Passions Update Monday 12/11/00



Passions Update Monday 12/11/00

By Adrienne

The Crane Mansion

Julian is dancing around and singing when Alistar breaks in. Julian says he was celebrating that Luis knows about Ethan and Theresa. Alistar says he hopes so, but he is still unsure. (Julian is too funny...singing and dancing around drunkenly). Alistar mentions that Wall Street will love the Ethan Gwen marriage, and their fortune will double over night. Alistar threatens Julian, saying he knows Julian all too well and he better not let this go into the toilet. Alistar hangs up. Ivy comes in and says she's appalled at how Julian is manipulating Ethan. Ivy says that she wants Ethan to make his own choice and marry the woman he wants. Julian says that Ethan is going to have to take his responsibility to his family seriously and marry Gwen. Ethan walks in and tells them about the fight. Ivy defends Ethan and says he's a good man with true feelings...whatever they may be for Theresa. Julian jumps in and says that Sheridan said she had true feelings for Luis and look what happened to her. Ivy is appalled that Julian brought it up, but Julian says Ethan should learn from his aunt's tragedy. He's just trying to protect his favorite son. Ivy looks strange, obviously thinking that Ethan isn't Julian's son. Ivy yells at Julian about bringing up Sheridan. Ethan says that Sheridan was her own woman, and Julian and Alistar shouldn't have told her what to do. Julian says that if Ethan loves Theresa he shouldn't marry would cause her to lose her family. Ethan says that if he caused Theresa to lose her family he couldn't live with himself. That's why he can't marry Theresa. Julian says that Ethan is making the right decision. The phone rings and Julian finds out that Sheridan's grave has been disturbed. Julian says that he has something to do, and tells Ethan to call Gwen. Julian leaves. Ethan tells his mom that some of the things that Luis said hit a nerve. Maybe living in this house has changed him in ways he didn't realize. (Duh!!) Maybe he was just using Theresa. Ivy tells him that he couldn't use Theresa because he's nothing like Julian and Alistar. Ethan says he's not so sure. Ivy says that all she wants is for Ethan to marry the woman he truly loves. Ethan says that's all he wants too. Ethan says that he knows he could be happy with Gwen, and the rest of the family would be happy too. Maybe he should stop seeing Theresa and keep her feelings from growing for him. He says he can't be happy if he tears Theresa's family apart. He goes on saying how he's like all the Crane men. Ivy stops him and says she's going to tell him. He's not like Julian because he isn't a Crane. (Well, it's about time. Now, do you really think that Ethan will believe her? Or will he come up with an explanation for what she said? I'm guessing the second one.) Ethan asks what she means, and Ivy breaks down and expanse that he is more like Ivy's side of the family. (I knew she wouldn't have the guts!!) Ethan says that maybe being a Crane has blinded him tot he needs of others. (Duh again!) Ethan says he's not going to hurt Theresa any more than he already has...he's not going to destroy her life. He's going to break it off with Theresa and tell her they can never see each other again. Theresa walks in and cries that she loves him. (So she just walks in now? Of course she does. She loves Ethan and that excuses everything!)

The Lopes-Fitzgerald Household

Theresa runs out on the porch and begs Ethan not to leave. He comes back and says he's sorry and leaves. Theresa cries. (It's a day of mascara rivers.) Theresa yells that this was Luis's fault and he is no longer her brother. Theresa says she means it. Luis says to let her say whatever she wants and he'll keep doing what is best for Theresa. Theresa asks how he knows what is best for her. Luis says that Ethan is just using her. Theresa and Luis go back and forth about how Theresa loves Ethan. Luis says Ethan is a Crane. Pilar jumps in and begs them to think before they speak. Theresa says that Luis can't stop her from being with Ethan. Luis says he'll do anything to keep them apart. Theresa says she can't keep her away from Ethan. Luis says over his dead body. Pilar says this is tearing their family apart. Whitney jumps in and reminds Theresa that Ethan hasn't chosen yet, and what if he chooses Gwen. (Thank you Whitney!) Theresa says he won't. (It's a dance of the delusional fairies.) Luis says he took a vow to protect his family, and that includes keeping Theresa away from Ethan. No sister of his is going to marry a Crane. Theresa says that he can't stop her. Luis says, "Watch me." (Very good family fighting scenes today.) Theresa says Luis always wanted her to be happy, so how can he keep her away from Ethan. Theresa leaves. Pilar says it's horrible for Luis to treat his sister this way. (What about the way Theresa is treating Luis? The poor guy!) Luis says he wouldn't have to if Pilar had told him in the beginning. He asks how she could keep this from him.

Theresa is crying on her bed and Whitney comes in. Whitney comes in and says she knows that Theresa is hurting now, but Ethan hasn't even made up his mind yet. Is she really willing to give up her family for a man who isn't ready to make a commitment yet? Theresa says they are soul mates. Whitney says Gwen is saying the same thing right now. Theresa says Gwen can say whatever she wants, but Ethan will ask Theresa to marry him. She then worries that since Ethan has such a big heart he may pull away from her to keep their family together. Whitney says it's something to think about.

