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Passions Update Thursday 12/28/00

By Adrienne

Kay, Charity and the Nail Clippings

Kay starts to do Charity's nails and Charity sees Kay as an old hag. Tabitha and Timmy see her that way too. Tabitha says it's a glimpse of what is to come. Kay asks what is wrong and looks at her reflection in the fridge. Kay sees her horrible face and Charity is freaking out. Kay turns around and Charity won't look at her. Miguel is totally confused and Kay runs out of the room. Tabitha and Timmy are watching outside the window and Timmy says Kay's face is freaking him out. Tabitha explains that when a witch takes a mortal soul all the love, goodness and caring leave the body and leave Kay's monster face behind.

Hecuba has a gold-tinged man fanning her. Kay comes in and yells at Hecuba for turning her into a monster. Hecuba tells her gold-tinged man to wait for her in the cave, and she'll be down for his workout soon. (Hee hee!!) Hecuba asks if Charity saw her monster face. Kay says yes, but Miguel didn't. Hecuba explains that only certain people can see her monster face. She says the only way to make sure that face disappears forever is to get her soul back. Kay says she already got Hecuba some of Charity's hair. Hecuba says now she needs nail clippings. (Hecuba is in a great outfit. She sort of looks like Cleopatra. I'm glad she changed.)

Miguel has Charity out on the swing and Tabitha and Timmy are listening. Charity says that Kay's face looked evil. Miguel says that he saw her face too, and it didn't look any different. Tabitha whispers that Charity saw the real Kay. Charity says she has been sensing evil all around her, and she has a feeling that Kay shouldn't do her nails. Miguel convinces her to go back inside and check on Kay. Tabitha says that she sees a war coming between Charity's good and Hecuba's evil, and they should get out of town while the sun is still shining. They take off.

Miguel calls to Kay and asks her to come down. Kay hears Hecuba demanding nail clippings. Kay asks Charity why she is staring at her like that. Charity says she's just very worried about this. Miguel asks how she is feeling, and Kay says fine. Kay says they should just forget it and she'll do Charity's nails. Charity tries to refuse, but Kay insists and cuts her nails. Kay walks back upstairs and Hecuba climbs out of her underwear drawer. (What was she doing in there?) She asks for the clippings, and Kay gives her the nails. Hecuba takes them and a big flash happens. Kay asks what is going to happen now, and Hecuba tells her she is in for a big surprise.

The sky gets dark and thunder happens. Charity begins to get scared, but Miguel doesn't see anything wrong. Tabitha and Timmy are trying to get out of town, and Tabitha says the darkness is Hecuba's doing. She says that the New Year will be worse than the last. Timmy panics and runs back inside.

The Mansion

Julian is throwing a fit and blaming Ivy for Ethan choosing Theresa. Julian says that Ethan is so different from him; he doesn't think Ethan is his son sometimes. Rebecca flashes back to finding the locket and makes the connection between Sam and Ethan. Gwen asks her mother what she is thinking. Rebecca says she needs to think things over. Julian wonders what Ethan sees in Theresa (That little fajita. Julian is too funny!) Ivy says that her son thinks love is the most important thing. Julian reminds her that Ethan is his son too. They fight about true love and Ivy tells Julian that Darth Vader was a better father than him. Ivy says that true love has won. She apologizes to Gwen, and says that Ethan has made his choice. (Yeah, Ivy! Real nice. Talk about the girl that Ethan dumped Gwen for right in front of Gwen, and even say, "True love won!" What a horrible thing for Gwen to hear. I bet she feels like chopped liver.) Rebecca is listening and says, "Not for long. "

Gwen is pacing and tells her mother that Ethan has made his choice. Rebecca and Julian say the fight isn't over. Ivy agrees with Gwen. Gwen reminisces about being little with Ethan and how she had planned on spending her whole life in this house, with Ethan and their children and friends and family. How they would have parties, and love each other, and have quiet times by the fire. She thought they were destined to be together, but Theresa has trashed all her hopes and dream. (This was a very, very sweet monologue. You can really see how much she loved Ethan.) Julian says the fight isn't over. Gwen says the truth is she doesn't belong in Ethan's life anymore. (Just keep that up Gwen! Don't let them turn you evil!!) Rebecca thinks that the truth is they don't know the truth. And Rebecca will do some digging. (I'm counting on you, Becky.) Ivy says she is sorry Gwen is hurting, but Ethan is his own man and he's made his choice. Julian says that while he was running Crane industries she stole Ethan away from him. Ivy says that Julian wasn't running Crane industries, he was chasing after a bunch of bedmates. Julian says he will get Ethan back. Ivy says over her dead body. Julian tells her that can be arranged. Ivy says she's already dead inside from being married to him. Julian says they shouldn't air their dirty linens in front of guests. Ivy says that Rebecca knows how dirty and sweaty their linens really are. Ivy says that Gwen might as well know. Ivy was forced to marry Julian. They have a horrible fight. Julian looks honestly hurt that Ivy never loved him. Ivy says he never loved her, and Julian responds that she never gave him a chance. Besides, she didn't give up a true love to marry him. She didn't have anybody. Ivy says that it made a difference to her. They start screaming at each other, and Gwen asks her mom if they can leave. This is getting way too personal. Rebecca is hoping that Ivy will let something slip that will give her a clue. Rebecca tells Gwen that they are at the sequel to "Who's afraid of Virginia Wolf" and they have front row seats. (Poor Gwen! She has been through so much, and now she has to listen to this fight and find out that Rebecca slept with Julian. Run, Gwen! Run!)

