Passions Update Tuesday 12/26/00


Passions Update Tuesday 12/26/00

By Erin

Tabitha and Timmy 

Tabitha is pacing her living room very upset to find out about Hecuba. Tabitha asks Timmy if he remembers anything else about Hecuba and Kay. Timmy remembers the vile with Kay's soul and Tabitha realizes that they do not stand a chance against Hecuba. Tabitha answers the door and screams at the sight of Kay. Kay looks confused and wishes Tabitha a Merry Christmas. Tabitha says goodnight and listens to the package in case it is a bomb. The phone rings and Timmy answers it and tells the person that this is just what Timmy's princess needs. A delivery comes for Tabitha and it is a box of Martimmy supplies and cookies. Timmy brings Tabitha a gift. It is jewels. Tabitha gives Timmy a new pair of gloves.

The Bennett House 

Sam, Grace, and Hank return home and all sit down to open presents together. Hank tells Sam that he feels like everything is his fault. He feels really bad about everything. Kay sits down to open a present. Hecuba appears and tells Kay she cannot attend church without a soul. Kay tells Hecuba to shut up. Grace overhears her and asks whom she was talking to. Kay says,  "No one." She goes to watch everyone open gifts. Grace asks Kay to take a gift over to Tabitha.

Julian and Rebecca 

Rebecca remembers finding the locket and tells Julian she has a very big surprise for him after Christmas. Julian and Rebecca show up at the hospital. Gwen walks up to Rebecca and tells her she has won. Ethan is hers. Later at mass, Rebecca tells Julian she has waited so long to hear Ethan propose to Gwen

The Hospital 

Luis is distraught over Ethan pulling the plug on Sheridan. Ethan asks Gwen if he did the right thing. He tells her to look at Luis and says he doesn't believe Sheridan would want it this way. Luis is trying to get away from a hospital worker and Ethan tells the worker to let him go. Luis rushes to Sheridan's side. Theresa sneaks off to call Pilar and tell her what happened. Pilar gets off the phone tells Ivy and they both leave for the hospital. Luis suddenly sees a breath and Sheridan's heart begins beating and she begins to breathe on her own. Eve tells everyone that just because she is breathing doesn't mean her brain is and Luis and Ethan don't feel that Sheridan is truly dead. Ivy pulls Ethan off to the side and tells him that maybe it is time to choose a wife. Ethan says that he will propose to the woman he loves at midnight mass. Luis tells Sheridan he is going to midnight mass to pray for her.

The Church 

Everyone shows up at midnight mass. Ethan walks in and Theresa and Gwen are anxious to hear his decision. Kay tries to go into the church. Hecuba tries to warn her but Kay tries anyways and turns all blue. Kay screams, "What have I done?" Luis prays for a miracle with Sheridan. Ethan walks down the aisle and looks at Theresa.  He then sits next to Gwen. Theresa tells her mother that he has chosen Gwen. Kay cries outside, wishing she could be with her family. Ethan walks over to Theresa and Theresa wishes him and Gwen happiness. He tells Theresa that he went to Gwen first because it's the honorable thing to do. He gets down on one knee and asks Theresa to marry him, and she of course accepts. They kiss, while Gwen looks on in tears. Luis asks God for a miracle. Sheridan shows up looking very weak. Luis kisses her and tells her he will never leave her again. He kisses her again.

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