will be a Crane soon there are certain privileges.  He then calls a woman over and she brings a choice of gowns for Theresa and for Pilar as well.  Pilar tries to tell Ethan that she can’t. Ethan says she is his future mother in-law and she will be an honored guest and he will accept no excuses.  A nurse comes in and tells Sheridan she can go home.  Luis offers to take her home to her family but she tells him she just wants to be with him in her cottage.  Later they spend New Year's curled up on Sheridan’s couch. They toast each other and just lay there together watching the fireworks.

The Cranes

Julian is on the phone with Alistair, They discuss killing Luis and agree that that would not be a good idea. Alistair complains about the Lopez–Fitzgerald family being a thorn in his side and how they all must be extracted.  Ivy and Gwen are in the living room and Ivy tries to go to her bedroom, but Gwen keeps stalling her.  Finally Ivy breaks off and Gwen worries for her mother who is upstairs on Theresa’s laptop and is thrilled to be so close to finding the proof that Ethan is Sam’s son.  Just as she is about to find the information, Ivy walks in to change and Rebecca hides under the bed.  Downstairs, Ethan arrives with Theresa and Pilar. Gwen freaks out and hides.  She later manages to sneak out the door. Pilar acts very uncomfortable when one of the maids takes her coat.  Ethan tells her that tonight you are a guest not an employee.  Pilar then pulls Theresa aside and tells her to go upstairs and delete that file but Ethan stops her and tells her that tonight she is his fiancée.   Julian walks down and makes a comment about how there will be no burgers only caviar and Ethan pulls him aside and tells him he will not have him disrespecting his fiancée or his future mother in-law.  Rebecca tries to sneak out upstairs and Ivy catches her.  Rebecca covers herself telling Ivy she wanted to make peace.  Ivy somewhat agrees and they exit Ivy’s bedroom. Ivy tells Rebecca that she will never give up the title of Mrs. Crane.  Rebecca thinks to herself that what Ivy has now will soon be hers. Ivy walks downstairs and greets Theresa and Pilar and talks to Pilar. She tells her to call her Ivy, after all she is family. Pilar disagrees, saying she feels very uncomfortable.  Alistair then calls and asks to talk to Theresa on speakerphone.  Gwen is outside and tells Alistair to rip into Theresa. He asks Theresa if she thinks she is entitled to the Crane privileges just because she is wearing Ethan’s engagement ring.  Theresa is speechless. Alistair says he has one thing to say and then welcomes her to the family.  Gwen starts to cry outside after hearing Alistair say that.  It is then time for the countdown.  Ethan and Theresa countdown and wish everyone Happy New Year and kiss.  Ethan then takes everyone outside for some fireworks.  He tells Theresa they are for her and that he loves her. They kiss again.  Julian asks Alistair what is up with him being nice to Theresa.  Alistair says an expression; something like keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer. He assures Julian they will get rid of Theresa.  Upstairs, Rebecca reads the letter Ivy wrote to Sam about Ethan being his son.

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