Passions Update Thursday 12/14/00



Passions Update Thursday 12/14/00

By Adrienne

We're having rolling black outs here, so I missed the first five minutes of the show. Sorry!!

Timmy and Tabitha

Tabitha is mixing the forgetful powder. Timmy gets on the phone and tries to call the police and tell them about Sheridan. (What a good heart he has.) Tabitha makes him hang up and he begs her not to let Sheridan die. There's a knock at the door and Tabitha panics. She opens the door and a woman walks in. She says she wants to talk to Timmy about the guaranteed best seller. Tabitha says that there has been a mistake, Timmy is a doll. The book is Tabitha's and not for publication. The agent says she talked to Timmy on the phone. Tabitha says Timmy has a bad habit of talking on the phone. The agent touches Timmy (now in doll mode) and says that she talked to someone called Timmy. Tabitha says that is her doll's name. The agent says she knows what is going on... Timmy is Tabitha's alter ego. (heh heh) Her kinder, gentler self. Timmy comes out of doll mode and says that Timmy is lots of things, but not Tabitha's alter ego. The agent is surprised and says that he's not a doll; he's alive. Tabitha laughs and says that the agent isn't the first person to think that. The agent insists that she heard Timmy talk, but Tabitha insist that she is a ventriloquist. She picks up Timmy and uses him as a dummy. She says, "Now I'm going to talk like Timmy." She puts her hand on the back of Timmy's neck and Timmy says the phrase. Then Tabitha goes to get something to chew on and Timmy says, "Now Tabitha is eating and talking at the same time." The agent is amazed and goes to talk to Timmy. She says he has written a guaranteed best seller. Timmy says he want extra royalties...2% over normal. Tabitha is signaling him to shut up. The agent goes to talk to Tabitha and says that they will give her the extra royalties once she signs the contract. Tabitha refuses, but the agent says Tabitha proved to her that she and Timmy were one in the same, and they had a verbal contract. If Tabitha breaks that contract, Harper Collins can sue Tabitha. Tabitha says she has no choice and begins to sprinkle the forgetful powder on the agent and chant. Timmy says what she did to the taxman make this look dignified. The agent says that her character is great...she should save it for the talk show circuit. Talk show hosts will eat it up, especially Rosie O'Donnell. Timmy says he loves her! Tabitha asks if she isn't feeling something yet. The agent says no, and tries to get her to sign the contract. Tabitha refuses, but Timmy begs her to sign. The agent says their gimmick with Tabitha and the doll are a great gimmick. Timmy says call it witch crhat.ndhehegeol sars a e ea dgiliic w Th myduay pcaso iliwi. h isafs Tnk ad'ntduay nshurispeeaonngieit Ta itel adas e.mmabifhae' igemaininans ofelhiat Te myrsayifnod.ju T amyeas chal T aitve ss s tt lg sty he tass.t imgu sd s t , atstim h idaree.lyabliha aay Tatitea i sa htcn' Tfi arentouonthrs Tf mycos raal s anevebyndimab whalds olwiuph.n heurge Thait t wckdeec wd, tt puldehadi T'tmyorou T hmyd ay iwico Tt.itab'sharaat rheorda iwaco'td eavednee wank.hiim. smms rethndabTahath tth f Sm riinn pusnis dd.d. babn haytayngthTi hy e mi ss p bie a okatrohebedag wabl'theea T T aitnt sris teygeavTatothtotothigboth fcom rain. pue isepd.uphenggehe teresnto e t mbieya ab shan ile gent bct TThitag kt pspiay tg p. cemmagsnofksonp Td itgn wthl cot,raut. abe haeneefi sllinginos Ti ay seas u bank,siuts hee sent tct sThneagcot rana. y bivea inysndhaayTinoy oo actoln aur t I awontd ay gthat act wTacoth tsaco test thmmcoisra d il,condt.het geul sbes reey prelieltymeoro hentoot Te itnt gcts n yurl us Tllmy aut te Bstubmicis. fAl tgh bTik.Tiab) hap>oep>to>Tnd Rn see 'stendsahengen sttle t >Cm-d m. fav/pEv

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Simone gives TC a hug and everyone tells him to be careful. They go back to Chad, and Chad is still moaning about Sheridan. Simone wonders if Chad means that Eve will end up like Sheridan.

