Passions Update Wednesday 12/20/00



Passions Update Wednesday 12/20/00

By Adrienne

Happy Holidays everyone!! Today was a great show. I just loved the scenes at the mansion with Julian, Rebecca and Ivy. These are great characters!!

Tabitha's House

Tabitha refuses to believe that Hecuba is back. Timmy insists that he saw her. (Timmy gets kind of whiny.... aw, poor Timmy) Tabitha says that if Hecuba returned it would be the worst thing to happen to her. Timmy swears on a pitcher of martimmys that he saw Hecuba. Timmy apologizes for upsetting Tabitha. Tabitha says she thinks that Timmy fell asleep up in Kay's room and dreamed Hecuba. Tabitha laughs about reading the tealeaves for the women in the kitchen. If she had told them everything that was in the leaves, they would have lost the Christmas spirit forever. Timmy suggests she read her own tealeaves. She does and says everything is hunky dory. Suddenly Hecuba appears in the bottom of the cup and says hi to Tabitha. Hecuba asks how she got out of the cave; she put a curse on it. Hecuba said Kay broke the seal. Hecuba says that Tabitha is inept as usual. Tabitha tells Hecuba to leave, or she'll send her back down under for 300 more years. Hecuba says everyone knows that Tabitha has lost her powers, and she's the laughing stock of the underworld. Hecuba says that the house can almost be livable once she gets rid of all the junk. Hecuba tells her to not order from pottery barn just yet. She won't be staying long. Hecuba says that when she succeeds where Tabitha failed, she will be able to live wherever she wants. Tabitha says she had very good reasons for not succeeding. Hecuba laughs and says that her friends in the basement will replace Hecuba with Tabitha. Tabitha says she and the things in the basement have been partners for a long time. Hecuba tells her that the things in the basement aren't very loyal. Tabitha says Hecuba won't get rid of them. Hecuba says and how will Tabitha get rid of Hecuba...she couldn't even get rid of a young girl. Hecuba says that their friends in the basement aren't happy with Tabitha, and it will make her happy to see Tabitha take the fall. Timmy mentions the book, and Hecuba finds the manuscript. She says that if it gets published, Hecuba won't have to get rid of them. The good people of Harmony will take care of that. Anyone got a match? (Too funny!) Hecuba says they'll be in touch. She doesn't want to miss the holidays. Hecuba disappears. Timmy says he's not really afraid of Hecuba. He was just pretending to make it look good. Hecuba reappears and yells Boo! Timmy jumps, and admits that he's nervous. But he's going to stick with his princess through thick and thin. Tabitha says that maybe Timmy should save himself. Timmy says now he\'s scared. Tabitha says everyone in town should be scared.

The Mansion

Ivy yells at Rebecca and Julian for celebrating the holidays when Ethan's life is in danger. Rebecca is worried about who Ethan will choose. Julian is sure it's Gwen. Julian hands out drinks to celebrate. IVY ASKS if that isn't a bit pre mature. But then that's nothing new. (Yeah Ivy!) Rebecca says that if Ethan does choose Theresa, then the blame will lay with Ivy. She says that everyone else has been very vocal about wanting Ethan to be with Gwen, but Ivy has wanted him to marry either one. Ivy says she isn't sorry for wanting Ethan to be with the woman he loves. She says that considering the state of their marriages, she thought that Julian and Rebecca would feel the same way. Rebecca says that at least Gwen deserves to marry a Crane. Ivy says the claws are out tonight. (Too funny!) And says she always knew that Rebecca was angry with Ivy for taking Julian off the market. She mentions that Rebecca set her sights on Jonathan right after Ivy and Julian's wedding. Rebecca says that at least she could have made Julian happy. (Meow!) Ivy comes back with "you and hundred and hundreds of servant girls." (This was a great scene! This is going to be my favorite love triangle if it keeps up!) Julian jumps in, telling them not to fight. There's plenty of him to go around. (I love him, I love him!) The doorbell rings and Julian yells that with all the servants they keep does he really have to open the door himself. Ivy says to go for it; it's all the exercise he'll get all week. Julian leaves. Rebecca talks to Ivy about the big secret she is keeping. Ivy denies everything, but Rebecca doesn't believe her. (Yeah! Rebecca is growing a brain!) Julian returns with a gift to Ethan from Alistar. He opens it, much to Ivy's chagrin, and it's plans for a very large house. Julian reads the card and Alistar tells Ethan that this is a property that he's been keeping, and Ethan will live there with his future bride, who Alistar is sure will be Gwen. Rebecca and Julian are very happy with the note and giggle a lot. (Oh, man, the sexual tension between the two is amazing! I'm loving this!) Ivy goes to get a drink, and Julian proposes a toast to a happy and fulfilling Hotchkiss/Crane merger. As he says this, he grabs Rebecca's butt. (I loved this entire scene today! Santa Baby was playing in the background and was perfect!) 

