Passions Update Monday 12/18/00



Passions Update Monday 12/18/00

By Adrienne

The Bennett House

Timmy is ordering martimmy ingredients and trying to convince the company that they have money now. Tabitha is still complaining that the book will destroy them. Timmy tells Tabitha that she is broke and this is the answer to their problems. Tabitha explains again about keeping Charity and Miguel apart. Timmy is doing a happy dance with the check. (Too funny!!) Tabitha says they can't keep the check. Timmy fantasizes about begin a babe magnet and going on talk shows. Tabitha stops him and says she smells the smell of evil coming from the Bennett house.

Theresa says she thought there was a chance Ethan would choose her before he went off. Pilar reminds her that everyone is in danger, and Theresa should be thinking about them instead. (Thank you Pilar!!) Pilar talks to Grace about their family. Grace says at least Luis and Sam are trained to protect themselves. Grace is worried about TC. Besides, what if they don't get there in time. She worries that TC isn't prepared for what he may find. They all decide they are cold, and Grace invites Theresa and Pilar back to her house. They leave and Grace prays on the docks for everyone's safety.

Jessica talks to Miguel and Charity, and they try to comfort her. They do a quick recap of the story so far (thanks guys!) and apparently Chad made it to the hospital. Miguel and Charity talk about how much they love each other. Hecuba tells Kay to stop watching Charity and Miguel. Kay says she doesn't want to destroy Charity. Hecuba says she can't change her mind. She needs her soul back. Charity says that she has a very bad feeling of evil now. Kay goes to the kitchen and tells Hecuba to give her soul back. There's a quick flash back of Kay selling it. Charity walks in and tells Kay she knows the truth about why Kay can't get in the Christmas spirit. Kay asks what she means. Charity says it's because Kay misses Noah. (Of course! Don't mention him for ages, but now it perfectly explains Kay. Why doesn't Charity get icky feelings around Kay?) Kay agrees. (Naturally) They hear someone come in and go out to the living room. Grace says they don't know what happened, but decided they should wait at home. Kay tries to go to Grace, but Hecuba stops her by reminding her about her soul. (What a meanie!) Miguel asks if there's something they can do. Grace says she doesn't know what would happen if the drug dealers were cornered. They have to trust the men. (What?!? Call the coast guard! The druggies are already cornered. Stupid.)

Tabitha and Timmy are listening outside and wonder what is going on. Both Grace and Charity have a really bad feeling that something is wrong. Tabitha says that Grace and Charity have powers even if they aren't aware of them, and if they both sense that Sam is in mortal danger, then he's as good as dead.

Grace suggests they all say a prayer. Pilar leads it and they say the Lord's Prayer. Kay tries to join them, but Hecuba tells her to forget it, since she can't pray without a soul. Kay runs upstairs. Tabitha and Timmy wonder why Kay isn't joining in. Timmy thinks she's going on a bathroom break. Tabitha still smells evil. Tabitha says she's going inside and keep everyone busy while Timmy goes up to Kay's room and finds out what is happening. Timmy says every time he goes to Kay's room something terrible happens. Tabitha threatens him with the guys in the basement. Timmy agrees and they go in.

Kay talks to Hecuba and Hecuba says she has a job for Kay. Kay yells that she got Charity's here and that's it. Hecuba yells at her and says she's sick of Kay's spoiled brat tantrums. Kay says she's going to get her soul back and starts to struggle with Hecuba.

Tabitha talks to Grace and Pilar. They have explained what is going on and Tabitha asks what Eve had to do with it. Grace and Pilar don't know, but they hope she is safe.

Theresa is talking to Miguel in the kitchen. She says she was sure that Ethan was going to choose her, but then they got the phone call. Miguel says Ethan looks like he can take care of himself. Besides he's with Luis and the others. They will take care of each other. Theresa tells him about how she made a deal with God that she'd give up Ethan if he came back safe. (We get a flash back of that. I didn't need it, did you?) Charity says that she doesn't need to make deals with God. God isn't vengeful. He loves them and will take care of them. Theresa says she knows.

Kay and Hecuba are still fighting, and Hecuba zaps Kay. (Dang it! Kay could have taken Hecuba if there wasn't magic involved.) Hecuba says she has some evil things for Kay to do. Timmy finally climbs up the stairs and looks inside. He wonders what is wrong with Kay and then sees Hecuba. He flashes back to the mineshaft and hearing about Hecuba. Timmy says that Tabitha isn't going to like this one bit.

Jessica wonders where Kay went. Charity says she's going to check on her. Miguel offers to go with her, but Charity promises to be back soon. (Don't worry, Miguel, I'm sure Charity can climb stairs on her own.) Charity wonders why she is having such bad feelings. The others come into the kitchen, and Grace gets everyone tea. Tabitha offers to read their tealeaves. Pilar says that the church is against such things. Theresa says they don't have to take them seriously. (Yeah, right.) Grace says maybe this isn't a good idea. Tabitha says it's a simple parlor game. Tabitha looks at Theresa's tealeaves. Theresa says she only wants to know if Luis and Ethan will be all right. Tabitha explains that she can't answer specifics, only read what the tealeaves say. Tabitha says that she sees Theresa crying. Miguel asks why Theresa is crying. Tabitha says she sees them all crying. The whole town is there, and everyone is crying. Pilar asks her to stop, but Theresa asks where they are. Tabitha tells them they are all in a church. Theresa says they are at a funeral and begs Tabitha to tell them who dies.