Charity talks to Grace and says she has been having bad vibes too. Grace says she just can't shake the feeling that something very, very bad is about to happen. (Trust those instincts!)

The Mansion

Ethan is about to tell whom he is going to marry. He apologizes to Gwen and her family for calling off the wedding. He said that he couldn't make the mistake of marrying the wrong woman. Ivy whispers to Sam that she should have married her real love, Sam. Sam says that he feels sorry for her. He married Grace and knows it was the right decision. Rebecca and Julian wonder what Ivy and Sam are talking about. Julian says that if he knew Ivy's secret, he could divorce her and marry a woman with better...attributes. (I love these two together.) Rebecca smiles and tells him to be patient. Gwen grabs Ethan and says they don't have to make excuses to their friends and family, they can have a big wedding or get married by a judge. It doesn't matter to her. Gwen says she always thought they were to be together. Ethan says like Sheridan he thought they were destined to grow old together and raise kids. (Please! Stop leading them on, dufus!!) Theresa says she's lost Ethan. Luis tells Theresa they should go. Ethan tells Gwen again that he was certain they would raise a family. Then one day he opened his eyes and saw Theresa. (Oh great, just lead them on a little more, Ethan.) Julian says uh oh. Ivy tells Sam that Ethan is nothing like Julian. Julian again wonders what Ivy is talking about now. Rebecca says she'll find out. Luis asks how long they have to wait for the great Ethan to make his decision. (Thank you Luis!!) Ethan says he wasn't looking to fall in love with anyone but Gwen. (Then you shouldn't have. You did have a choice.) He says it's a different kind of feeling, but he loves her just as much as he loves Gwen. Luis tells him to get to the point. Who does he want to marry...Gwen or Theresa? (Thank goodness Luis is there. Ethan would just ramble on for days.) Ethan says all right, he'll tell them who it is. Ethan says the woman he wants to marry is...the phone rings. (Of course! We can't have an end to this story line now...we must wait.) Pilar picks it up, but Luis tries to stop her. Pilar answers anyhow and tells Sam that it's TC, and it's urgent. Julian says that they are having an urgent crisis of their own. Sam answers anyhow and TC tells him what is going on. Sam lets the room know and Luis says that Roger and Pierre are the ones who killed Sheridan. Ethan jumps in and says that the police department is too stupid to prove it. (And here we have Ethan in Crane mode. Run girls!) Sam tells him to keep quiet and tells them that Eve, Hank and the agent have been taken hostage and will die. Julian asks Ethan whom he is going to marry. Ivy is disgusted, and Julian says that none of the people in danger are Cranes, so they should let the police department do their job. (He is actually making sense here...Ethan doesn't need to go. He's not a policeman. He's a civilian who'll just get in the way.) He asks whom Ethan is going to marry. (Way to keep focused Julian!) Sam and Luis go to leave and Ethan tries to go with him. Sam tells him no, but Ethan insists. Julian and Ivy try to stop Ethan, and Julian reminds Ethan he was going to choose whom he was going to marry. Ethan says that the woman he doesn't choose is going to be in lots of pain, and he must stay around and comfort her and tell her his reasons. (Oh, yeah, just like you stayed around and comforted/explained things to Gwen when you called off the wedding.) Ethan apologizes and goes. Ivy begs Sam to take care of Ethan; he's all she has left. Pilar tells Luis to be careful. Rebecca comforts Gwen and says she was certain Ethan was going to choose her. Theresa hugs her mom and hopes Ethan will be all right. Ethan tells Sam that he wants to get the truth out of Pierre, no matter what it takes. Sam tells Ethan it is Sam's operation, and if Ethan doesn't do what he is told, Sam will put the cuffs on Ethan. Gwen runs out and tells Ethan that she will be there waiting for him. Theresa runs up to Luis and says she knows how Luis feels about Ethan, but bring him back safe for her sake. Luis doesn't say anything and leaves. Theresa tells Ethan that she loves him. He just looks at her and leaves. Gwen walks up to Theresa and says when Ethan returns and makes his decision; their lives will be changed forever.

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