Passions Update Monday 12/04/00



Passions Update Monday 12/04/00

By Adrienne

There was a news break right in the beginning of the show...I hope I didn't miss too much.

Today was a big, big day! Lots and lots of secrets came out today. Talk about a big turning points. It must be sweeps week!

Theresa and Whitney

Theresa is cooking old country stew because it is Luis's favorite. Whitney walks in and  talks to her. Whitney says that this should make him feel better after Sheridan's funeral. Theresa says it's not the only reason. Whitney asks what is going on. Theresa says she is going through a crisis. Whitney asks what now. (Too funny! Whitney is getting sick of Theresa.) Theresa says she is going to tell Luis about her and Ethan. Whitney is appalled that Theresa is going to do that today of all days. Theresa explains that Luis has always talked about begin honest and honorable, and she must be honest with him today. Theresa and Whitney go to the living room and Theresa begins to lay out pictures and memories of her and Luis's childhood together. Whitney asks Theresa if she actually thinks this is going to work. She reminds Theresa that Luis blames the Cranes for their father's death, and no childhood memory will change that. (Thank you Whitney!! It's about time someone reminded Theresa of that little fact.) Theresa brings up the fate word again, (No! it's been so wonderful without that word!!) and Whitney says has she ever thought that fate works both ways, and maybe Theresa's fate is in the hands of someone who doesn't want the best for her. Theresa goes back to setting the table, and says that everything is perfect. Whitney says nothing is perfect. She reminds her about when Luis threatened to cut himself off from Theresa if she ever got mixed up with the Cranes. Theresa says that once she reminds Luis about how much they love each other, he will understand they have to be together. Whitney says that if she told her parents she had gotten mixed up with Chad. Her parents would disown her and it would hurt her family deeply. Is that what Theresa wants to do? If she tells Luis, it will tear her family apart. Whitney begs Theresa not to do this. Theresa says that Whitney is her best friend and she should be thinking positive. Whitney says that at least she is thinking, and Theresa is all over the place. Theresa says she is in love. Whitney says and that excuses everything. Theresa says she doesn't need excuses. Whitney says is she really willing to hurt her family, the people she can count on, for a man who hasn't even said he is going to marry her. Theresa says she loves Ethan. Whitney says and that is why he asked her to go to the funeral with him. But he asked Gwen. Whitney reminds her that Ethan is with Gwen right now, and asks if she is willing to roll the dice on a man who doesn't' know what he wants. Theresa says she loves him again, and Whitney says she is out of arguments. But she thinks it's sad that Theresa is willing to give up everything for a man who hasn't even made a choice yet. Theresa says the trouble with Whitney that she worries too much. Whitney says that maybe Theresa doesn't worry enough. Theresa says it's all in presentation. As long as Theresa tells Luis first and he doesn't hear it from anyone else, it will all be fine. Whitney says she is delusional. (Yes, we know.) Theresa says once she convinces Luis that she and Ethan are really in love, Luis will be happy that she found her prince charming. Whitney says maybe Theresa should try and convince Ethan they are really in love first. Theresa tells her again that it will all be fine as long as no one else tells Luis first. (Whitney is really the voice of reason here. It's about time someone pointed out the dog Ethan is and that what he is doing really doesn't mean he is in love.)

Sam, Ivy, Ethan, Julian and the Envelope

Sam wonders what Pilar wants to talk to Sam about, especially at the mansion. Pilar flashes back to Julian telling her and Ivy to meet him at the mansion, and Ivy whispering to her that Julian must know Ethan is Sam's son. Pilar tells Sam she doesn't know what it's about. The priest gives Ivy his condolences. Julian reminds her that he wants to see her later. Ivy asks what it's about, and Julian tells her all will be realized in good time, and he goes to talk to Sam. Pilar walks up, and Ivy tells her that Julian knows that Ethan is Sam's son. Julian smiles wickedly at her. (I hope this is over soon...I'm not sure how many more times I can take Ivy panicking about Ethan being Sam's son.) Julian walks back up to Ivy and tells her that he's going to make sure Ethan goes right back to the mansion. Ivy asks again what it's about. Julian says it's about information he received from Alistar in an envelope. It's mostly about Ethan, which is why it's imperative that Ethan be there when the envelope is opened. Sam tells Ivy she has some explaining to do. Ivy tries to stutter an explanation, and Sam asks if Julian has found out about them. Sam says that he's tired of hiding that they were together in the past and he's going to own up to it.  Sam says if Grace gets hurt he'll never forgive Ivy. Ivy asks why her. Sam says she was the one who wouldn't let up and kept pursuing him. No wonder Julian became suspicious. Ethan and Gwen have come up behind them and Ethan wonders why Sam is yelling at his mother. Ethan races up to them and asks them what is going on. Ivy explains that Sam is coming to the mansion with them. Ethan asks what they all have in common. He asks why Julian is inviting Sam into their home. Ethan says if it wasn't for Sam, Sheridan would still be alive. (Oh Ethan, shut up.)  Sam says he won't stand for Ethan ripping into his men. Ethan says to bring it on, and Ivy stops them. She tells Ethan that everything she has done has been for him. (Wow, Ivy is really stewing here.) Ethan says he thinks he knows what she is saying. Sheridan's death has made them all realize they have to tell the ones they love that they love them. They leave to go to the mansion, and Sam says he will meet them there.

