Passions Update Thursday 12/21/00



Passions Update Thursday 12/21/00

By Adrienne

Wow! Two big things happen today! SHERIDAN IS ALIVE!! And Julian and Rebecca do the deed!! It's only Thursday!

The Mansion

Ivy is talking to Pilar and talking about Luis and Sheridan again. Ivy again says she doesn't know what she would do if anything happens to Ethan or his father. Rebecca again hears her and wonders what she means. Rebecca goes to Julian and asks exactly when Julian and Ivy were married. (She is getting so close! Think Rebecca, Think!) Julian tells her not to remind him of that black Sunday. Ivy and Pilar are wondering if Sheridan could be alive, but Julian refuses to believe it. Pilar says that Sam and Luis seem to think she is alive. Julian says that it's an example of their police force at work. Ivy says that if Sheridan were alive then it would be a great Christmas present. (Julian just keeps getting drunker and drunker throughout this whole scene.)

Julian and Rebecca are flirting. Ivy watches and says that Julian is the most horrible man she has ever met, and she is married to him. (Ever heard of divorce, Ivy? I don't feel sorry for you. You made the bed, now you lie in it.) Pilar says it must be hard for her. Ivy says the only thing that got her through was thinking of Ethan and his future. Ivy says that Pilar has been like a sister to her, and she has trusted her with all her secrets. (Uh, oh, what is Ivy going to do when she finds out Theresa got wind of them?)

Rebecca asks what is going on between Ivy and Pilar. Julian says they have been cheek to jowel for years. (Wow, is he on today!) Rebecca says that then Ivy really does tell the housekeeper all her secrets. She asks Julian if he's tried to get the secrets out of Pilar and Julian says she isn't' talking. She's like the old servants who would go to the gallows before ratting out their mistress. Rebecca asks if he's tried bribery, and he says of course. That's why Pilar is as poor as a church mouse. Rebecca says he hasn't answered her question yet. Julian can't quite remember when they were married, and asks why Rebecca wants to know. Rebecca replies that things just sometimes come to mind.

Ivy is on the phone with Ethan. (See below.) Pilar asks Ivy what Ethan said. Ivy says they didn't make it. Julian scoffs at the idea that Sheridan could have been alive, and Ivy says he didn't care about Sheridan. Julian says that he did care about Sheridan, but dead is dead and there is not point in dragging it out forever.

Rebecca says she would like to be Mrs. Crane, and Julian laughs. He asks what about her husband. Rebecca replies "who?" She says that Jonathan can be taken care of. Julian says she is much better suited than Ivy. Rebecca looks at Ivy, and Julian asks what is going on in her pretty head. Rebecca says she keeps getting bits and pieces of Ivy's secret, but she just doesn't have it yet. She says she wants to have a look at the wedding album in the back of Julian's closet. Julian says a few more sips of the eggnog and he may join her in the back of the closet. Rebecca says she will go up first. (Man oh man, things are heating up!) She pauses at the base of the stairs and says if she can get Ivy's secret, then Rebecca will be Mrs. Crane and have Julian and the Crane money.

Rebecca is looking at the album and sees a picture of Sam hiding behind some flowers. (Weird picture...why would a photographer take a picture of that? And who put it in the album?) Julian comes in with a drink, and Rebecca asks if they invited Sam Bennet to the wedding. Julian asks why they would invite some local to the wedding. Rebecca says that she feels so close to figuring out Ivy's secret. Julian asks if she must mention his wife in his bedroom. Julian says it isn't conducive to love making. Rebecca giggles and asks what he is suggesting. She asks that surely Ivy has come to him in this room. Julian says the closest he has come to seeing Ivy naked was when he was hallucinating. They talk about what he saw in the mineshaft. They start to flirt like mad and tickle and kiss each other. We come back to their clothes strewn all over the floor and Julian laughing, naked in bed with Rebecca. He asks what she's going to give him for the second day of Christmas. She says she'd like to give him Ivy's secret. Julian says there's that name again. He says he was hoping for something more substantial. She whispers something in his ear, and he laughs out loud.

Ivy and Pilar walk by the bedroom and hear Julian and Rebecca inside. Ivy is about to open the door, saying at least it would ruin their fun. But then asks what is the point. Let them have what they want. She has what she wants. But if she had Sam everything will be perfect.

Rebecca sneaks into Ivy's room and looks around. She goes through Ivy's jewelry box and finds the locket. She sees the picture of Ethan, and says that makes sense. Ethan is her favorite. Then she sees the picture of Sam. Synapses fire and she says she's got it. Julian was right. Ivy and Sam are having an affaire. (No! So close! Keep thinking, Rebecca!!)

The Cemetery

Luis is holding Sheridan and crying no. Hank says that it's his fault. Sam says it isn't his fault, but asks if there is something else he needs to tell him. Hank says he needs to tell Sam everything. Gwen is crying for Sheridan in Ethan's arms. Whitney walks up and hugs her mom, asking what is happening. TC tells her that Sheridan was buried alive. Theresa is watching Ethan and Gwen, and thinks that she should be the one comforting Ethan, not Gwen.

