Passions Update Friday 12/08/00



Passions Update Friday 12/08/00

By Erin

The Warehouse

Chad is looking for Dr Russell. The nurse tells him she may have left for the night. At the warehouse, Eve joins Hank and Agent Freeman. The nurse lets Chad stay in Eve’s office. He finds the address where Eve went. Eve realizes Pierre and Rogue are going to kill all three of them. Hank thinks he may have a plan to escape. Hank tells Eve to loosen his ropes. Chad arrives at the address and wonders what Eve would be doing at a place like this. Chad sees Eve and the others tied up.  He throws a barrel. Hank yells for help. Rogue hits him over the head and says he will kill them all right now if he has to. Chad is now hiding outside. Chad hits Rouge with a lid of some sort and goes in to save the group. Chad frees Eve and tells the other two that he will get help. Pierre then walks in and shoots Chad.

Sheridan’s Grave

Sheridan is in her coffin calling for Luis. She flashes back to when she met Luis on the docks and Hank later yelling at her for seeing Luis and almost telling him she was alive. Timmy and Tabby are still digging Sheridan’s grave. Timmy suggests that Tabitha publish her manuscripts under another name but Tabitha tells him she has thought of that but the book exposes the Crane's and Alistair would track down the real author. Sheridan hears digging. She is running out of air and whispers for Luis to save her. Tabitha tells Timmy he has to get dirt closer to the coffin. Sheridan dreams of Luis saving her and tries banging on the coffin. Timmy is close enough to hear the banging and asks Tabby if she hears the sound. He tells her it is coming from the coffin. Tabitha tells him to keep digging as Sheridan slips out of consciousness. Timmy continues to dig while Tabitha sleeps. Timmy drops the shovel and unlocks the coffin and it opens. Timmy is the cutest thing as he tries to get out of the hole but can’t. He then realizes it is Sheridan Crane and falls into her coffin. He gets up and apologizes to Sheridan and says he is having a klutzy day. He thinks she looks like Sleeping Beauty and kisses her. She then opens her eyes and Timmy’s hair stand on end.

Theresa’s House

Luis is telling Theresa she will never see Ethan again when Ethan knocks on the door. Luis answers it and tells Ethan he is going to kill him. Luis pushes Ethan up against the wall. Pilar stops him and tells him to listen to his sister. Theresa proclaims her love for Ethan and begs Luis not to keep her and Ethan apart. Pilar and Whitney stand up for Theresa when Luis believes Ethan has slept with Theresa. Luis then brings up Sheridan’s will and the fact that she left her estate to Ethan and Gwen’s children. Theresa says that Ethan will marry her and she begs Ethan to tell Luis that that he will marry her. Ethan says he loves Theresa but is not ready for a commitment. Luis tells Ethan that he had no intention of marrying Theresa. Pilar tells Ethan to leave. Theresa wants him to stay and begs Luis not to fight with Ethan. Luis says he will protect Theresa. Ethan says the way you protected Sheridan. This makes Luis angry and he punches Ethan. Ethan retaliates and they fight. The girls stop the two men and Pilar tells Ethan if he loves Theresa he will leave and never see her again. Ethan apologizes to Pilar and tells Theresa he loves her and leaves. Theresa runs after him and tells him not to leave and that she loves him. He comes and hugs her and says "I am sorry my love" and leaves again. Theresa just sobs.

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