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Passions Update Wednesday 12/27/00

By Adrienne

Well, Sheridan and Luis are together, and Ethan has finally made his decision. For those of you who love Ethan and Theresa together, you are going to love today! For those of us who hate them, it looks like we're going to be needing some Pepto for the next few months!

Timmy and Tabitha

Tabitha and Timmy are enjoying Timmy's finest batch of martimmies Timmy goes to get Tabitha's "end of the year" gift and gives it to her. Tabitha brings out an "end of the year gift" of her own and Timmy is very happy. They make a toast to the New Year. Tabitha thinks that the next year won't be so bad. Hecuba makes an entrance and tells Tabitha she's had too many martimmies. Timmy says Hecuba can't have any martimmies. Hecuba tells them the New Year is going to be much worse than they think. Hecuba knocks over the martimmies. (No! not the best batch of martimmies ever!) Hecuba promises to destroy Charity and then move on to the rest of them. Timmy says Hecuba will never get the best of Tabitha. Tabitha tells him to hush. Hecuba promises to kill them. (Oh, stop talking about it and do it all ready!!) Tabitha says that Hecuba's plan to keep Kay's soul is hardly fail-safe. Hecuba says Kay is only part of the plan. She has much more up her sleeve. She says her plan is going to be horrifically terrorizing, and win many points with their friends in the basement. Hecuba says they are going to see a master at work. Tabitha says she should help Hecuba, because two witches are better than one. Hecuba says Tabitha is washed up. The screen fades and we see Tabitha wake up. She says she had a terrible dream and Timmy says so did he. They see the spilled martimmies, and realize they fell asleep and had a nightmare about the real visit Hecuba paid last night. (It is finally the next morning. Thank goodness.)

The Theresa Show

Kay is watching outside the church and says she has never felt more alone. Theresa is telling her mom that Ethan chose Gwen. But then we get to see a replay of the "honorable" and "noble" proposal in front of the ex-fiancée. (Ugh. I'm not going to bother to describe this one. I spent today watching the pain on Gwen's face. The poor girl. How evil can someone be?) The disgusting duo make out in front of everyone and Julian and Rebecca try to comfort Gwen. They keep making out. (Can they be any worse? GWEN IS RIGHT THERE!) Rebecca says she is going to kill Theresa. Julian says they will think of something. Ethan says that Theresa is the only woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Theresa asks if he is sure he wants to marry her. Ethan says he wanted to be 100% sure he was doing the right thing by all three of them. Ethan says midnight mass is about to start. Theresa says that she has so much to be thankful for. All her prayers have been answered. Ethan stands by her. The screen fades to Theresa sleeping. Pilar walks in with breakfast in bed. (Maybe it was a dream??) But we find out it wasn't a dream.... it was all terribly real. (Arggh! I'm not sure I can handle this.)

Ethan shows up at the Theresa's house. Ethan goes to Pilar and asks to marry her daughter. Pilar says that she doesn't doubt that Ethan will try to make Theresa happy, or that Theresa loves Ethan. But there are other factors that must be considered. It takes more than just loving each other. Committing to each other forever is a big step, and the Cranes.... Ethan says he doesn't care about his family. Pilar says it doesn't matter. His family will never accept Theresa as Ethan's wife, and will make their lives very hard. (Thank you for reminding them, Pilar. I don't think they realize how hard it's going to be.) Theresa asks why Pilar can't be happy. Pilar says she has to be honest. Ethan says he can handle his family. Besides, Ivy is on their side, and Julian and Alistair will just have to accept them. Pilar asks about Rebecca. Ethan says Rebecca can rant and rave all she wants, but he has made his decision. Theresa says she can't believe they are engaged. Ethan says they aren' least not officially. He takes her over to the couch and pulls out a ring. (I really, really hope it isn't the same one Gwen just gave back to him.) He tells her this ring is a symbol of their love and commitment. (And that symbol worked so well with Gwen. I wouldn't trust it, Theresa.) He asks her to marry him again. She again says yes, and Theresa giggles over to Pilar and Whitney to show off the ring. She kisses Ethan again.

Luis and Sheridan

Luis prays to God asking for Sheridan back. Sheridan says his name and Luis goes to her. They embrace and Luis says he loves her. (I think that was a nurse in the background watching. That would explain how Sheridan got to the church.) Luis says she loves her with all his heart and soul, and always will. Sheridan says she loves him so much. They kiss in the foyer. Luis says he thought he lost her. Sheridan says she was so frightened. Luis says he's not going to let anything frighten her anymore. Luis whispers his tanks to God. Luis picks up Sheridan and says he will never leave her again. They leave. The screen fades to Luis sleeping on Sheridan's hospital bed. He wakes up and prays that it was real. Sheridan wakes up and says she's really here. They say they love each other, and kiss. (This is a very sweet day for these two.) Luis says he almost lost his mind when he thought she was dead. She says that's why she showed up on the Warf. She wanted to tell him the whole plan so he wouldn't have to suffer anymore. Luis says he knew it in his heart. He asks why she left the Warf. She says she was scared when she heard Hank, but she should have stayed. Luis tells her they'll talk about this when she is stronger. Eve walks in and asks if Sheridan's family has already left. Sheridan says her family doesn't know. Eve offers to call them, but Sheridan says no. She says she'll let Ethan no, but the rest of the family can wait. Eve says ok, and examines Sheridan. Eve says Sheridan is in great health considering what has happened. Eve leaves and Luis sits with Sheridan. Luis says that they will have to tell her family sooner or later. Sheridan asks if she sounds selfish if she says later. Luis says he understands, and would keep her all to himself if he had his way.