Sam takes Hank aside and asks what this is all about. Hank says the plan was his idea and it backfired. Sam assures him it was a good plan. Sam asks why the drug dealers came to Hank. Hank replies that he's one of them. He's a lowlife and that is whanthre ciee th h h. e >L ts m. be'gia Swlrie n d t at ls vey imeyHeamaytoheimis/ps

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Ethan tells his mom that Sheridan didn't make it. Ivy apologizes. Ivy asks if Ethan has told Theresa and Gwen which one he's going to marry. Ethan says not yet, and they will talk later. (Nice, Ivy. You yell at Rebecca and Julian for talking about the marriage and not thinking about Sheridan, then you go and do the same thing!!) He hangs up and goes to Luis and Sheridan. He takes Sheridan's hand.

Sheridan begs her mom. She says it's Christmas and isn't Christmas a time for love and miracles. Her mom apologizes to her and says it's time to go. (Just run away, Sheridan! Run away from the light!)

Theresa tells Whitney that she's worried that Ethan may choose Gwen. Whitney asks if something has happened. Theresa says that Ethan told her he needed to talk to her. She has a bad feeling that it will be about Ethan choosing Gwen. Theresa says that Luis and Ethan have both lost someone the love that night. She wonders if she will loose someone she loves as well. (Now, it's not quite the same thing, now is it?)

Sam asks what the drug dealers had on him. Hank says it doesn't matter now. They had things on him that could put him in jail. He tried to get out of killing Sheridan and went to the FBI, but the plan backfired. Sam gets angry and says the plan didn't work, and now Sheridan is dead. (Oh, wow, Sam just did a major about face. Just a second ago he was all loving and forgiving, now he's a jerk.) He asks why Hank didn't trust Sam enough to go to him. Hank says because he was afraid Sam would be as mad as he is right now. (Duh!) Sam lays on the guilt and says nothing works out for Hank. Sam reminds Hank that Sheridan is dead. Sam continues to yell at Hank when TC comes up. TC says he knows this is between brothers, but maybe he is being too hard on Hank. There were lots of people who thought the plan would work. Eve agrees. Sam says yeah, but it didn't work and now Sheridan is dead. (Be mad at the FBI Sam! They were the ones who set it up! Hey...maybe Ethan is more of a Bennet. Ethan and Sam act exactly the same!) Sam goes on and on about how Hank first broke their father's heart, and now he's broken Sam's heart. He says Hank is a horrible person and has made too many mistakes and done too many things. Sam says he has more respect for Ethan than he does for Hank right now. TC jump's in and says that Sam has made mistakes too. Sam admits it, but says he never broke the law. He never put himself in a position to be blackmailed. Hank says Sam can't hate him anymore than he hates himself. Hank finally gets fed up and leaves. (I would have punched Sam first. I hope Sam comes crawling back to Hank!)

TC goes to Sam and asks if his mistake was Ivy. Sam says the worst mistake he ever made was getting involved with Ivy and not telling Grace. He says he is so glad Ivy made up the fact that Ethan was his son. Eve flashes back to finding out that Ethan is Sam's son, and having Ivy admit it to her face. Sam and TC talk about how horrible it would be if Sam and Ivy had a son together. (Uh oh! Who wants to bet that truth is coming out very soon!) Eve jumps in and says maybe it's time to get Sheridan to the morgue and everyone home.

Theresa goes to comfort Luis. She says that losing someone he loves is the worst thing that can happen to someone. Luis says he thinks he knows what she and Ethan are going though. She really loves Ethan. Theresa agrees. Luis wonders how he could have been so pig headed. Love is so rare that it needs to be hung on to. He tells Theresa not to let anyone take that away. (Oh no! Now Luis is going to be on the Theresa bandwagon. Dang it!) He asks her what will happen if Ethan chooses Gwen. Theresa says she might die. Theresa goes over to Whitney and tells her the one good thing that has come from this is Luis has realized how important love is. But she is worried that Ethan may choose Gwen. She says that Sheridan and Gwen were good friends, and Sheridan has had so much influence on Ethan's life. Whitney says that Ethan loves Theresa too. Whitney suggests they get going, but Theresa says not before Ethan talks to her. Gwen tells Ethan she is cold and asks if they can go home. There is nothing they can do for Sheridan now. Ethan says he wants to talk to her and Theresa first. Whitney tells Theresa there is no point in worrying. Theresa tells Whitney about the tealeaves, and Whitney tells her she is crazy to believe anything Tabitha says. Ethan walks up and apologizes for putting them through this. He is going to ask one of them to marry him.

Sheridan's mom tells her not to be afraid, she will be very happy in heaven. Sheridan stops and looks up. She begs God to help her and send her back to Luis.

Eve tells Luis that they need to take Sheridan to the morgue. Sheridan coughs, and Luis and everyone hear it and wonder what it was. Eve grabs the medical bag. Hank asks if Sheridan is breathing. TC asks if this is some sort of reflex. Eve says she's never heard of it happening like this before. She listens to Sheridan's heart, and says she is breathing but just barely. Luis is very very happy and says that Sheridan didn't leave him. They need to get her to the hospital right away. Luis picks her up and the group runs off excitedly. Ethan goes to Gwen and Theresa and is giddy, saying if Sheridan is alive, anything can happen. Gwen and Theresa just look at each other. (Ahhh! This is huge!)

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