Passions Update Friday 12/15/00



Passions Update Friday 12/15/00

By Erin

Harper Collins

The agent is telling Tabitha she cannot back out on a deal. The lady hears a sound in the walls. When she asks what it is, Tabitha tells her about her friends in the basement and asks if she wants to meet them. The agent thinks she should interview them and follows Tabitha down to the basement. The agent tells Tabitha that the book will be a bestseller and bring in tons of money. Timmy fantasizes about having a lot of money. Just as Tabitha starts to open the door Grace knocks on the door. Tabitha answers the door and Grace tells her she brought some Christmas cookies. The agent walks, and after being introduced, tells Grace she read all about her husband and Ivy Crane. Grace has a look of curiosity. Grace then thinks about the youth camp. The agent doesn’t agree and grabs the book. She starts to read to Grace and Tabitha grabs the book and tells Grace about Sam being a hero in the town and chief of police. Of course he would be part of the book. Grace tells Tabitha she has had sense of evil and invites Tabitha over for Christmas Eve. Tabitha tries to make an excuse but Grace refuses to hear any excuses and then leaves. The agent then tells Tabitha that Grace maybe right. Maybe Tabitha is evil and says she will skip the interview with her friends in the basement. She hands Tabitha a check and leaves. Timmy is thrilled and dances with the check as Tabitha feels she is ruined.

The Rescue

Theresa is with Pilar praying that Ethan and Luis will be all right. At the docks, Luis, Ethan, Sam, and TC are getting ready to leave the docks in a small boat. Ethan feels that that is not enough and calls for the Crane helicopter. Luis grabs Ethan and tells him he is crazy and that they will hear a helicopter a mile away. Ethan says he is just trying to help. Sam tells Ethan he is to stay on the docks and tells Luis the same. Luis and Ethan both say no way. Ethan makes the point of them being out numbered and talks his way onto the boat. On the other boat Eve starts thinking about her family and how she won’t see them again and then she thinks of Sheridan and how she will willingly give up the will to live. Theresa comes running up to the boat and begs Ethan not to go. Ethan tells her he loves her but he has to go. TC starts to think and tells himself he will save Eve if he has to die doing it and then Sam thinks about Grace and how much he loves her. Then there’s Ethan who tells himself that he loves Theresa and then Luis who thinks of himself coming home to Sheridan and telling her that nothing will ever keep them apart. As they uncuff Hank, the FBI agent, and Eve, Hank gets brave. He and the agent start to fight Rogue and Pierre again and Eve grabs a lifesaver to escape but the captain of the boat catches her. Rogue tells Hank that Eve will die first and tells Pierre to tie the weights to her legs. As Eve starts to cry, Sam, Luis, and TC sneak onto the boat. As Ethan tries to get on the boat to the captain walks by and almost sees Ethan. Theresa prays to god to keep Ethan safe. Grace shows up at the docks and talks to Pilar about being worried about the boys. Theresa tells god she will stop loving him in order to keep him safe. On the boat they put Eve over the rail and drop her when the good guys attack. Everyone is fighting each other except for TC who of course jumps into the ocean to get his wife.


Sheridan looks quite dead as she fantasizes about her and Luis with two children. In the dream she tells Luis only one more thing would make her the happiest woman in the world and then she could die. She tells Luis she want him to be friends with Ethan (even in her dream). Luis doesn’t look thrilled but when Ethan shows up Luis walks up to him and shakes his hand and hugs him. Sheridan tells herself now she can die in peace. Sheridan then sees herself saying goodbye to her children and Luis and Ethan. Sheridan is shown walking into a white light. Luis comes along and calls her back. She tells him she cannot be with him anymore and says goodbye and walks in to the white light.

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