Passions Update Tuesday 12/05/00


Passions Update Tuesday 12/05/00

By Erin

In Julian’s Office

Julian is about to read whatever is in the envelope. Ivy is scared to death that it reveals Ethan’s paternity. Julian starts to open the envelope when the phone rings. Sam tells Ivy he will not deny that they were involved in the past. As Julian begins to read, Ivy digs her own grave by screaming I won’t let you do this Julian. Julian asks what is wrong with reading Sheridan‘s will and Ivy slithers out of it as Julian reads that Sheridan left Ivy money to build a camp for underprivileged children and named after her mother. Ethan asks why he was there if he was not in her will. Julian then announces that Sheridan left stuff regarding Ethan and Gwen’s children and then reads about how she believed that Ethan and Gwen are true soul mates and are truly in love. This hurts Gwen, and Ethan tells her he is sorry and they hug. Julian asks Rebecca if she spoke to Luis and she replies he gave him the highlights of Ethan and Theresa’s relationship

Theresa’s dream

Theresa is preparing to tell Luis about her and Ethan while Rebecca is telling Luis that Theresa is Ethan’s mistress. Luis calls Rebecca a liar and Rebecca tells Luis about Theresa being Ivy’s personal assistant for over a year. Theresa has had pictures blown up of her and Luis together to try and remind Luis of the memories that they share. Rebecca is still trying to convince Luis that Theresa is involved with Ethan. Luis feels she is lying then Rebecca starts saying things Theresa and Ethan have done together, such as the trip to Bermuda and how they were even caught in b ed together. Rebecca tells Luis about the prom, the ballet, and Bermuda. Luis starts to flash back to asking Theresa about those incidents and her denying it he then believes Rebecca and asks himself why would she lie. (Well duh Luis you threatened to disown her). Luis tells Rebecca to go to hell and leaves to talk to Theresa.  When Luis gets home Theresa hugs him and he is very bitter to her. Whitney goes to leave and Luis tells her to stay. He says that Theresa may need her after he is done with her. He becomes furious and tells her he talked to someone and asks if she has been dating Ethan secretly and if she is the one who Ethan called off his wedding for. Theresa tell him yes and he tears up the blown up pictures of him and Theresa


Hank is on the docks trying to convince Pierre and Rogue that Sheridan is dead but they do not believe him. They tell him they will take him somewhere where he can’t tell anyone about her being alive. They take Hank to a warehouse and he is stupid enough to tell them he did not work alone. They check to see if Hank is wired and he is and hank tells them that Agent Freeman is on the other side. Hank speaks into the microphone telling him to call Luis to dig up Sheridan and come and arrest Pierre and Rogue. Pierre and Rogue then tell Hank that that is not going to happen and they open a closet and Agent Freeman is tied up as well. Underground Sheridan’s light starts to go out and she begins to bang on the coffin yelling for help.

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