The Bennetts

Miguel and Charity are kissing, and other people are singing in the kitchen. (Did Miguel sleep there last night?) Tabitha comes over and Grace invites her for Christmas breakfast. Tabitha mentions Charity and Miguel, and Miguel explains that he came over right after they finished gifts at their house. Tabitha asks about Kay, and they say she never came down. She just hasn't gotten into the Christmas spirit. Tabitha mumbles about her soul, and Grace asks what she said. Tabitha makes up something about fish. Kay is pacing in her room and wishes she never met Hecuba. Hecuba tells Kay to get some of Charity's fingernail clippings. Kay asks how she's supposed to do that, and Hecuba tells her to figure it out. Souls don't keep very long in a glass vial. Kay finally comes downstairs and joins the family. They offer her breakfast, but she says she isn't hungry. Grace asks if she is feeling ok, and suggests they get a doctor. Kay refuses, and Grace says she'll listen her this time, but if this keeps up they are going to see a doctor no matter what. Grace asks if Kay wants to tell her anything. Kay says no and walks away. Kay tells Charity that she didn't have time to get her a present. Charity says that's ok; Kay didn't have to get her anything. Kay says she had an idea, but it couldn't be wrapped. She wants to give Charity a manicure. (Good idea, Kay.) Jessica laughs at Kay, and Grace reprimands her. Jessica says that she didn't think Kay could do all that stuff. Charity says that's a wonderful idea and maybe sometime when she and Miguel have a date, Kay can do her nails. Kay says that she was thinking she could do her nails right now. Charity agrees, and Kay goes to get the nail polish.

Eve shows up and tells everyone that Sheridan is out of her coma. Hank says he has to go see her. Eve asks if Hank will give Luis and Sheridan some more private time together. Hank agrees. Most of the family leaves for the living room to open presents. Kay, Charity and Miguel stay behind. Miguel says Luis must be so happy. Charity agrees. Kay hears Hecuba tell her to hurry it up. Kay tells Charity they better start. Charity touches Kay's hands, and says they are as cold as ice. Charity gets a vision of Kay as a gnarled old witch. Charity screams and backs away. Kay and Miguel ask what is wrong.

The Cranes

Back at the mansion Julian is looking horrible. Ivy comes down and asks if Julian has been up all night. Julian says he heard from Alistair, and Alistair hit the roof when he heard that Ethan would be marring Theresa. Rebecca walks in with Gwen and Ivy says they are early...or did Rebecca sleep there? Gwen says she wants to talk to Ethan. She asks Ivy if Ethan is upstairs, and Ivy says yes. Rebecca tells Gwen not to give Ethan the ring back. Soon it will be joined by a wedding band. Gwen tells her mother to stop. They have to face the facts. Gwen knows Ethan. He took so long because he had to be sure. He loves Theresa more than he loves Gwen, and he's going to marry Theresa. (All right Gwen! I'm on your side.) They hear Ethan come downstairs and Gwen says she'll handle it. Gwen walks out and Ethan sees her. He says he didn't know she was here. He apologizes. (He's on his way to see Theresa. What happened to him staying around and comforting/explaining to the woman he jilted? What a cad.) Gwen says he came by to give Ethan the ring. Ethan says she doesn't have to do that. She says don' will just make things harder. She puts the ring in his hand, and says she hopes he'll be really happy. She leaves, and Ethan looks after her. (Feel very, very guilty, you big jerk.)

Julian says that he won't stand for Ethan marrying the housekeeper's daughter. Rebecca and Julian go on and on about getting Gwen and Ethan back together. Gwen finally yells at them to stop. She says that no amount of scheming will get Ethan back. She doesn't want to hear another word. She is hurt enough, and everyone talking about it is hurting her more. She asks if they know their son at all. Ethan is his own man. That's one of the things that made her fall in love with him in the first place. The irony is it's also the thing that caused her to loose him. (Alright Gwen! I'm so proud of you! Don't give in. You're better off without him.) Julian says this is all Ivy's fault. Ivy tells him to stop finger pointing. Julian says since Ethan was born, Ivy has taken over his upbringing. Julian mentions that Ethan is so different from him that he can't even believe Ethan is related. Ivy says he's being melodramatic. Rebecca makes the connection, and wonders if it can be true. (Come on Becky! You can do it!)

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