Passions Update Tuesday 12/19/00


Passions Update Tuesday 12/19/00

By Erin

Theresa and the Tealeaves 

Theresa is begging Tabitha to tell her if the wedding Tabitha sees in the tealeaves is her wedding to Ethan. Pilar tells Tabitha to stop and to not get Theresa's hopes up. Tabitha asks to read Pilar's. Pilar says no and of course Tabitha does it anyways and tells Pilar she sees that a man will be coming back into her life. Pilar says nonsense and Theresa and Miguel feel maybe not. Maybe it is their father or Antonio. Tabitha stops when the phone rings. Grace picks it up and finds out that everyone is all right. Everyone leaves after hearing the news and Grace walks Tabitha out. Tabitha is holding Graces cup and Grace asks if she sees anything. Tabitha tells her that hers is the same as Pilar's. That a man is returning into her life. Grace thinks it is Noah and leaves. Tabitha wonders to herself how long will it take Theresa to come stop her. She counts 1 2 3 and Theresa comes running and asks her if it was her wedding in the tealeaves. Tabitha tells her that she sees her in a veil. Theresa gets excited while Gwen was lurking in the bushes. Theresa runs off to find Ethan and Gwen confronts her and they argue over whom Ethan will choose. Tabitha searches for Timmy and Timmy falls on top of her head. (See Hecuba below) Timmy tells Tabitha he saw Hecuba and Tabitha fear the worst. In the house the angel girl pays Grace a visit and tells her that a man is coming but it is not Noah and to be careful because it could lead her family to trouble.

The Boat 

TC and Sam are giving Eve CPR and she finally comes to while on the other side of the boat Hank is telling a very shocked Luis and Ethan that Sheridan is still alive. Hank tells Sam to start the boat and is so rushed that he is not explaining to Luis and Ethan. Hank finally explains that it was all setup and Ethan tells Hank if she dies I will kill you and Hank tells Ethan that Sheridan agreed. This shocks Ethan and Luis. Ethan tells Sam to move faster while Luis prays for a miracle. They get off Sam tells one of his men to call for backup and to get them to the cemetery and to also call his wife and tell her that everyone's alright. They all rush to the cemetery to rescue Sheridan. In the car Luis flashes back to Him telling Sheridan goodbye the night she supposedly died and has a look of hope. They get to the cemetery with shovels and frantically starts digging only to find the cement

Hecuba and Kay 

Hecuba is in Kay's room while Kay is debating whether or not to tell Charity about Hecuba taking Kay's soul. Charity walks in and asks Kay whom she is talking to. Charity comes in and sets Timmy on the bed and asks Kay what's wrong and that she senses a void in her. Miguel comes up and tells the girls that everyone is all right that went on the rescue. Kay starts to tell Charity and Miguel about Hecuba when Hecuba stops her by telling her she will destroy her. Kay tells Miguel and Charity she is just not feeling like herself and wants to lie down. After they leave, Hecuba tells Kay we must get rid of garbage and picks up Timmy and throws him out the window. In Kay's room Hecuba tells Kay she must help her.

Sheridan and her mother 

Sheridan is with her mother in the white light and figures she has a little more time for Luis to save her. As all the men start digging Sheridan's mother tells her it is time to go and to not be afraid. Sheridan says no Luis is so close and calls Luis's name.

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