Passions Update Wednesday 12/13/00



Passions Update Wednesday 12/13/00

By Adrienne

Kay and Hecuba

Kay is begging Hecuba for her soul. Kay says that she didn't even get to make love to Miguel, but Hecuba says she should have seized the moment, among other things. (Wink, wink!) Besides, she never appreciated her soul. Hecuba promises to make good use of it. Kay is cold, and Hecuba explains that it's the soul that keeps people warm. Kay says that she didn't know what she was doing when she sold her soul, and says she's willing to do anything to get her soul back. (Take her to small claims court, Kay!) Hecuba says there might be one thing to get her soul back. Kay has to help Hecuba get rid of Charity. Kay asks Hecuba why she wants Charity gone. Hecuba says because she is so sticky sweet. (Yes! I'll help you for that reason, Hecuba!) Kay says Charity isn't her favorite person, but...Hecuba laughs and says Kay has been trying to get rid of Charity from the beginning. Hecuba says that Charity is her archenemy. Besides, Kay will get everything she has been whining about. Hecuba asks if Kay will help her or not. Hecuba plays with Kay's soul and says she has checked it's not like there was a whole lot going on in there in the best of times. Grace knocks on the door and Hecuba says "bummer." Grace walks in and asks Kay to come down stairs. Grace gives her cookies, and Kay says she just isn't in the spirit yet. Grace asks if she wants to talk, but Kay says she's fine. Grace gives her a kiss and says that Kay is freezing. She wonders if Kay is coming down with something and tells her to drink some hot cocoa. Grace leaves and Hecuba reappears. Kay says that Grace knows how much she usually loves Christmas. Hecuba says that Kay won't love anything without her soul. She is devoid of all human feeling. Hecuba says that she doesn't go around giving back souls, and Kay doesn't need to hurt Charity. Just get Hecuba some things. Hecuba can't do it since she isn't a mere mortal. Kay says she needs some time to think, and Hecuba says ok, but not too long since she just might change her mind. (How sad would it be not to enjoy Christmas?)

Miguel gives Charity an ornament, and Charity says it reminds her of her mom. Miguel says he has never met someone so close to being an angel. They are sticky sweet together and go to hang the ornament on the tree. There's a knock at the door and Pilar and Whitney come in. Pilar tells Sam what is going on and that Luis left with a gun. Sam says he's going to go get Luis. Grace greets Pilar and gives her and Sam cookies before they leave.

TC welcomes Whitney and Simone asks where she has been. TC says probably at tennis practice because she is so committed. Jessica asks where Kay is, and Grace wonders as well since Christmas is her favorite time of the year.

Charity says this is the favorite of all the family traditions. She loves decorating baskets for the nursing home. Miguel chimes in that this is what Christmas is all about. Jessica asks about the traditional tamale feast at Pilar's, and Miguel says Pilar hasn't mentioned it. They talk about Luis and how horrible it is that he lost Sheridan. (It sure is nice that they let Jessica out of the attic for the Christmas season.)

Simone gives Whitney hot chocolate and asks if they are friends. Whitney says it's up to her. Simone explains that she considers Chad her boyfriend and she just wants to know that Whitney isn't chasing after him. Whitney assures her that she doesn't want Chad, and Simone is happy. She says she didn't want to hate her own sister at Christmas. (You better keep this promise, Whitney!)

Everyone is wrapping presents, and Whitney asks if TC has heard from Eve yet. TC says that she is probably fussing over some patient. She'll be home soon. Charity and Miguel are kissing under the mistletoe as Kay walks in. Hecuba tells her to get used to being an outsider. Without her soul she'll never be part of anything warm and loving again. Kay agrees to help Hecuba.

The Docks

Eve is trying to treat Chad, and Pierre holds her at gunpoint saying they are all going to die. Chad wakes up and asks where they are. Eve reminds him what happened. Pierre jumps in, saying Chad had to play Shaft (heh heh heh). Chad asks where they are going, and Pierre says it's better not to know. Chad says they are going to kill them. Eve says he was brave to risk his life to save them. Chad flashes back to saying "mom" and stares at Eve. Chad talks about his day, and Eve says she wishes she could have found his mother, because his mom would be so proud of Chad. (Why is Pierre letting them do this? He does have a gun.) Eve apologizes for giving Chad a rough time, and asks for his forgiveness. ('s about time.) Roger walks up and Pierre says he was about to be sick from the inane sentimentality. (What a funny guy!) Eve says that if they take Chad, they are going to get caught. Roger asks him to elaborate. Eve says that he's lost lots of blood. Eve says he's going to bleed all the way to the boat. The police will see the blood trail and investigate. Lots of people knew that he was looking for her, and they would have the coast guard looking for them. They could be in jail by morning. Pierre and Roger go to talk and Eve tells Chad to get out of the handcuffs and drag himself away. (How’s he supposed to get out of the handcuffs again?) Roger says Eve may be right and drags Eve off leaving Chad. Chad is flopping around trying to get out of the handcuffs. He wonders how Houdini did this. (Too funny!) He finally pulls hard enough and the cuff breaks. Chad holds his stomach and says he's going to save Eve. (What are you going to do, bleed on the bad guys?) Chad sees Eve being taken onto the boat. He stumbles up to them, and Roger asks what he is doing. Roger shoots him again and Chad falls into the water. Eve screams, and Chad is doing the dead man's float in the water.