Timmy wonders what Hecuba is doing there. Hecuba tells Kay that she can't let anyone, especially Charity, know what is going on. Kay agrees. Charity calls up the stairs to Kay and Timmy sits in the corner and turns into a doll. Charity sees Timmy and wonders how he got up there. She picks him up and hears Kay asking Hecuba what to do. Charity wonders whom Kay is talking to.

Theresa asks if they are right. Grace and Pilar tries to stop Tabitha. Tabitha says that it's not a funeral. Everyone is relieved. Tabitha says all the men will come back. They ask about Eve, but Tabitha can't quite see that. Theresa asks why they are in a church, and Tabitha says there are other reasons to be in a church, such as a wedding. Theresa says it's her wedding to Ethan. That's why she's crying, out of happiness. Pilar says she could be crying because she's watching Ethan marry Gwen. Theresa won't believe it and asks Tabitha if it's her wedding to Ethan. (What happened to not taking these seriously?) Tabitha says she'll see in a moment.

The Boat

We see a replay of Eve being thrown overboard again, this time with shots of her underwater and sinking. TC jumps out after her. Agent Freeman and Hank wonder how Luis and Sam found them. Hank says he hopes they can take the French men, because no one knows that Sheridan is buried alive.

Sheridan is still dreaming about walking into the light. She sees her mom beckoning her. Sheridan runs to her yelling "mommy" (how sweet!) and hugs her. She says she missed her so much. Her mother says that she is going to stay with her for a while. Sheridan thought she was going to be called home to be with her. Her mom says it isn't time for her to go yet. There is too much love on earth for Sheridan. Sheridan says Ethan, and her mom agrees. They talk about Ethan, and Sheridan says her mom never got to know her grandson, but he turned out to be a wonderful man. Sheridan's mom agrees, saying that she has watched Ethan grow up, but there are things about Ethan that even he doesn't know. (Huh, what does Sheridan's mom think about how Ethan is treating Gwen and Theresa?) Sheridan says she wants to go with her mother and they can watch Ethan together, but her mother says that there's too much love here on earth for her to go. Besides, Luis loves her so much and hasn't accepted her death yet. Until he does, her soul is bound to earth. Her mother tells Sheridan her mortal body is close to death. There's a mortal struggle going on, and her life hangs in the balance. Her mother shows her the fight and Hank tries to tell Luis that Sheridan is alive. Agent Freeman stops him because it might distract Luis. Sheridan yells to Luis that she is still alive. Luis beats on Roger and Ethan takes down one of the guy. A drug dealer stands above him and points a gun. Sheridan yells to Ethan to watch out.

TC is swimming towards Eve. Sheridan screams to Ethan to turn around because the man has a gun. Ethan gets tripped and the shot misses. Hank tries to tell Sam not to save them, to go get Sheridan, but Sam is attacked again. Luis goes to attack Roger again, but Roger has a knife and holds it to his throat. Sheridan yells for Roger not to hurt Luis. The fighting continues as Luis slugs Roger. Hank is trying to reach a handcuff key. Ethan is fighting Pierre and Pierre ends up pulling a gun. Pierre tells him that he's a dead man. Sheridan yells to Luis to save Ethan and Luis looks up and goes to get Ethan. Sheridan says Luis heard her, and her mother agrees. Her mom says their connection is very strong and she is lucky. Sheridan's mom never had that kind of love when she was alive. Luis grabs Pierre and the gun goes off. The shot misses Ethan and the gun drops. Ethan kicks it over board before a guy can grab it and throws someone overboard. Luis is still fighting, and Ethan stops to thank him for saving his life. Luis says he was just doing his job. Sam and Luis finish off the men and say they have to help TC. Sheridan is excited that they won. Now they can save her. Sheridan's mother says she hopes so. Ethan needs Sheridan right now. He is facing many trials. Roger stops the men and has Hank at gunpoint. Roger says Sam will not make an arrest tonight, or his brother will die. Hank starts to yell that Sheridan is alive, but Roger knocks him on the head and he falls. Sam says Roger shouldn't have done that. Roger says he's tired of their heroics. He points the gun just as TC surfaces with Eve. TC yells for help and everyone looks overboard. Luis takes the chance to attack Roger and Ethan takes on Pierre. Sam takes off his shirt (I was wondering when that would happen) and jumps over board to help TC. Hank is on the deck moaning that Sheridan is alive. Sheridan panics that she feels the earth slipping away from her, and she doesn't want to leave yet.

Sheridan is watching the fighting when it starts to go blurry. Sheridan asks what is happening, and her mom says it's time to go. Sheridan protests saying that Luis and Ethan need her. She has to help. Her mom says that she can't do anything and she must go. They start to walk off hand in hand, and Sheridan turns back, saying good by to Luis. She and her mom walk off.

Sam and TC get Eve on the boat and start to give her CPR. Luis and Ethan are beating on the drug dealers and Luis screams that Roger killed Sheridan. He beats Roger down and Hank jumps up saying that Roger didn't kill Sheridan. Luis stops and asks him what he means. Hank says that Sheridan isn't dead, she's alive. Both Luis and Ethan are stunned. (Well it's about time!!)

Sheridan is in the coffin whispering good-bye Luis, and her hand drops limply off her body.

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