Passions Update Thursday 12/07/00



Passions Update Thursday 12/07/00

By Adrienne

Timmy and Tabitha

Tabitha and Timmy are packing and Tabitha is scolding Timmy for letting her book out. (Yeah! They're back!)They talk about being burned at the stake, and the subject of autopsy comes up. Tabitha says they don't do autopsies on living people. Timmy asks if she watches the sci-fi channel, they do live autopsies all the time. Tabitha has a fantasy about Eve giving her a live autopsy. Tabitha is lamenting about Harper Collins again. Timmy accidentally breaks his martimmy glasses and says he feels like he's been ripped into two. Timmy imagines he's in the autopsy fantasy and Eve is cutting him open to see what makes him tick. (This whole fantasy is too funny. It's shot on black and white grainy film and has the X-files theme in the background. Eve makes a great mad scientist!!) He comes to reality and Tabitha asks what is going on. Timmy tells Tabitha and says they have to make tracks before they are mincemeat. Timmy finds a vial and asks what it is. Tabitha realizes that it's the dust of forgetfulness and plans to throw it at the Harper Collins people so they'll forget Tabitha is a witch. Tabitha says there’s just one small catch. Timmy says there always is, but it usually means Timmy doing something dirty, dangerous and degrading. Tabitha just smiles. Timmy asks what the catch is. Tabitha says it has to be mixed with the dirt from a fresh grave. (Hmmm...I wonder if they are going to find Sheridan's grave?) Timmy says that he hates the cemetery. Timmy says he misses the old days when Tabitha had her powers. Tabitha says it's because it's Timmy's fault. Timmy runs out and Tabitha follows.


Eve is on the phone wondering where Hank and Agent Freeman could be. She flashes back to Hank letting her in on the plan. She keeps calling the front desk asking for messages. She finally decides to call Luis when the phone rings. She says "Thank God you called." She asks where and says she'll get her medical bag and be right there. She gets to the warehouse and Pierre meets her. She asks if he is from Interpol. He says yes and that he's going to take her to see Hank and Agent Freeman. Hank and Agent Freeman are telling Roger that Sheridan is being dug up right now. Roger says they know about Eve and she never called Luis. Hank says there's no hope for Sheridan now.

Ethan at the Grave

Ethan is at the grave wondering why God took Sheridan away. Chad walks up and tells Ethan he's sorry. Chad puts flowers on the grave. Chad asks about Theresa and Ethan. Ethan says that Theresa is telling Luis that they are in love. Chad asks if he's going to be with Theresa. Ethan says no. He loves Theresa just as much as he loves Gwen, and he wishes Sheridan were here to give him advice on who to spend the rest of his life with. Chad suggests Ethan try and come up with what Sheridan would tell him. Ethan tells Chad about the will. Chad says that was before she knew that he and Theresa were in love. Sheridan thought she could make a life with Luis, and maybe Ethan could make a life with Theresa. Ethan just wishes Sheridan were still alive to give him advice. Chad says he's sorry. He then says that he hopes Sheridan understands that he'll never like Luis. He just hopes he doesn't fail Theresa by not accepting them. Chad asks what if Luis doesn't accept them. Ethan says it won't affect his decision, because he's not afraid of Luis. Chad tells Ethan maybe he should just go home and get some rest and go to see Theresa when his head is clear. Ethan says he has to see Theresa. Chad says walking into that family feud would just make things work. Ethan says he has to do this on his own. Ethan stops by the grave again and then leaves.

The Lopes-Fitzgerald household

Luis says that he'll kill Ethan if he shows up there. Theresa tries to explain, but Luis says he trusted her. Pilar walks in and asks what is going on. Luis says that Pilar knew and didn't tell him. Pilar says she just kept hoping it would end. Luis says it's ending now. Theresa screams no. Theresa says she'll never give up Ethan. Luis asks how she could go after a taken man. Theresa says that Ethan asked Gwen to marry him before they were in love. Luis asks if Gwen knows it's over. He asks if Ethan has asked Theresa to marry him. Theresa says no, but it's only a matter of time. Luis says that Ethan is just using her, like all the Crane men are users. Just like they used their father. Luis asks Pilar if she thinks Ethan and Theresa belong together. Theresa begs Pilar to tell Luis they belong together. Luis says that if Theresa is with Ethan, then he is out of the family. Whitney and Pilar say that Theresa is head strong, and Pilar says she knew this would tear their family apart, and now it is. Theresa says that Ethan will marry her. Luis looks at her hand and says he doesn't see a ring, but he saw one on Gwen's finger. Ethan was never going to marry her, and never will. Theresa says the only thing standing in the way of them getting married is Gwen. Theresa insists that they will be married soon. Pilar tells Theresa about Sheridan's will. Theresa says this can't be happening. Pilar says that Ethan is torn between Theresa and Gwen. Pilar believes that eventually Sheridan's wishes will lead Ethan to marry Gwen. Theresa says that then her love will be over. (Oh, please, why would marriage stop her? Engagement didn't.) Luis says he hates to see Theresa so upset, but he just wants what's best for her. Theresa says she'll die if she doesn't marry Ethan. Luis tells her to stop kidding her self. Ethan is a Crane and is just like Julian. Theresa blurts out that Ethan is not a Crane. Pilar says that Theresa is too upset to know what she is saying. Theresa says that Ethan is nothing like Julian Crane. She tries to tell Luis that Ethan doesn't use women. Luis says she went behind his back and broke the family trust. Theresa says that she loves Ethan, but Luis doesn't believe her. He says she doesn’t know what real love is. Theresa says Pilar and Martin were younger than she was when they got married, and Pilar still loves him. Luis says they both came from good families, not like Ethan. Theresa tries to defend Ethan again, but Luis says that she and Ethan are over. Theresa says that Ethan is the air she breathes and she must see him. Luis says yes she can, and she will. Luis says he will kill Ethan for what he did to Theresa. At that moment, Ethan knocks on the door and Luis opens it. (Naturally)


Sheridan is in the coffin flashing back to meeting with Eve. She tells Eve her only qualm is not telling Luis. Hank and Agent Freeman convince them not to tell Luis. Sheridan pops back to reality and realizes that Roger and Pierre are keeping anyone from helping her. Sheridan flashes back to asking what will happen if Hank and the agent can't get her out. They say that Eve will call Luis and get her out. Sheridan tells them ok, but make sure they get her out before she wakes up, because she'll go crazy in the coffin. She comes back to reality and cries. Sheridan tries to convince herself that Luis will come for her. She flashes back to playing with the children with him. She says she'll never see him again and they won't be together. Sheridan knows she is dying. She just wishes she had spent more time with Luis. She says she will miss Ethan too, and she is sad he and Luis hate each other so much.

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