Julian walks into the library and answers the phone saying hello father. Alistar asks if everything is ready. Juliann says he can't wait to see their faces when he opens the envelope. (I bet it's about Sheridan.) Ivy, Ethan, Pilar and Gwen walk in. Julian asks where Sam is, and Ivy says he will meet them. Julian says that since Sam is one of the key players in this, he will wait. Ethan asks what Sam has to do with this, but Julian keeps quiet. He instead asks Pilar to make them all drinks, and to pour Ivy a double because she will need it. Sam finally walks in and Julian says the final piece of the puzzle has arrived. Sam asks what this is all about. Julian says they all will know soon. Julian sits down behind the desks and picks up the envelope. Pilar looks at Ivy, and Ivy takes a big swig of her drink. Julian says their lives area bout to change forever. (I loved Ivy drinking up a storm waiting for the other shoe to drop!!)

Rebecca and Luis

Rebecca is talking to Luis at the grave site. Rebecca says it's a terrible time...Luis interrupts her and asks her to keep it short. Rebecca flashes back to telling Julian about her plan to let Luis know about Theresa and Ethan. Luis asks her again what she wanted to say. Rebecca says it's something that will change his life.

Hank is flashing back to killing Sheridan and asks what he as done. (AT this point NBC breaks in with an update. Sigh. How many of us don't care anymore? Me Me!!) Hank says he can't stand to see Luis suffer like this anymore, and he leaves. Luis is kneeling at the grave and talking to Sheridan. He says he waited so long to find the right woman, and he wasted so much time telling his feelings. Now there's no time left. Rebecca is standing behind a headstone whispering for Luis to come to her. Luis finally finishes at the grave and goes to Rebecca. He asks what it is all about. She tells him she has a story to tell him, about a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who set her sites on a prince charming. Luis says he doesn't have time for stories or parables. Rebecca says she will tell him straight out, and it will hit him right between the eyes. (Geeze Rebecca, just get to the point!!) Luis's phone rings (it's Hank...see below.) Luis goes to pick it up, but Rebecca begs him not to. She says nothing can be as important as what she has to tell him. Luis looks at the phone and says it's Hank. Rebecca again begs him not to pick it up, but Luis says that Hank was really broken up about Sheridan's death and he needs to talk. He answers, but there is just a dial tone. Luis hangs up and turns back to Rebecca. He says he has to go, and Rebecca follows. She asks him what he would do if she told him a member of his family was mixed up with the Cranes. Luis asks what is he supposed to do. His whole family is mixed up with the Cranes. (Wow, she can sure talk around the subject, can't she?) Pilar is the housekeeper, Theresa was working on the wedding, and he....Rebecca says she understands that, but...Luis begins to walk away again, and Rebecca finally blurts it out. She says that his baby sister is Ethan Crane's mistress. Luis looks at her in shock. (Oh my goodness! This is huge!!)

Sheridan, Hank, and the Plan

Sheridan is screaming inside the coffin and begging for help, when suddenly a light goes on inside the closed coffin. She asks what is going on. (Ah, perhaps the mystery will soon be solved.) Sheridan is asking who turned on the light. She asks if this is hell, and is this her punishment. She cries it wasn't supposed to be this way, because Luis was coming back to her. She flashes back to Luis leaving. She begins to cry. Hank is on the docks flashing back to a conversation he had with Sheridan, talking her into doing this. he tells her that everything will be fine. Sheridan is hesitating, saying that it is too involved. Hank says it's the only way to trap Pierre and get rid of the threat hanging over both hank's and Sheridan's heads. Sheridan asks what if something goes wrong. Hank begs her to trust him and nothing will go wrong. hank comes back to reality and says he talked Sheridan into doing this, and he hopes nothing has gone wrong. (Ah Ha!! The conspiracy theorists were right!! Now just to find out if Agent Freemen was in on it or not...) Back to the plan: Sheridan is saying there are too many variables. Hank tells her to trust him. Pierre has to see her in the coffin to make it real. Sheridan asks what if the coffin is closed. Hank says it won't happen. By the time the coffin is supposed to be closed, Pierre will be in custody. Sheridan keeps asking what is happening. Hank says in worst case scenario there is light and oxygen in the coffin. Sheridan asks why oxygen, and hank explains just in case the coffin has to be buried. Sheridan begins to panic and asks if Hank would let them put her in a grave. Hank says that there is no chance that could happen. Besides, the drug they will give her will knock her out for the whole time, she won't even know what is going on. Sheridan reminds him she is claustrophobic, and Hank says he knows, but she will be asleep the whole time. Hank comes back to reality and says that at least Sheridan is asleep. Sheridan is most defiantly not asleep in the coffin and is panicking away. Back to the plan: Sheridan asks what will happen if Sheridan wakes up in the coffin. Hank  says she won't. Sheridan asks what if. Hank says there's only a half percent chance. Sheridan says she doesn't like the math. Hank says once Pierre is arrested he will call Luis and have her dug up. Back to reality: Hank is pacing on the docks and looking at his watch. He says it's been too long and it's time to get her out of there. He calls Luis's cell phone and begs him to pick up. It goes to voice mail. Hank leaves a message that Luis has to call him as soon as possible. Hank thinks that maybe Luis is at the station and he goes to leave when Pierre and another guy walks up. They tell Hank that he isn't going anywhere and the are here to thank him personally. Hank tries to leave and the tell him the need to talk about why he was going to call Luis. Hank says he and Luis are friends, and friends call each other. Pierre says they know about the plan and that Sheridan is still alive. Pierre pulls a gun on Hank, and they tell him that no one makes fools of them. They will leave Sheridan in coffin to rot, and her death, her real death, will be all Hank's fault. (Oh no!! This is great!)

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