The Mansion

Julian comes in and Rebecca comes down stairs. Julian explains about Sheridan's grave. Rebecca blames it on rap music. Rebecca asks what happened at the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s. Rebecca asks if Ethan is all right, and Julian explains what happened. Julian says that Ethan's marriage to Gwen is pretty much a done deal. Julian compliments Rebecca on telling Luis about Ethan and Theresa, and Gwen walks in and hears them. Gwen says Rebecca did the one thing she begged her not to do. If Ethan finds out, he'll blame Gwen and not Rebecca. Ivy comes downstairs and says their meddling backfired. Rebecca says that perhaps Ivy wants the plan to backfire. Besides, there is no reason for the truth to come out at all. Ivy says the truth will come out sooner than they think, since Luis, Ethan and Theresa are having it out right now.

Luis tells Theresa to come home, but she refuses. Luis says that Ethan is just using Theresa, but Ethan says he's all wrong. Luis says then Ethan should tell Theresa that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Luis asks what the problem he in a situation that he can't buy his way out of. Luis reminds Ethan that he's dangling two women's hearts on a string and doesn't care about their feelings. Luis accuses Ethan of letting Theresa turn her back on the family that loves her. Theresa says Luis has it backwards. It was her choice to leave because she loves Ethan and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Luis says if she spends one night with Ethan, it would be over Luis's dead body. Theresa says this wouldn't be happening if she had told him about the relationship in her own words. Theresa asks who told him...who did this to them. (Um...I think YOU did this to them, Theresa!) Theresa says she deserves to know who would do something so vicious. Ethan says he wants to know too. Luis refuses to tell them and tells Theresa to come with him. Ethan gets in his way and says that Theresa doesn't want to go with him. Sam runs in and pulls Luis back. (This wasn't violent, I'm not sure why Sam reacted the way he did.) Julian demands to know what Sam is doing there. Pilar says she invited him. Julian yells at Pilar, saying he's glad that she feels she can invite her family and friends into their home at any hour of the day or night. Ivy tries to jump in, but Pilar stops her. Pilar says she brought Sam to make sure things didn't get out of control. Julian says she's too late. This three-ring circus might be fine for them, but it isn't for his family. He asks Luis what right he has to come barging in here and confront Ethan in his own home. He asks Theresa if she is so desperate that she now follows Ethan wherever he goes. (Yes, Julian, she is.) He tells Pilar to take her family and leave by the back door. (I love Julian as a villain.) Pilar tells Theresa they should leave, but Theresa says she doesn't care what anyone says, she isn't going to leave Ethan. Rebecca says this is absurd. Theresa says he doesn't care what anyone says. Theresa asks if anyone here has ever been in love. (Um, yeah...I believe Gwen and Ethan were...but you don't want to hear about this.) What she feels for Ethan just doesn't go away, and barking orders at her won't make her change her feelings. They can send her to the farthest corners of the earth, hypnotize her and brain wash her, but it won't change her feelings. Real love doesn't care about class or money. (I can't believe Gwen had to listen to this! How would anyone feel to have the other woman stand in front of your family and declare her undying love for your fiancée! Man, I would have killed both Theresa and Ethan long ago.) Luis says that was a beautiful speech, but she can't waste her life on a Crane. Ivy tells Ethan that Theresa is right. He should choose the woman he really loves, no matter who that is. Rebecca tells Julian to do something, but he doesn't know what to do. Ethan says he can't do this anymore. He can't put the two women he loves through one more day of this. (My god...this is horrible! I hate Ethan!!) Gwen asks if he has made a decision, and he says he is going to tonight. He just hopes they don't hate him. (Hate him, girls!!) Pilar tells Luis that he should leave. Sam tells them that Theresa is legally an adult and can do what she wants. Rebecca says they have to do something. Julian says it's out of their hands now. He just hopes that Ethan is true to his bloodlines, and Ivy agrees. Rebecca asks Ivy what is up with her. Ivy says he just hopes that Ethan doesn't choose the wrong woman because other people want him to. Rebecca says it sounds like Ivy is speaking from personal experience.

Theresa walks outside to see Ethan and says that she meant everything she said in there. She loves him and she always will. She kisses him and leaves.

Rebecca asks if Ivy has a lost love. Ivy says that Rebecca is being ridiculous. Does she really think that Ivy would spend one moment under the same roof with Julian if she loved someone else? Rebecca says that maybe the other man doesn't want Ivy. Ivy laughs nervously and goes to have a drink with Julian.

Gwen walks out to see Ethan. (So they both get to plead their case to this catch of a man.) Ethan apologizes to her. Gwen asks if that means he has made a decision. Ethan says no. He's just sorry he put her through all this. She says they went through all the major moments in their life together. She says she knows him so well, and she used to be able to read his mind, until now. Ethan says that Sheridan envied what they had. Gwen says he has no idea how much she wishes Sheridan were there. Ethan says he thinks he does. Gwen says that she wants to tell him why she still wears his engagement ring. (Yeah, why are you doing that? You should have thrown that in his face when he called off the wedding and left him alone with his mistress. Then at least you'd be happy. ) She says she still believes in them, and she knows deep down in his heart he believes too. She tells him she loves him, and goes back inside.

Pilar asks what if Ethan marries Theresa. Luis says he hopes it doesn't happen because he'd have to make his own sister a widow. Theresa prays in the corner that Ethan choose her. (Oh, stop it! You haven't kept one promise to God. You don't deserve to have your prayers answered!" Ethan walks in and says this is the hardest thing he has ever had to do. Someone he loves is going to be hurt by his decision. (Well duh, they have already been hurt.) He says that he wishes this didn't have to happen, but since it has, he has searched his mind, heart and soul for the answer, and he has finally made his decision. (Please, let this be over!)

Sheridan is in the coffin lamenting about not seeing Luis again. She realizes she is running out of air. Sheridan whispers that she can't breath. (That poor actress! She's been on her back for days!)

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