Passions Update Wednesday 12/06/00



Passions Update Wednesday 12/06/00

By Adrienne

The Mansion

Rebecca tells Gwen that Theresa will soon be a distant memory. Julian asks where Ivy is, and Ethan says she had gone upstairs. Ethan says he needs some air, and Rebecca convinces Gwen to follow him. Julian says it's been a good day, and few men would be savvy enough to take advantage of a tragedy. Rebecca tells Julian she told Luis about Ethan and Theresa. Julian revels in Luis's anger. Rebecca says Ethan will never see Theresa again. Ethan and Rebecca are dancing around talking about breaking up Theresa and Ethan. (These two are flirting like mad. It's great!) Ivy hears them and walks in, saying she won't have anyone meddling in Ethan's life. She goes to tell Ethan what Rebecca did. Rebecca stops her. Ivy says she's bluffing. Rebecca says she'll tell everyone they know all about Ivy. Ivy doesn't believe her, but Rebecca asks who's bluffing now. If Ivy doesn't want her dirty little secret all over the tabloids no one will tell Ethan. Ivy says they disgust her, and she leaves. Rebecca tells Julian she didn't know the secret, and they begin flirting heavily again. Rebecca says she hopes Ivy's secret ruins their marriage so he could be free. Julian says she is taken, but Rebecca says she would leave her husband in a second for a real man. Ivy walks in on Rebecca and Julian and lays into them for celebrating. Rebecca says Ivy should be grateful to Rebecca for getting Theresa out of their Ivy won't have to hide the silver every time her daughter-in-law comes over. Julian and Rebecca laugh. Gwen walks in and Rebecca and Julian ask if there is a new date. Gwen explains that Ethan was very affected by Sheridan's will. (See below.) She leaves to freshen up. Ethan comes back in and Gwen follows. Ethan tells Gwen he has to go and see Theresa because Theresa was telling Luis about them tonight. Gwen asks if he think it will make a difference. Ethan says he doesn't know, but he needs to be there for moral support. Gwen walks him out. Rebecca says Ethan is walking into an ambush. Ivy jumps up to warn Ethan, but Julian stops her. Ivy says she loathes Rebecca and Julian. Julian wonders how he will sleep at night.

Ethan is sitting outside thinking back to a day with Sheridan. Sheridan tells him about making up her will, and they talk about how lucky Ethan is to have Gwen, and how Sheridan sees how happy Gwen and Ethan are together. It gives her hope that she could find the man of her dreams. Ethan comes back to reality and says he misses her and will find the bastard who did this. Gwen walks outside and tells Ethan she didn't mean to intrude, but she was worried. They talk about Sheridan's will, and Ethan says it was a wonderful thing that Sheridan left money to their unborn children. Gwen says Sheridan couldn't have known that it wouldn't be happening. Gwen says at the time she just thought they would get married and start a family. Ethan says he thought so too. Gwen tells Ethan she knows he has to make up his mind, but asks if she could put a word in for herself. Ethan agrees. Gwen says that she loves him and if he proposes she will accept on the spot and put all of this behind them. No blame. She will just pretend it never happened. She tells him she still wears her ring because she knows in her heart that they will be married. He takes her hand and looks at the ring. He tells her that this will be over. Gwen asks if he has made up his mind. Ethan says that Sheridan knew him so well, better than anyone else in the family. Listening to her wishes, it was like she was talking from the grave. Ethan is thinking about talks they used to have about relationships. He tells Gwen that he wants to make up his mind, and he will soon. (My, my what a huge jerk.)