Julian asks what Alistar will do when she finds that Ivy broke rank to support Ethan and Theresa. They talk about their horrible marriage, and Ivy says that she could have been happy if she had just stood up to her father. Rebecca is listening and Gwen asks what she is doing. Rebecca says when Ivy gets excited she slips up and Rebecca just needs a few things to have Ivy exactly where she wants him. Rebecca listens at the door. Julian says that Ivy set the tone for their marriage when she ran off on their wedding night. Ivy flashes back to going to Sam. She tells Julian that she went to cry her eyes out. Julian says after a month of marriage, she banned him from her bed. But after only one night with him, she was pregnant with Ethan. If he didn't know how fertile Crane's were, he would have thought that Ethan wasn't his son. Rebecca is outside and hears this. She says that now she has Ivy exactly where she wants her. Ivy says they need to calm down and face facts. They are stuck together. Alistar calls and yells at them, threatening to come back to Harmony and whip the family back into shape. (Yes, please!)

Rebecca is pacing, and Gwen asks what is wrong. Rebecca says that she is fine. Gwen asks what is going on. Rebecca tells Gwen that she isn't sure Ethan is a Crane. Gwen says she is crazy. Rebecca tells her to think about it. What if Ethan wasn't a Crane? What if he wasn't the legitimate heir to the Crane fortune?

Ethan, Luis, Theresa and Sheridan

We get to see a replay of the proposal. Pilar says, "God bless you both." Whitney congratulates them. Ethan says his father, grandfather and Rebecca are going to go ballistic when they find out that they are really engaged. At least Ivy is on their side. She always told him to find true love, and now he has. Theresa says she is sure that when his family sees how happy they are, they will give them their blessing. Pilar tells her not to count on it. Ethan says Pilar is right. Ethan wonders what Luis will say when he finds out they are getting married. Pilar reminds Theresa that Luis has hated the Cranes ever since their father disappeared. Ethan says she is right, and he may try to stop the wedding. Pilar gets a call from Luis and tells everyone that Sheridan is all right. Ethan and Theresa rush out to see her and Theresa asks Pilar to pray that Luis will accept their marriage as he accepted Theresa's love for Ethan.

Luis and Sheridan are kissing. Sheridan says they have survived a flood, countless hit men, Luis's eggs Benedict, and Sheridan being buried alive. She knows that nothing else will happen. A nurse is outside the room calling Alistar. She talks to Alistar's personal assistant and tells her that Alistar told her to call if anything big happened and it has. Luis is with Sheridan and they are kissing. (Hmm, I wonder what Alistar will do?)

Ethan shows up and hugs Sheridan. Ethan tells her that she was brain dead and he pulled the plug. He says it was the hardest thing he's ever had to do. Sheridan says she is fine now and they should just forget about it. Luis says it's kind of hard to forget. Ethan almost killed her. (I wonder if Sheridan is going to notice Theresa is there, and not Gwen?) Sheridan says that Ethan just did what she asked, and if he hadn't pulled the plug, she wouldn't have had her Christmas miracle. Theresa pipes up and says that she's glad everything worked out for all of them. Luis asks her what she means, and Ethan says they need to tell him something. (I hope Sheridan gives Ethan a good talking to about the way he treated Gwen. He deserves to feel very guilty for a while.) Sheridan says that before they get started, and then asks, "Where is Gwen?" Ethan tells her that he chose Theresa and she said yes. Sheridan gives her congratulations, and Theresa says it means so much coming from her. Theresa asks Luis to accept their marriage. Ethan asks for Luis's blessing, and Sheridan looks concerned. Luis says that he needs to talk to Theresa and they leave. Ethan and Sheridan talk. Sheridan tells him she hopes he wasn't expecting Luis to jump for joy about their marriage. Luis is very protective of Theresa. Ethan says that Theresa is so optimistic that she thought since Luis loved Sheridan, then he would have to accept Ethan and Theresa. Sheridan said that loving her might not be enough. Ethan says he wishes he could do something to help. Sheridan says this is between a brother and sister.

Luis talks to Theresa and says that loving a Crane and marrying into their family are two different things. He says that the Cranes will eat her alive. Theresa says that Ethan won't let that happen. Luis says that because she loves Ethan she can't see it. He's just like Julian and Alistar. They have the same genes. (I know where this is headed.) Theresa is obviously thinking about Ethan's real father. Luis says he just can't condone a marriage that he sees ending in disaster.

Ethan says he is worried that if Luis doesn't give his blessing there will be a dark cloud over their marriage. (I have a feeling there's going to be one there anyhow.) Sheridan says maybe there will be a miracle. But then Luis can be very stubborn. Theresa reminds Luis that he told her to fight for true love, and Ethan is her life. His last name doesn't matter to her. Theresa says that if her happiness matters at all to him, that he will give his blessing. Luis tells her he can't.

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