Passions Update Tuesday 12/12/00


Passions Update Tuesday 12/12/00

By Erin

The Bennets

Sam, Grace, Charity, Miguel, Kay, Simone and TC are decorating for Christmas and Simone and Grace wonder why Kay isnít in the Christmas spirit. Kay flashes back to Hecuba taking her soul. TC and everyone are wondering where Eve is at and Sam and Grace try to raise Kayís spirit by asking her what she wants for Christmas. Kay replies her soul. Kay catches herself and sayís a fur stole. Jessica starts in on how cruel that is and Kay sayís donít start and tells them not to get anything for her for Christmas and goes to her room. TC is telling Sam how a girl named Nancy quit the track team without a reason and Jessica walks in and tells them that Nancy was pregnant. This causes Miguel and Charity to ask Sam and Grace when the time is right they both receive the same advice that it is better to wait until marriage. Upstairs Kay is yelling at Hecuba. Hecuba appears and tells Kay that her soul belongs to her and Kay starts to strangle her and then thinks that Hecuba has no real power Hecuba brings out a vile and sucks Kayís soul out of her body. Kay falls to the ground. Downstairs the tree begins to be decorated. When it is finished, as it is lit they all start singing The First Noel as Kay has a look of sadness as Hecuba holds the vile in front of her.

The Warehouse

Eve is begging for Pierre and Rogue to not leave Chad there to bleed. They all start to head for the boat and Hank pretends to sprain his ankle when Pierre goes to pick him up Hank and Agent Freeman start to fight Pierre and Rogue. A man from the boat shows up and takes Eve hostage.

Theresa and Ethan

Theresa is at the Crane mansion telling Ethan that they have to elope while Luis is prepping his gun to go over and bring Theresa home. Ethan is telling Theresa that he has not decided whom to marry. Theresa begs him not to push her away. Pilar is begging Luis to not go and that Ethan will not hurt Theresa. Luis tells Pilar the only way you can stop me from going is if you can tell me that Ethan is not a Crane. Ethan asks Theresa if she is willing to risk losing her family on a chance that he may marry her. Theresa tells him yes because love is forever and she loves him. Pilar is very worried as Whitney tries to comfort her by telling her that she believes that Theresa really loves Ethan. Pilar tells Whitney that she believes she is in love with Chad and tells her not to deny whatís in her heart. Luis shows up at the Cranes and tells Theresa to come home with him Theresa refuses and further argues with Luis.

Sheridanís Grave

Julian is filling Sheridanís grave with cement. The worker with Julian tells Julian that a latch is undone and he latches it as Sheridan is banging and screaming for help. The worker tells Julian he hears someone crying for help and Julian tells him that Sheridan is quite dead and the cement begins to pour into the grave.

The Last Five Minutes

I believe Jane French sings The First Noel and it shows Pillar lighting candles and staring at a picture of Luis and Theresa and then it shows: Whitney staring at a picture of her and Chad, Ethan, Theresa and Luis arguing, Julian looking sort of sad as he watches the workers fill Sheridanís grave, Sheridan calling for help, TC staring at a picture of Eve, Eve on the docks trying to help Chad, and the Bennets again enjoying their Christmas joy. 

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