Luis, Theresa and Whitney

Luis is ripping up the posters and Theresa tries to stop him. Luis asks Theresa how long she has been lying to his face. He begs her to tell him Rebecca was a liar. Theresa tells him it is true, and Luis starts throwing framed pictures. Theresa tells Luis she loves him, and Luis says she couldn't possibly because she lied to him. Luis tells her about how he took over the family after Martin disappeared and says all he wanted was to teach her right from wrong, to teach her to love herself enough that she doesn't need anyone else to make her whole. He though she looked up to him. Theresa says she does, but Luis doesn't believe it. He says he asked her to stay away from one man in the entire world, and she didn't. She became his mistress. Theresa says she has only been on one date with Ethan. Luis leaves the room. Theresa cries to Whitney that it wasn't supposed to be that way, and wonders who told him. Luis comes back with two dresses from Theresa's closet and asks her where she wore them. He tells her he knows about Bermuda and the expensive clothes Ethan bought her. He says there's only one reason a guy would fly a girl who isn't his fiancée down to Bermuda and buy her clothes. He asks what that makes Theresa...Ethan's mistress? His girl on the side? He tells Theresa there is another word for sleeping with a guy for presents, but he doesn't want to say it. Theresa insists she isn't any of those names. She has never slept with Ethan. Luis says he wants to believe it, but he can't. He says he trusted her. Theresa tries to jump in, but Luis goes over all the lies she has said. He brings up the laptop, asks her if she was working for Ivy, reminds her about all the times he saw her at the mansion, and the story about her rich new boyfriend. He asks if it was Ethan all along. Theresa says yes. He asks her why she would take a job with a family that stabs each other in the back. He asks didn't she even think what it would do to her own family. Theresa says she did it because she loves Ethan with all her heart. Luis tells her she doesn't. Luis tells her that he's upset because he loves her and tried to keep her from making a mistake that would cause her a lifetime of happiness. He says she brought Ethan into their home, the one place that he felt safe from the Cranes. He asks her how many times Ethan was at the house when he was at work. He asks how many times Ethan was in he bedroom. Theresa says once or twice, but not for the reason he thinks. Luis says then she was just in Ethan's bed. Theresa denies it, and Luis asks if she can honestly say she has never been in Ethan's bed. Theresa says she can't lie to him, and Luis jumps in with "there's a new concept!" Theresa says she was on Ethan's bed once to massage his neck. Luis storms out saying he thought he knew Theresa. Theresa asks why Luis doesn't believe her. Whitney tells her to look at it from Luis's point of view, and it looks very bad. Theresa wonders who told Luis about her and Ethan. She says Gwen. It must have been Gwen and her mother. Luis comes back in and asks Theresa how she could go after a man who was engaged to another woman. He says that Ethan took advantage of her. He tells her that Ethan better not show his face, or Luis will rip him apart.

The Captives and the Drug Dealers

The French men tell Hank he won't be needing the wire anymore. They talk about how horrible Sheridan's death would be, and Hank tries to attack them. Hank feels horrible about Sheridan, and flashes back to convincing Agent Freeman to go along with him. He explains that the bullets will be fake, and the agent asks how far this will go. Hank says he hopes only to the funeral, but if they have to bury her, they will give her plenty of air and light to make it through. The agent asks who will know about this...will they tell Luis? Hank tells the agent that Luis's grief has to be real. The agent decides to go along with it. Hank comes back to reality and says he was trying to save her. Now he's killed her himself. Hank tells the agent (who is now tied behind him) that it's all his fault, and he thought the drug guys had bought it. Agent Freeman tells him it wasn't his fault. The French druggies say they had to kill her. Hank tells the guys he has a deal for them. He says they should expand the drug trade to the U.S. and Hank will run drugs for them, but only if he can call Luis and get Sheridan dug up. The drug guys refuse. They say that Hank and Agent Freeman will be going on a little cruise out to the middle of the ocean, where they can be killed and the French druggies won't be blamed. The new drug guy goes to call and check on the boat. Pierre asks Hank to explain why Sheridan didn't have a pulse and why did she bleed. Hank flashes back to putting something on Sheridan's wrist to mask her pulse, and giving her blood capsules that will explode when she is shot. Hank refuses to tell him. The druggies toast Hank for helping them and wonder if Sheridan has realized she is going to die yet.

Sheridan spends the entire show screaming and pounding the coffin every time someone mentions her name in another scene. At the very end of the show the lights in the coffin go out.

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