Luis asks Pilar again why she kept it from him. Pilar says she didn't think it would get that far. (Oh please! She's just whipped into submission by her daughter.) She explains that Ivy gave her a great offer, and Pilar thought that it was a great opportunity. Pilar defends Ethan, but Luis doesn't believe her. Pilar keeps defending Ethan (why is she defending him again?) Luis says he doesn't need to know the real Ethan, and he hopes he never sees him again.

Whitney tells Theresa she has to ask herself if being with Ethan is worth never seeing Luis again. Theresa says the bible says a woman must leave her family and go to her husband's house to start a family of her own. (Wow, she sure uses the bible for her own ends, doesn't she? Maybe someone should remind her about the "honor thy father and mother" commandment; she sure has forgotten that one. How about "thou shall not covet?" She's sure been coveting Ethan for a year even though he's been taken.) That's what she's going to do. Theresa begins to pack and says that if Luis won't support their relationship, she and Ethan will elope. (Maybe she should talk to Ethan about this first....) Whitney asks how this is going to work. Has Ethan asked her to marry him? Theresa says no, but this will cause Ethan to ask her to marry him, she knows it. (Oh, wow.) Whitney says that she will stop her by telling Luis. Theresa begs Whitney to cover for her, to let her have a chance with the man she loves (don't do it Whitney!)

Pilar asks Luis what he is going to do. Luis says take her away to aunt Maria's. He goes to tell Theresa to pack. Whitney finally agrees to cover for Theresa. (Dang it!) Theresa jumps out of the window and hugs Whitney goodbye. Whitney tries to stall Luis, but he pushes his way into the bedroom. He realizes that Theresa has run off and yells out the window. Theresa says she is sorry, but she has to be with Ethan. Luis asks Whitney where Theresa went and finally realizes she went off to elope with Ethan. He goes to get his gun and says he's going to get his sister back, and no one at the Crane mansion is going to stop him.

The Warehouse

Roger comes in and shoots Chad. Hank says that no one will know that Sheridan is still alive. Eve tries to get her medical bag. Roger pushes her against a shelf. Roger yells that Chad has made him angry, and kicks Chad. Hank calls him a coward. Agent Freeman tells Hank to keep quiet. Roger leaves to check on the boat, and Eve checks Chad's wounds. Hank asks why Chad was there, and Eve says she doesn't know, but she was going to help Chad find his parents. Hank laments (again) that no one will find Sheridan now. Roger comes back in and says that Sheridan is going to die. (How many times has he said that line?) Hank and Eve talk about how Eve was going to help Chad find his parents. Chad begins to wake up, and Roger pulls Eve roughly away. Hank is feeling sorry for Chad. Roger leaves and tells Pierre to shoot them if they move again. Chad begins to come to, and sees Eve. He starts moaning "mom." Roger tells everyone to get ready for the boat. Eve says they can't move Chad...he's lost too much blood. Roger says to leave him and let him bleed to death. Roger says that they aren't taking a pleasure cruise, and they are all going to die. (There was no real movement here today.)

Timmy and Tabitha

The coffin opens and Timmy says "Timmy knows're Sheridan Crane." Timmy falls in the coffin and apologizes for having a klutzy day (I love Timmy!!) Timmy gives Sheridan a kiss because she looks like sleeping beauty. (Cue spiky Timmy hair). Sheridan opens her eyes. Timmy yells for Tabitha, saying that Sheridan is alive. Tabitha wakes up and tells Timmy to put a sock in it. She explains again about why they need the dirt, and Timmy tries to tell her again and again that Sheridan is alive. Tabitha doesn't believe him, and goes back to sleep. Sheridan looks up and thinks that Timmy is Luis. She kisses him. (Cue great look from Timmy right now...big eyes, spiky hair...what a good kisser!!) Sheridan blacks out again and falls back into the casket. Timmy yells to Tabitha that Sheridan is alive and he thinks she loves Timmy. (Too funny!!) Tabitha looks down and says that Sheridan is dead. Timmy says drop dead gorgeous. Tabitha hears someone coming, and tells Timmy to close the casket and get up there. Timmy refuses, and a guy with a rake asks Tabitha what she is doing there. (Is that the same guy that did Pierre's voice? The guy who was fishing on the pier late at night?) Tabitha says she's glad he came by, and makes up a story about visiting her mother's grave and found two men digging up a grave. The man pulls out a radio and tells security to be on the look out for two men. He then starts to fill in the grave. Timmy yells up, and the guy asks Tabitha what that noise was. She shrugs. Julian shows up and asks what happens. Tabitha says that if Julian sees her there, he'll tell Alistar, and Alistar will know that Tabby had something to do with it. She jumps into the grave. Julian asks the gravedigger what happened. He replies that it was grave robbers. He'll have the grave refilled by morning. Julian says not to bother. He's going to have the grave filled with cement. Tabitha and Timmy try to figure out how to get out.

The cement truck is baking into the cemetery. (Where did Julian get a truck at this time of night?) Timmy says that Sheridan is still alive. Tabitha says that if she is, then the Cranes deserve everything that comes to them. She pulls Timmy away and Timmy cries for Sheridan (This was a great scene!) Julian tells the gravedigger that no one will disturb his sister's sleep again. Sheridan wakes up in the coffin and thinks that Luis has come to save her. She begins banging on the coffin top and yelling for help. (Why doesn't she just open the coffin?)

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