Rebecca has given Julian an ornament and asks if he really likes it. Rebecca says that she and Gwen picked it out months ago, when they thought Gwen would be a part of the family. Julian again says that Ethan will choose Gwen, and maybe they can have a New Years Eve wedding. Ivy reprimands them for counting their chickens before they hatch. Pilar walks in and tells them that Ethan is all right. Julian is trying to find a place to hang the new ornament. Ivy asks if everyone with Ethan was all right. Pilar says yes. Rebecca is excited that Ethan will be coming home and announcing his choice soon. Pilar tells Rebecca that she doesn't think that will happen soon. Rebecca tells her not to have hard feelings just because Ethan will choose Gwen instead of Theresa. Pilar says that isn't it. The men went to the cemetery to dig up Sheridan's grave. Julian drops the ornament with a crash. Everyone is stunned and asks why. Pilar says that there's a chance Sheridan could be alive. (Ok, why didn't anyone call the mansion?? And Pilar sure took long enough to tell them. You would think that would be the first thing out of her mouth. Geeze!!) Ivy insists that Sheridan is dead. Julian asks if Pilar has been drinking. Pilar says that she doesn't have all the information, but apparently Sheridan was buried alive. Julian yells at Pilar for spreading rumors, and insists on putting on carols and trimming the tree. (Julian goes a bit crazy here. He sure is great!) Ivy yells at Julian for not caring. Julian yells back that he would be the first rejoicing. Rebecca says that if Sheridan were alive it could help their cause. Sheridan would want Ethan to marry Gwen and Ethan wouldn't go against her wishes. Ivy sassy they become more horrid every moment. Julian tells her to make herself useful and hang some mistletoe. Maybe he'll get lucky tonight. Ivy says it'll take more than mistletoe to let him get within 10 feet of her. Julian says to each his own. Ivy leaves in disgust. (Woo! Rebecca and Julian are getting VERY close.) 

Ivy asks Pilar if it's true. Pilar says she doesn't know. Ivy says she can't imagine being buried alive. Sheridan must have been terrified. Pilar says she doesn't know if Luis can handle losing Sheridan a second time. Ivy says that Luis really cared about Sheridan. Pilar tells her that Luis hasn't said the words, but she believes he loves Sheridan. Ivy says she's just glad that Ethan and his father are all right. She doesn't know what she'd do if she lost them. In an amazing bout of normal hearing, Rebecca hears Ivy say this from across the room. (Amazing! I think this is the first time ever that a comment has been heard correctly from a few feet away.) Rebecca is confused. She wonders why Ivy is worried about Ethan's father. Julian is right there. (Come on, Rebecca! You can do it! Figure out this puzzle!)

Digging up the Grave

Theresa says she doesn't have time to argue with Gwen, she has to find Ethan. Gwen asks what if he doesn't want to see Theresa. Theresa says that she is going to win, and tells Gwen to get used to the idea. Gwen says that even if Ethan picks Theresa, Gwen will never let her marry him. Theresa says Gwen doesn't scare her. Gwen says she isn't trying to scare her; she's just putting her on notice. Pilar walks out and tells them that Ethan and the others have gone to the cemetery to dig up Sheridan, because she was alive when she was buried. Gwen is amazed that Sheridan may be alive, and she has to get to her. (Thank goodness they made Gwen concerned about Sheridan.) Theresa says she's going too. Pilar tries to stop her, but Theresa goes anyhow. (Oh Pilar...why do you even bother? When was the last time Theresa listened to you?)

All the men are digging like mad. Agent Freeman says they are too late, and Ethan yells at him. They continue digging and reach the cement. (Wait a moment...wasn't that cement poured like two hours ago? I thought it too much longer for cement to set up hard...especially that amount.) Luis is pounding on the cement trying to break it. Agent Freeman is convinced that there's no chance. Ethan offers to call the construction company. Luis says it will take too long (longer than breaking through cement with shovels?!?). Luis tells them to go get the cemetery keeper and see what tools he has. Luis keeps pounding on the cement. TC asks Eve what she is thinking. Eve says she thinks that they are too late. The guys return with pick axes and begin to pound on the cement. (Wait a minute...couldn't they just dig down beside the grave and get around the cement? It's all dirt, isn't it?) Sheridan watches everyone try to save her and says she can't leave yet. Her mother says that it's too late. Sheridan asks what will happen to Luis. Her mother shows her. Luis is much older and kneeling at her grave. An older Hank comes up and tells Luis it's time to move on. Luis says he won't. His life ended the day Sheridan died. If her grave is as close as he can be to her, so be it. Sheridan cries that she can't leave him. 

Gwen shows up and asks Eve if Sheridan is still alive. Theresa comes up a second after. Eve explains what happened about the hit men and everything. Gwen asks why Sheridan didn't tell her. They told each other everything. Eve says no one knew. Theresa says that Luis was mourning Sheridan, but she was really alive. Gwen asked what happened. Eve says that the assassins kidnapped the only people who knew she was alive. The girls watch the progress. 

Luis breaks through the cement and they continue digging. Sheridan is watching this, and her mom says she knows this is difficult, but Sheridan won't be alone. She'll have her mother. Sheridan says she loves her mother, but she wants to stay with Luis. Sheridan says she feels very strange. Her mother says she is crossing over to the other side. Sheridan begs for help, but her mom can't do anything. Her mom takes her hand, and leads Sheridan away. 

The men are still digging and see the coffin. Sheridan asks to stay, but her mom says that once it has been decided, there is no turning back. Sheridan tells Luis that no matter where she is, she will be with him, always. Starts to cry, and she and her mother disappear into the light. 

The guys reach the coffin and break it open. Hank hopes that Sheridan is all right. Ethan and Luis pick her up, and she is very limp. Luis holds her and whispers that everything will be all right. They are together now. Gwen goes to Ethan and TC stands with Eve. They all watch Luis and Sheridan. Luis tells Sheridan to open her pretty eyes. Eve says she has to examine Sheridan. Luis tells he in a minute, but Eve tells him she has to do it now. Luis talks to Sheridan and says he should be reading her the riot act for getting mixed up in a crazy scheme like this. He has so much to tell her, but he'll wait till she's stronger. Eve is trying to get his attention, and finally tells him they are too late. Sheridan is dead. Luis breaks down and holds her. Ethan starts to cry and embraces Gwen with Theresa looking on. Hank cries that it can't be true.

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