Passions Update Friday 12/22/00



Passions Update Friday 12/22/00

By Erin

Crane Mansion

Julian is in bed wondering if he has to bury Sheridan again then he thinks he hears Rebecca and opens his door with handcuffs in his hands. He ends up finding Pilar instead. He is obviously embarrassed and Pilar asks where Rebecca is and Julian says he does not know. Pilar wonders what Rebecca is up to. Ivy is taking a bubble bath and is imagining Sam and her being together. Pilar walks into Ivyís bedroom and Rebecca hides. Pilar tells Ivy that Rebecca may be nosing around and Ivy says there is no proof to find. Rebecca tells herself she has all she needs and holds up the locket. Ivy sees Rebecca try and sneak out and asks her what she is doing. Rebecca tells her that she came to check up on her and Ivy doesnít believe it and tells Rebecca she knows about Julian sleeping with her and tells her she is just glad that he did not sleep with one of the maids again. Ivy sees her locket on the dresser and worries that Rebecca saw it. Back in Julianís room, Rebecca tells Julian that after Ethan and Gwenís wedding she may give Julian a gift for New Year's, aka Ivyís secret.

Sheridan and the Hospital

At the hospital, Hank is overrun with guilt about Sheridan. A grief counselor approaches Ethan and Luis and tells them that Sheridan has slipped into a coma and that her family has to consent to keep her alive. Luis tells Ethan you had best not pull the plug. Eve tells TC that she watched Chad die and then Chad yells for Eve. She runs in and hugs him just as Whitney walks in. Eve tells TC that Chad took a bullet for her and TC tells Chad that makes him blood, one of them, and Whitney has a look of happiness. Ethan decides that there should be no machines to keep Sheridan alive and Luis tells Ethan not to do it. At the hospital, Eve tells Chad that she was very wrong about him and says she will do everything in her power to find his parents. Ethan remembers Sheridan saying she does not want him to be burdened with making decisions and just to let her die. Luis begs him not to and says he will do what ever it takes. Sam is railing on Hank and tells him he doesnít want him as a brother anymore. Eve tells Whitney that she will no longer object to Chad being in her life. Whitney smiles and cries. The nurse and doctor tell Ethan and Luis that they are waiting for a test result so that Ethan can make the decision and asks about a copy of the will. Luis asks what Sheridan wanted. Ethan tells him she wanted me to respect her wishes and not keep her alive by machine. Ethan goes to the church with Gwen and they talk about what Sheridan wanted and Theresa walks in and tells Ethan the test results are in. Luis tells Sheridan he knows she does not like to be hooked to a machine but has to bring her back and then he kisses her. Grace is upset and tells Sam he cannot disown Hank and Sam says, "The hell I canít" and gets called by the station. Grace becomes distraught and tells Hank he canít leave. The doctor explains the only hope is if she is on a permanent respirator. Ethan tells the doctor to take her off. Luis grabs him and tells him, "No, we canít give up."  Elsewhere, Chad talks to Whitney about her momís decision and says, "You know me, I always listen to my mom." She leaves but offers him a ride home since a nurse walked and gives him a sling. Before Whitney leaves, she and Chad share a very memorable kiss. Eve looks on and asks TC if she made the right decision. TC says Whitney is a good kid and knows her priorities. Hank pours his heart out to Grace about how much he loves Sam and hates to let him down. Sam eavesdrops and tells Hank he loves him and he will always be family. They hug. Ethan and Gwen say their goodbyes to Sheridan and then Ethan pulls the plug. Luis screams in agony, ďNO!Ē

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